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  1. defo No.1. As has already been said, I too have no twitter account but seeing the feed will perhaps alert me to a link I may have missed elsewhere. Nice work
  2. Great fun,indeed Nottingham or Manchester next year. Do it Elissa. Nottingham features a swim across the river, Brad and Andrew will check out the Manchester course this weekend coming.
  3. Looks like another fantastic year ahead, thanks guys I have replied to the questionnaire as requested. Anybody toying with the idea of Japan and unsure, just move it on and do it.....(go look back at Japan trip reports).
  4. Hmm there seems to be excessive beer drinking going on! Ugh, deep down I'm very happy for you all of course
  5. Hey TPR, extra kudos, I've been watching the weather and see you have managed to get rid of those Thunder storms and horrible high 80's and made it into a nice sunny high 70's day which works best for me. I guess like the ERT, it may be subject to change, but I keep the faith anyway
  6. Nice one Divv and Caption Fantastic as ever. Dave all that beer drinking, 'twas a nightmare, but we were drinking to absent friends and of course so one for you, one for Robb, one for Ginny, one for Miles (well 2 for Miles as it is Miles!!), one for Bob...........see how it went ? - Big BAD head on Sunday, very worth it ))
  7. 8 years since my last visit to this park (and the 2nd park I ever went to in the US). Really stoked about visiting again, though it is a bit of a 'whistle stop' visit. It may seem a long way to travel for the day (10 hour flight) but you know, it took me 4.5 hours to get only 60 miles last night, so it all makes perfect sense to me. Thank you air miles for making this happen in addition to the awesome R&E for putting together what will be an amazing day for sure
  8. Just a couple of things now that I am back (typing this from my room in the detox centre). Robb, your POV of you on Hollenblitz is for me, the best ever, fun POV you have done, it made me laugh so much, just reliving it all and you captured the experience perfectly. To TPR generally, the awesomeness of 'Sweet Caroline' was indeed the best 'Sweet Caroline' moment ever, as I did state, though my rendition of it in the cold light of the ward I am in, is rather cringe making, but hey, this happens!!! I apologise, but wait, when I'm back in the zone, I'm doing it all again R&E scored full marks again by getting us the tent experience on the 2nd day of opening. Pretty much everyone (all 200,000 of them give or take another 500,000 or so) were happy drunks. One week later, when I met up with other friends for a tent experience, the alcohol was taking its toll, and it was by no means the great experience I had first time round. (fighting, blood, trauma, not cool stuff). I really really really recommend the Oktoberfest experience to EVERYONE....(you certainly don't have to be drunk, be a drunk, need to get drunk....to get with it, and there were a sufficient number of non drinkers on our tour that I am sure will testify to that), but I would also caveat that by saying do it the way TPR did it, and go the first weekend of opening, because it gets messy one week in. (hell that place has another week to go, scary) Oh and one final thing, which may seem rude and I really don't mean offense to an entire nation, but hey Italian people. What is your problem???? Every nation in the world is represented massively at Oktoberfest and we all mix it up, and had great fun but, even our perfect TPR night was nearly about to get a little messy with the table of Italian's next to us (all good in the end I hasten to add) but come Friday night, I and my none coaster friends ended up in a brawl situation, with a table of Italian's. I LOVE Italy, I LOVE their food, I learned to ski there, I love lots about Italy, but I sure as heck do not love there inability to drink copious amounts of beer and then lose the plot. Okay, lights out time and cheers again R&E- one of the BEST EVER trips for sure. Steve - feeling a tad jaded- C
  9. Thorpe should make there mind up. Last year was all about the Say NO To BO - maybe they should just swab everyones armpits and drape the tissues over the wire mesh- hell nobody tell them, I can see it now.....
  10. Blimey, although I find this gross and pathetic if anyone is up for £500 I suggest eating lots of asparagus! http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100224/tuk-theme-park-is-taking-the-pee-6323e80.html ADMIN EDIT: I have edited the post to include the story. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  11. ^agreed- plus I can't stand missing out on my making a tit of myself ever. I'll double up for a pair next time, makes sense! (let's all do a lace bra and stocking evening, or not!). See I have ideas already......
  12. Divv - thanks for the exclusive . Hey Rachel and Lou - Just us three, now that cheered me up. YAY ( sad about not making it....but then again, seeing other updates, perhaps glad I had not....in a good/bad/OMFG what's going on/down/up sort of way) geddit? - because I'm confused!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!
  13. Wow- so there I am - a boogie woogie - so BAD. TPR brings out the crazy in me for sure, so HURRAH! Thankfully there are more trips to do, so more awesome Divv reports to be seen in the future. Big Mike - I'm not sure what I would have done had I caught up with your hot bird! - probably a great escape for both of us (me and your bird that is, not you!)
  14. Your totally great PTR's are enhanced to infinity and beyond with close ups of Scottish Steve's facial expressions. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve BTW!
  15. Dude- you are without a doubt too cool for school! - loving the TR and remember - no video of me is GOOD. Looking forward to a catch up next weekend kiddo! Steve 'wot no beer??? -C
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