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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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Storm Runner (Great twisty element!)


Wild Mouse @ Idlewild Park (Crazy airtime on the ending bunny hills!)


Superdooperlooper (WOW!)









Thunderhawk SLC...ugh (Boooooooring!)


Comet (Lost so much speed, the bunny hills were impossible to get airtime off of cause they were too small!!!)

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Best Ones:

Magnum XL-200: SEVEN freakin bunny hops (yeah they are triangular, and yeah it would be better if they were parabolic, but hey, it was 1989) and then you go through the "victory lap" over the midway.


Viper (Darien Lake): The tunneled helix is just a classic element on this coaster. It actually has some good G's too, unlike the preceding corkscrews (which are still fun, but would be better if they were faster, IMO)


S:ROS (Darien and America): Hill, Hill, Hill, STOP! I love how part of the train is still on the last bunny hill while the front is almost at the station. Those quick acting brakes really are so great, although it's been proven that problems can occur with them.


Joker's Jinx: That corkscrew is just out of nowhere. I knew it was there, having studied each coaster on RCDB before going to Maryland (lol), but the way it just catches you off guard, it's just the perfect ending to a great coaster.



The Bad ones:

Raptor: I absolutely LOVE this coaster, more than some of the coasters I listed above in the "good" section. But when the helix unbanks, BANG! it throws you to the side so unexpectedly and so hard. Its by no means unbearable, more annoying than painful. It just seems really out of place, as this ride is otherwise flawless, IMO.


Iron Dragon: Yes, the second half of this ride is Much better than the first half, and yes, none of the ride is anything to brag about. But still, after the second lift hill, the train takes a series of direction changes (the one redeeming part of the ride), which are essential on Arrow Suspendeds. However, when the train enters the pretzal knot, all the turns are the same direction. Instead of swinging back and forth, you just keep swinging up to one side. This is nowhere near as fun as the "side to side" swinging, and obviously Arrow learned their lesson on later models, as Vortex absolutely blows Iron Dragon away.

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To keep it in the Netherlands:


worst/lame ending is on The Express (before known as Superman) at Walibi World: the coaster just dies in the end.


Best ending: Goliath at Walibi World! After the bunny hops a great g-force turn! And than a quick, but smooth break. Excitement till the end! Why does it take another week to open up parks around here?

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I can't believe Montezooma's Revenge hasn't been mentioned yet! Those breaks are neck-snappers!




B:TR - Great, fast and snappy ending to an awesome ride.

Deja Vu - I actually found hanging by the back spike scary as $h!t

Ghostrider - I havn't been on it in a while, but I remember the end bunny hills in the back seat were incredible.


Worst -

X - Ouch

Xcelerator - The ending to this ride is so lame, they could have done SO much more.

Montezoomas Revenge - Gives me a headache every time.

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El Toro-Crazy airtime hills and highly banked turns taken at high speed make for a great ending


Nitro-Nice floater air on the final hills delivered the best airtime on a B&M




Kingda Ka-Good ride, but a camel back with no airtime wasn't the best way to end it.(an over bank after the hill(like MF) then brakes would be nice)

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Amen to the bad ending on Raptor- last time I rode it, my head got severely slammed coming out of the last element.


Good ones:

Big Bad Wolf, BG- the final swing out over the river is great

Gemini, CP- I like the final helixes

Racer, Kennywood- the last drop before the station delivers a massive dose of airtime

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Best Ending:

Joker's Jinx

Batman The Ride/Le Vampire

Le Monstre (Yea! I said it)

El Toro

Thunder Dolphin

Superman Ride Of Steel (SFNE)

Twister (Knoebels)

Expiditon Everest





Worst Ending:

Steel Force

Vekoma SLC



Zola 7

Galaxy Express 999

Big Thunder Mountain (WDW)


-Dainan "Too many good" Rafferty

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Best: Magnum in a weird way I love the bunny hops of death

Worst: Dragster at least they could of added an actual layout to this ride


The bunny hops are way awesome.


*slam! slam! slam!*


I never understood why people crabbed about the "boring" layout of Dragster. The whole point of the ride is A, you go really fast and B, you go really high. Anything else and you would have gotten something like Kingda Ka.

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Montu BGT: I found nothing about this ride on the bad side, it's smooth sweet and the butterfly's don't leave till you hit the break run.

Racer Kennywood: Bunny hops are my friend! This ride just gives you the air time and the sound of a woodie, it just "does" it for me!




Scorpion BGT: This is a rough little sucker and the end just sucks. You come around and outside loop to get back to station 1. That and the damn "You've just been stun by (Sssss) the Scorpion!" if enough to make you almost prefer a root canal!

Python BGT: You need a root canal after riding it, because afterwards all you do is say "Ow, Ow.. Ow...".

BTMR at WDW: While this ride will always have a soft spot with my as my favorite childhood coaster, it's a let down on the end. There isn't much airtime to speak of and I always thought they could have done better.

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Best: Top Gun at PGA. The corkscrew/helix right over the water is ridiculously intense, and the best use of water on a coaster I've ever experienced. It's so intense, when I rode Nemesis I was disappointed the ending roll/helix wasn't as wild as TG...

I also think the ending on Space Mountain at DL is fantastic, mostly for the show effect that enhances the deceleration and makes it seem like stars are shooting past you.


Worst: Any lift hill ending. Fire on Dueling Dragons also sure has a lot of lame straight track in the end that just sorta runs it back around the park wall, and any wasted potential on a B&M invert makes me deeply sad.

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I love the ending on Space Mountain: mission 2 @ DLP

I rode crush's coaster on the opening day and i thought the ending was fantastic! Go ride it and see for yourself!



The ending to Goudurix at Parc Asterix is pretty dull and boring. Right enough it is the smoothest part of the ride!

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The best is most likely phantom's revenge at Kennywood.

The air time is crazy and you dont want it to end.

Another great one is Big Bad Wolf at busch gardens.

That final drop is great.


Cant think up of any bad ones at the moment.

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Expedition Everest made my jaw drop.


The Beast, I must say I love the double helix as well




Add another for Adventure Express. I rode it when it first came out and remember when we went up the final lift hill and then out, everyone on board let out a collective "That's it?!?"

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