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  1. I had the same problem with both file types buffering slowly. On the large it would play for about 30 sec then pause to load/ buffer and on the small it would play for about 45 sec then pause to load/ buffer. Here is my speed results: Download Speed: 1362 kbps (170.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 738 kbps (92.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
  2. The video stream from "TPR TV" is still slow at buffering. I've tried it on a couple different servers/ bandwidths/ etc. too. Anyhoo... that's a cool lil coaster.
  3. Fun fun update. Just spent some free time at work looking through the update. Very big plus to have Superman...er "Ride of Steel" pictures. One of my favorite coasters I've never been on (if that's legit or not). Plus nice shots of scenic Jahan and Diablo Cody is amazing.
  4. It does go fast, but it takes forever for it to stop. The operator had to grab one of the "planes" and try to pull it to a stop. There doesn't seem to be any big deal about cameras.
  5. ^It was a bucket seat type of Ferris Wheel.
  6. Here are my photos from my recent trip to Lakeside Amusement Park. I really do enjoy going to this local park even though many residents may call it "ghetto". It is kinda like going back in time there with all the old fashion art deco and old school rides. This year (2008) marks the parks 100th anniversary and by the looks of it (and what one park manager told me) the park is going to be around for many more years. They have many plans on adding rides, refurbishing old ones, and getting rid of old eye sores (i.e. the old race way in the parking lot). Well not much else to say but enjoy the pictures I took. I think I got some really good ones. I say goodbye with my blue rabbit I rode. Why I always make this face is beyond me. We ended the night on the Merry Go Round. David is a goof. Tried to get my friend David and I in the same shot...failed. This is on The Hurricane. Done Darkness. Last shots of The Cyclone. The train station. This is the bumper cars. They are in serious need of a refurb. When I rode I went like 2 miles per hour. Lame. No damage can be done at granny speed. It's kinda like a spaceship...from the 60s. The lighthouse on the unused pier. Great shot. Let there be light. Closed all night. Magical...or just a kinda blurry shot. "Spiderman...Spiderman...Does whatever a spider can..." Those movies are great. Wow...ooooh.....aahhhh Pretty. Attempt at a lift hill POV but I left the flash on. Cyclone station. Now it is getting dark...time for some lightage. The Satellite and the Rock-O-Plane (which I love). The Spider. The clouds look pretty cool in the background. We had a light drizzle. Closed tonight. The Whip. Whip it...Whip it good. Art deco lion. I am proud of this shot. The Flying Dutchmen. Closed all night. Inside. Wrong... it's just a really nice forward moving spinny-ma-bob. Fun though. Holy crap we got transported to Disneyland. More like bumber boats. This signage is awesome. And I am still dumb enough to get lost in this. This is not called the round-up, but the Loop-O-Plane. It's very tight seatbelt fun! The Round-Up had was run on a very long cycle as some kid on our "spin" tossed his cookies after getting off. The Dragon powered coaster. I like the queue line up to it. Toot toot...here comes the train. Geese by the train tracks. There have never been Speed Boats running here in my lifetime and this pier has been "temporarily" closed for just as long. It would be nice to have it refurbed and set up tables on it at least. Old (working) fountain at the center of the center gardens. The lead horse on the Merry Go Round. Neat! In the station of The Cyclone. She's comin around so let's go ride! Me waiting to get scrambled. Different angle of the Tilt-A-Whirl. The Wild Chipmunk is great, slams you around a bit and gives a little air. No need for labels on some of these. Explains itself. The Staride has been closed down ever since I've known, and I've been to the park since I was a baby. They say it's a landmark. Oops did I say carousel? I meant the Merry Go Round. (You can kinda see the prices for unlimited riding to the left). Closer shot of The Cyclone with a train doing its thang. The center gardens and some of the shops and games. The carousel building from across the center gardens. Of course the main draw to the park is The Cyclone. The icon of the park... could use some touching up but it is still magnificent.
  7. I definantly agree that Elitch Gardens needs it's own signature ride beside Twister II. It'll draw more crowds. That space could be used for some good use now. It'll be exciting to see what they come up with. But they are already building a dark ride in the Mind Eraser area (see picture). So I think management has good intentions. Thanks for the kudos and your welcome for the rapids pics. Next time I go I'll have to take more. If only they'd filter out the water the name wouldn't be so clever... smelled like a cross of powdered donuts and sea weed.
  8. Sorry the pics are backwards. Please forgive me... it's my first TR.
  9. What up, JT here. This is my first Photo TR and what better way is there to start than with one of my home parks... Elitch Gardens: Gay Day 2008 The day was awesome and the weather was very nice since there was overcast to cover up the heat of the sun. I went with my friend Adam, my boyfriend was absent from the trip due to being out of town, but we saw some people we knew and were able to "guy watch". Oh yeah, the gays had taken over the park today for Pride 2008. So there was a very "family" friendly vibe all day. Elitch's seems to be doing good now that the evil flags have been taken down. The new management hasn't changed much but the operations seemed to be friendlier (big kudos). It was nice to see that a sense of the parks roots and history were coming back after so many years of being one of Six Flags' red headed step-kids. The Flying Coaster is no more, well it's still there but closed down and fenced off. I was very happy about this being that I always hated that thing. The new Ghost Blasters dark ride has got a long way to go until opening, but it seems like it will be a nice addition (I only have one pic of construction, sorry). Anyhoo onto my photos... they are in order of how I took them. Some of my night shots are kinda blah because of my unsteady hand.[/code] This is the main street shop area after the entry pavillion. I think it kinda sets the mood of the Elitch experience. Big Wheel with original floral clock (now working). I miss the old park because it had many childhood memories for me. Photos that bring back warm memories of the old park will be noted with...!nostalgia! Mind Eraser going through the heart/pretzel whatever. This also shows the new location of the Sling Shot. Sidewinder. I really think this ride is quite fun for being simple. We rode later in the day though...!nostalgia! This is the picture of the original Mister Twister, in the queue for Twister II, at the old Elitch's. I kick myself for being too scared to ride it when it was open...!nostalgia! Twister II station dispatching a train. This was the first ride of the day for Adam and I. We started at the back of the park and worked our way forward. This is my favorite cause it's the most original of the park's coasters. It was running nicely today. Splash! Shipwreck falls was very fun to watch earlier in the day when it was warmer with all the hotties going shirtless. And these were guys you want to see shirtless. mmmmhhhmmm The Tilt-A-Whirl was re-themed back into a Tilt-A-Whirl this year instead of cow randomness and was moved near Shipwreck Falls and Twister II...!nostalgia! First off...!nostalgia!... the Rainbow always brings back childhood memories of the old park. Glad to see it back this year. Secondly... you'd expect the line to be huge on gay day for this... but it wasn't. Long line for this loud Vekoma copy, but like a lot of others say, "it looks so good." Mind Eraser train... best queue experience ever...story few pics below. Why change the name to Dragonwing, it makes no sense? Looks like a spider web though... cue No Doubt song. Only construction photo of Ghost Blasters. Looked like they have a ways to go. So the best ride line ever was for the Mind Eraser. Music was blasting in the queue and when the Perculator (I think thats the name of the song if you know what I'm talking about) came on most of the line was dancing to it... it was gay day so what do you expect. Pic is from the queue into the front of the station...note the hotties. It was gay day...! Boomerang. It made a boom and it rang. This is me on the right not looking my best and my friend Adam (yes he killed his hair and yes he thinks it looks good blonde) on the left. Were on the Troika. On the Troika...!nostalgia! very relaxing ride. A show we watched with different performers. Don't remember much besides hot guys (big bulges) and a hoola hooper. While waiting in line for Sidewinder, I took some nice pics around the park. That is the Mind Eraser and a bit more of the park from under the station. Sidewinder shuns The Flying Coaster. Lovely shot of Twister II. Nice tree coverage. Boomerang, Tower of Doom, Shipwreck Falls from the stairs of Sidewinder. Disaster Canyon from Sidewinder stairs. Didn't ride, gross water. Sidewinder station; train returning... the ops here were fun! Kept joking with the riders. Waiting to load. I peeked under Chaos' kilt. The H had blinked off in time for me to take this picture since none of the kidos at the park knew how to pronounce it. The Spider and Sidewinder (love) in an effort of artistic value... looks fine by me. The Flying Coaster (closed, hahaha) behind the Carnaval de Fuego set. That piece of junk isn't even on the park map anymore. Carnaval de Fuego set in the Elitch Arena. Cool show, sexy fire throwers/ spinners (Guys and girls) and like the title says... there was lots of fire. AHH! Madonna at the Pespi Center November 11th. Yes I'm going! Vekoma at night looks even worse. But Sling Shot looks sexy with them legs up in the air. Tea Cups. No spin-n-puke for me though. Blurry...but pretty. The Trocadero Theater (to the left)...!nostalgia! This is my effort at an "artistic shot". Looks fine by me. It was gay day! They were selling rainbow stuff in a lot of places. These guys were... well being homos! Sign on main street wall. Didn't know what it was looking at though?!?! This is a sign above one of the shops in the main street area. I just liked how it looked...!nostalgia! The very lovely horses and chariot on the very lovely original PTC carousel... !nostalgia! The entry pavillion at night. Tried so hard to get a good shot, but this is the best I could do. The Tower leaving the park. Thanks for checking out my first TR.
  10. Yay Jimmy...you're hot!! Congrats to everybody else! All we're very cool.
  11. Very cool to see you enjoying my local parks. I was just at Adventure Golf last night. Played a few courses. I like the Lost Continent course the best, goes good with an Indiana Jones theme. Haven't been to Lakeside yet this year. I go multiple times a year usually. The "Starride" has been sitting there for years since I can remember. They keep it kinda as a landmark/ historical point of interest. You should have stayed there during the evening, that's the best time with all the lights on.
  12. Lame I didn't see any crepe hotties. Good collection of photos at Epcot. I'm always jealous of those that go there. Never been.
  13. That creature is fine. The animal... shark... bird... whatever was in that guys hands?!?! Your TRs are always interesting.
  14. No good Mindbender pics= spanky. Very cool pics on the other hand of Goliath. Love to read "family" TR's.
  15. Yes!... unintentional hottie pictures. Fun time you had.
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