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  1. Hey man, Great TR. I find that really funny about the wicked twister because when i went to CP about 3 years ago and it started raining, they closed it but luckily enough we had already ridden it about 2 hours before. Yeah i know what you mean about the rain, when we were there, you literally have a few minutes before you are completely soaked. The only thing was disappointed with was missing the chance of being able to ride the TTD because they had a accident the day before we went so it was down due to maintenance. I was happy though because we got to ride MF twice plus one of the rides was at night time and thats a complete different experince Pat (UK)
  2. Well i just got home today from spending 4 Days, 3 Nights Camping and 2 Days at Alton Towers. 11 People including myself went on this trip and it will be a trip i will never forget. First Day - It was raining but i was surprised that all the rides were open and nothing was closed. Pretty much all the rides you could literally walk on cause there were no queues. Second Day - The weather had improved from the day before but this meant the park was much busier and the queues were longer today. This day we relaxed more because we pretty much got everything the day before. Overall it was good two days at Alton Towers and I would do it again. Top Row - Ben, Ralph, Joe, Toole, Lee, Sorrell and Claire Bottom Row - Me, Rowan, Nik And Erik 100MPH on the Motorway with 4 people, tents, sleeping bags, duvets etc (Oh Yeah!) Mcdonalds #1 Setting Up Tents Setting Up Tents Setting Up Tents Toole, Nik, Erik And Ben sat around drinking It was so cold...Toole has his 'Cool' hat on Jack Daniels And Coke are our friend Alton Towers Random Shot Alton Towers...'Towers' This was the Chocolate Volcano which shot out hundreds of chocolates at the end of each day during the easter holidays Toole Doing His 'Happy Dance' This is really cool Even Though it was quite short..it was really fun Photographers and their cameras...seem to never put there cameras down Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Just opened the friday before we went Well i think we will be missing out Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ride today This ride is tame but it could have been better The Part Before You Are turned on your back The Part When You Are Laying On Your Back Ripsaw...Quite A Good Ride...but not after you have eaten CAN YOU CUT IT? Cut What Exactly? YAY...they have the fountain things on this season because i dunno why but last season they werent on Time For Some Lunch (This Picture Was Taken Espically For Ellissa) What to Choose...Oh What to Choose? Toole Eating An Apple Pie...Well buy 2 for 99p This had to be done when we were there There is a dark ride inside plus it includes shooting zombies and zombies shooting back I would have to say this is the best rollercoster within the whole park The Corkscrew thingy...Sorry Im Not a track Enthusiast Just Before The Drop On The Oblivion The Woman In The Middle Row In The Back Just Makes Me Laugh The Drop The Overbank Once Out Of The Tunnel The Submission Inverter thingy Ben, Ralph, Rowan And Toole On Submission Sorrel And Claire On The End Of Submission Submission (sorry about the blurriness)
  3. Hey guys great TR...shame you guys arent gonna be there on tuesday or wednesday next week because im going there with about 12 people. Im gonna be taking loads of photos and video. I cant believe im gonna be there a few days after you were there! anyways looked like it was quiet. Hope its like that next week but i doubt it with all the little kiddies being out of school. Pat
  4. well i went to a camera specialist over here today and i spoke to them there and they said i would be fine if i got a battery with the same voltage. I also asked if they had any batteries with the same voltage in stock and they did...it also fitted onto my camera which was a plus! Thanks alot for your help guys...Much appreciated!
  5. the camera model is a Panasonic PV-GS2 and the battery model is CGR-D08A/1B
  6. Right im going on a trip to alton towers VERY soon and i need to buy another battery. i have an american camcorder because my dad got it from america and he bought it over to me in england for christmas..the battery i need to get is a 7.2v battery and the battery ive got now is a 7.2v...if i buy another 7.2v battery but it will be an english battery will it still work? This would help me alot Pat
  7. shame i cant go espically with me living in the U.K. ...hope you guys have a good time though!
  8. Me and my friend set up some forums kinda like the forums for TPR but not as good because once we get alot more members we might get a donate option because we are only college student and dont have alot of money to spend and we want to upgrade so we can have bigger bandwith, webspace etc... the site is www.wildtrips.co.uk if you can sign up that would be great! Thanks! Pat
  9. thanks! that is kinda giving me of giving me a better idea of what i should do...because i have been to both parks before but i want to get my moneys worth. I agree there is alot of walking to do in Alton Towers but i guess it is kinda worth it. I also have to agree...You can never get enough of Nemesis! Pat
  10. I have a trip coming up in April with about 14 of my friends and we are planning to do a 2 day park trip...we were thinking of going to Alton Towers for the first day and maybe get a two day ticket where it is cheaper for the 2nd day...or maybe go for one day at Alton Towers and the next day at Drayton Manor so if anybody can help make my mind up...please help me because i dont wanna pay about the same price for one day at Alton Towers and pay it again the next day at Drayton Manor...would it be worth it? If you can help...Thanks! Pat
  11. I voted for big thunder mountain because i reckon it has a bit more thrill to it than Space Moutain or Splash Mountain
  12. Good Trip Report And Great Photos...Looks like it was good for kids
  13. I would say it would have to be Air at Alton Towers because its so smooth and it doesnt make you sick!
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