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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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Silver bullets Helix (if you sit on the good side)

X's final Raven Turn and Twist

Riddlers and Batman's Corkskrew

Space Mountains blinding flash



Superman (Escape)... Nuff said

Ninja (SFMM) lift hill? WTF?

Big Thunder Mountain... Slow drop and rough turn... "ok... wait, its over?"

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I think the worst endings would be on Ninja, because it's just going, then it stops and goes up a lift.....I thought a lift was a pretty boring ending.


Best ending IMO is Riddler's. It's going, it goes up a hill, then slams the brakes, you go flying forward. What a rush! but that's just IMO.



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Seen as how I have not been on many coasters at all here they are anyway:


Best: Even though I don't like the whole ride, Colossus's low to the ground fast inline twist and then the slaming on the brakes is the best I think.


Worst: Pepsi Max Big One, just overall boringness.

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Better: Pyrenees is a B&M invert that ends with an airhill and a leg-numbing 270-degree uphill helix.


Not so much: Dodonpa has something like 4 speed control brake runs before you get back to the final brakes. It's just overkill as they are nowhere long enough to be block brakes and just makes the return after the onride photo a boring wait. (Although you do need to get your breath back after the fist two thirds of the ride.)

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Best: Space Mountain Disneyland

Omg you fly really fast around that last turn and then boooom you fly into the tunnel with lights smoke and sound coming at you all at once. I dunno if this is the same for the rehabed SM. I never been on it since the rehab so I am just going by my experience of the old SM.


Worst: XLR8R at Knotts! I hate how you come into the brake run going down hill. Wtf is that all about. I say they should of added more track with maybe a few barrel rolls and a helix at least. But that ending is like Weeeeeeee....STOOOP!!!!!!!! I mean if they went through the trouble of adding those two overturn bank turns I think they should of added the extra elements to give it that great ending. I know they have the room to do it too!

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God you people are very hard on Knott's



Worst ending is The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the whole thing is slow and boring, but they really went all out to make the ending awful.


Best ending has to go to either Magnum for it's totally insane airtime (lets just ignore the bit into the station), or Blackpool's Wild Mouse, never ever have I had so much fun (and pain) just going around two corners.

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worst - every kinda SLCs that let you pain!

i do hate the endings ol' Vekoma SLCs and they gonna make me

kinda bored feelin' when hittin' last brake though the train drives

so crazy in tough spins few second ago..... after the brake

is real lame and it goes on for a min.....oh i'm bored lol.


best - one ol' Togo's best ever 'Bandit'


i heart that brakin' spot with a small dip and i've also got an airtime!

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I actually have a few of these.....




-The back flip into the brake run on X is probably my favorite coaster ending-one minute you're flying low to the ground facing forward and the next you get flung backwards and stop


-Flat spin down to the lake and the helix on Silver Bullet


-That last little dippity-doo-dah thing after the first brake run on Tatsu-actually, the whole Pretzel Loop-Inline-Helix part before that is one of the best coaster "finales" I have ever seen


-That last little abrupt hill/turn into the brakes on Goliath at SFOG right after the back to back airtime hills


-On any of the "mine trains" at SFOT, SFOG, and SF St Louis, how you go up that one last lift hill and down a big drop into a tunnel and up into the brakes. Not so much now as when I was younger, but I always thought that was a great way to end a ride.




-The "screech to a halt" at the end of California Screamin at DCA, a good ride, but I thought the ending was just really abrupt


-Ninja at SFMM.....I love the ride, I just hate how there's that loooong lift and then turn right into the station.


-Ending of Revolution at SFMM, all those trims ruin it for me.....

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Since I just got back from Vegas (Blue Man Group owns), here's my "Best and Worst Ending" Evaluation of the Vegas coasters!



Speed - Backwards loop and a backwards overbank? Fun!

Manhattan Express - IT'S OVER!! YES!! (I was "fortunate" enough to be assigned to the back seat on this thing...)



Canyon Blaster - Slow, forceless helix followed by a straightaway through an obvious and uncovered maintenance corridor... Yawn.

Desperado - Rough turn, followed by the one hill in the whole ride with literally no airtime and rough brakes...

Manhattan Express - The most screwed-up helix I've ever seen followed by airtimeless hills of pain... not good.

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Only looking at my home park:


Most Exciting: The corkscrew on Flight of Fear at the very end is the only corkscrew I've ever liked, and I like it very much.


Lamest: After the turnaround on Rebel Yell, we pretty much go ahead and start talking about what we're going to do next. If all those hills weren't so tall, it would have an ending that might rival the Phoenix.

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Nemesis Inferno: high-G turns!

Colossus: anti-clockwise inline twist (i hate them, but it really freaks me out)

Green Scream: a really sharp turn at about 20 mph!

Rattlesnake: lovely sharp brakes after a super-massive airtime hill (and im being serious)

all the coasters in Tivoliworld Malaga: sharp brakes!

Oblivion: great airtime before the brakes

Spinball Whizzer: great use of speed, misdirection and turns before the brake run. i hate the effing re-entry thingy though...

Air: wtf was that? a huge boulder! wow! sweet!

Nemesis: cant remember how it ended, i think i blacked out at various points... im sure it was good though!



Mighty Mini Mega: pointless break run much? (duh, its a pinfari!)

Vampire: wow. block breaks in a building thats really quite dark, with a disco light :\

Rita QoS: long break run

Corkscrew: Vekoma + brake run = unimaginable pain (come to think of it, Vekoma=hell... even the trains on The Vampire kill you, but the tracks so smooth)

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I wonder if anybody's noticed this, but people who put the the bad endings before the good are probably more negative people, unless they have something about it on their mind that they don't want to forget.




-Screaming Eagle- I just like the airtime filled hills leading up to the long, relaxing brake run.

-Timberwolf- although it's rough, the weird curving camelbacks have a fair amount of airtime and they go over the well- themed (I think) que.

-Manhatten Express- Yah, yah, I actually like this ride and the thing where you go into the tunnel and then pop out in the best themed part of the hotel (actually looks like New York) and I though I was just in the middle of the casino, but then you go through a gate thing and you're in the station. It completely confused me!




-Mamba- the whole two slow and boring brake runs are completely useless(well, the second one is)

-Goliath- I like Gs and all, but I got tunnel vision on that helix of despair and I've fainted a few times before and it brought back bad memories.

-Flying Coaster- the whole ride just sucks so according to logic, the ending must also suck. And it does. Are there even any hills that go up on this ride (besides that first one)


I have strange views on rollercoasters at times.

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