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  1. 11-08 Toverland 16-08 Port Aventura And a week Later the Efteling (again)
  2. Flying Dutchman (Vliegende Hollander) at the Efteling. It was a little bit short, but it was wow!
  3. I hope the snow stays away from the Netherlands! The kind of weather we have now is verry spring-like.. I looove it But that looks heavy, last year (oh no 2005) we had also a snowstorm, maybe not so much as that over there in Denmark, but I barely got home from school.
  4. OMG it's really official now when I look at that pictures! Booo!! I liked this coaster so much!!!!!
  5. Black Mamba, just 4 hours ago I like this ride, really I love it.. but it's not théé best coaster I've been on
  6. They are beautiful to watch at IMO, some are still smooth, like FX in Movie Park Germany and Vampire in Walibi Belgium, but El Condor in Walibi World isn't that bad, but it's the roughest.. but I think that's the most beautiful SLC i've been on.
  7. I'm from Holland and my local parks are: Hellendoorn - 30 minutes Slagharen - 30 minutes Walibi World - 80 Minutes Efteling - 100 minutes Outside Holland: Movie Park Germany - 40 minutes Phantasialand - 120 minutes Disneyland Resort Paris - 360 minutes
  8. O yeah and I forgot to say why.. because I want to know why Georgia Scorcher is good and for example Vortex is bad..
  9. I wan't to ride Riddler and Georgia Scorcher so badly.. but are there better B&M Stand ups? What is your Fafourite?
  10. Last was El condor @ Walibi World in the Dark, the coaster was broken down for 15 minutes, and we were stuck on the lift hill.. :?
  11. Best: Big Thunder Mountain - DLRP: Verry fast part Underground Goliath - Walibi Wold: This is why.. Worst: Winjas FORCE.. You get tilted in a strange position and then it's just a little bit up and down.... Booring
  12. 1. Goliath (WW) 2. Rock n Rollercoaster (WDS) 3. Turbine (WB 4. Cop Car Chase (MPG) 5. Winja's Fear (Phl) 6. Mystery Castle (Phl) 7. Fata Morgana (Efteling) 8. Vogelrok (Efteling) 9. Xpress (WW) 10. Alien Encounter (MPG)
  13. Goliath... Wow.. original.. I hope they don't screw up that view of the Scorcher, because on pictures it is verry Beautifull Well, I'm not so excited because I don't like those coasters (to look at)
  14. 6 September, but when did it start for you all? Mine started at the beginning of June...
  15. This one, I added it with paint () so it's a bit ugly..
  16. WB Movie World Germany ca. 1998, later on in 2000 it lost its glory, with the coming of Six Flags in Europe :? But I think de Efteling is one of the most beautifull parks I've ever been.
  17. I love Goliath, It's so beautifull to look at if you arrive at the parking, I love it's colour, and everything around it, that little lake and the green grass.. The second Hill is if you are sitting in the front totally :shock:
  18. What?! Bandit rough? It's my no.1 woodie (with 2 Vekoma's and 1 kiddie behind it).. if I now wan't to ride SoB, I don't have to worry for roughness, if this ride is already rougher. But great pics, I really need to go to Toverland I think . djrappa wrote: It's almost the same, I saw it on the video of SeaWorld too, but I think thge Seaworld version is better themed, in Movie Park the Volcanos are small and almost half yellow..
  19. Wow great photo's of Walibi World, verry sunny! It gives me a good feeling that the coasters are riding with 2 trains on a little bit more crowdy day than when I was there.
  20. These ar mine: Cop Car Chase @ Movie Park Germany Goliath @ Walibi World
  21. I don't have got answers on your questions, but I have one question myself: Why are you so interested in the Efteling??
  22. Some people have got bad comments on Coasters I like... example Xpress (Superman:The Ride) @ Walibi World, it's an outdoor RNRC, but it's verry smooth for a Vekoma and the launch is really great (Ok, I haven't done TTD or Kingda Ka) but it's has some good G's. And the outside coaster part is good, because it's a little bit above water (and concrete) and that gives a free feeling. Some people think the ride is a "real Vekoma"..painfull, but I think it's not, and also some people think it's boring because it's not indoors, well RNRC in Paris is better, but it's only because of the theming... that always is a + by me. Have u got some coasters that you think of that they are underrated? (oh yeah, i'm sorry if you have got difficulties with reading this, i'm from Holland and my English is a bit messed-up)
  23. Can I maybe have Hyper Hunter? Thank You for if you wan't to do that
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