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  1. I had the same problem with both file types buffering slowly. On the large it would play for about 30 sec then pause to load/ buffer and on the small it would play for about 45 sec then pause to load/ buffer. Here is my speed results: Download Speed: 1362 kbps (170.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 738 kbps (92.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
  2. The video stream from "TPR TV" is still slow at buffering. I've tried it on a couple different servers/ bandwidths/ etc. too. Anyhoo... that's a cool lil coaster.
  3. Fun fun update. Just spent some free time at work looking through the update. Very big plus to have Superman...er "Ride of Steel" pictures. One of my favorite coasters I've never been on (if that's legit or not). Plus nice shots of scenic Jahan and Diablo Cody is amazing.
  4. It does go fast, but it takes forever for it to stop. The operator had to grab one of the "planes" and try to pull it to a stop. There doesn't seem to be any big deal about cameras.
  5. ^It was a bucket seat type of Ferris Wheel.
  6. Here are my photos from my recent trip to Lakeside Amusement Park. I really do enjoy going to this local park even though many residents may call it "ghetto". It is kinda like going back in time there with all the old fashion art deco and old school rides. This year (2008) marks the parks 100th anniversary and by the looks of it (and what one park manager told me) the park is going to be around for many more years. They have many plans on adding rides, refurbishing old ones, and getting rid of old eye sores (i.e. the old race way in the parking lot). Well not much else to say but enjoy th
  7. I definantly agree that Elitch Gardens needs it's own signature ride beside Twister II. It'll draw more crowds. That space could be used for some good use now. It'll be exciting to see what they come up with. But they are already building a dark ride in the Mind Eraser area (see picture). So I think management has good intentions. Thanks for the kudos and your welcome for the rapids pics. Next time I go I'll have to take more. If only they'd filter out the water the name wouldn't be so clever... smelled like a cross of powdered donuts and sea weed.
  8. Sorry the pics are backwards. Please forgive me... it's my first TR.
  9. What up, JT here. This is my first Photo TR and what better way is there to start than with one of my home parks... Elitch Gardens: Gay Day 2008 The day was awesome and the weather was very nice since there was overcast to cover up the heat of the sun. I went with my friend Adam, my boyfriend was absent from the trip due to being out of town, but we saw some people we knew and were able to "guy watch". Oh yeah, the gays had taken over the park today for Pride 2008. So there was a very "family" friendly vibe all day. Elitch's seems to be doing good now that the evil fla
  10. Yay Jimmy...you're hot!! Congrats to everybody else! All we're very cool.
  11. Very cool to see you enjoying my local parks. I was just at Adventure Golf last night. Played a few courses. I like the Lost Continent course the best, goes good with an Indiana Jones theme. Haven't been to Lakeside yet this year. I go multiple times a year usually. The "Starride" has been sitting there for years since I can remember. They keep it kinda as a landmark/ historical point of interest. You should have stayed there during the evening, that's the best time with all the lights on.
  12. Lame I didn't see any crepe hotties. Good collection of photos at Epcot. I'm always jealous of those that go there. Never been.
  13. That creature is fine. The animal... shark... bird... whatever was in that guys hands?!?! Your TRs are always interesting.
  14. No good Mindbender pics= spanky. Very cool pics on the other hand of Goliath. Love to read "family" TR's.
  15. Yes!... unintentional hottie pictures. Fun time you had.
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