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Ever Been The Only One On A Ride?

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I rode Colossus at SFMM by myself during WCB a few years back. I sat in the back row to observe the empty train. It was a peaceful, memorable experience; one of maybe 3 that I actually remember out of my countless rides on it.

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During a casual visit to SFNE a couple years back, I don't quite remember the exact reason, but my sister and I decided to hit Cyclone first. The entire north end of the park was empty, and we got to Cyclone long before anybody else did. Grabbed the front row, and had a rather relaxing time on a wild ride.


Then there was Ocean Beach Park in New London, Connecticut last year. Me and my girlfriend weren't just the only ones on a ride, we were practically the only ones at the park (everyone else was at the beach). We thought the park was abandoned, but you just have to find an employee standing around and ask them to operate the rides for you.

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When ever i went to the seaside heights boardwalks, there would always be no one there! It was great because i guess i had a all-day pass, while, at night, everyone came for rides with tickets! Got on every ride and loved every minute of it

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I'm never usually the ONLY person on a train, as i like to ride with friends. But my buddy, Andrew, and I were alone on at least Apocalypse, Riddler's, Goliath, and Batman (Foggy nights style). All due to ERT! Maybe more will come with New Hotness this year!

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Actually once I think about it, I have been on quite a few by myself. In fact when I went to the Adventuredome back on a Tuesday in early May, I pretty much rode everything alone except for the Chaos ride...including Canyon Blaster. I have been on quite a number of Topspin's and other thrill rides alone probably more times than I could count. Here is a list though that I put together:


The Villain and The Double Loop alone when I visited Geauga Lake in '04.

Twister II, Mind Eraser, and Half-Pipe at Elitch Gardens in 2010 during a school day.

Ninja at Six Flags St. Louis in 2010 on a dead Thursday.

Batwing at Six Flags America in '08 after being closed for almost the whole day (I was the only one waiting to ride when it reopened).

I almost rode Kumba at BGF in '06 alone...but one of the employees decided to hop on (I guess he was done with his shift?)


And don't get me started on the kiddie coasters


Yea, I seem to go to parks on some pretty dead days...

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Why, yes! Yes, I have! Just the other day at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ, I was the only one on the Hot Tamales coaster. Of course, that might have been because all of the parents were too afraid to put their children on a roller coaster with a 41 year old coaster geek!


Even my husband was too mortified to join me on this one! It was number 401 though!


That's me all by myself!


Nerd?!? Who you calling a nerd?!?

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I usually don't keep track of this, probably because it mostly happens on flat rides and kiddie coasters.


However, I was the only person on Great White at Morey's for one lap during ERT last year. Everyone else had had well more than enough at that point. Actually, after the first time I rode Great White, I was convinced I would never ride it again because it was so rough. But ERT brought me back, and when I finally found "my" seat, I was happy to stay there for a while.


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I rode Steeplechase, Soaring Eagle, and The Tickler solo when I was at Coney Island a week ago. It was great to not have any wait whatsoever, and it was especially awesome to take the front row on Steeplechase, as I had never been on a launch coaster in the front before, as they tend to have ridiculous lines for that seat.

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The only time I can recall this on a major roller coaster while the park was open was Geauga Lake in July 2007. Villain and Head Spin Solo trips.


Although, im lucky to have experienced this several times on Ravine Flyer II due to preseason testing and pre-opening fun.


Disclaimer: Taken with permission from myself ;)

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A couple weekends ago at Magic Mountain my friend and I were able to ride Superman: EFK multiple times at opening without anyone else. We got in 4 or 5 rides with just us two. This is the closest i've been to having a ride by myself.

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Reading through this thread brought back a lot of memories of my own, so I just had to post, even though its been awhile since I've been on here:

Let's see...

At my home parks:


Yankee Clipper and Logger's Run (LR during Haunt, which was cool)

Whitewater Falls


Psycho Mouse


Wave Swinger





Cave Train

Haunted Castle

Logger's Revenge


Quicksilver Express

Mushroom Swing

Then, So-Cal Parks:


Scream (beat the daylights out of me!)

Riddler's Revenge

Superman the Escape

These three were at the TPR event


Space Mountain (end of night on a day with bad weather)

Pirates (kinda creepy alone)

most dark rides


most rides in park in 2001 (went during opening week late at night when it was deserted because they cancelled the AP program for DCA)

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I've been lucky! Demon at Great America, Beast (they gave ACE members an early morning "walk back" before Cedar Fair got the park), Whizzer, Blue Streak (sitting right in the middle of the seat before they did the awful PTC update)... Mind Bender, Texas Giant, Hoosier Hurricane, Skyliner and then some, off the top of my head - so many great ones!


A great coaster friend of mine died in 2000, so every time I ride a coaster alone, I say it's for him.


Whizzer and Beast stick out as unusually creepy/cool, under all those trees and stuff. Accentuated the feeling of being SOLO. Whizzer's medium speed high curves and lift at night - a slice of heaven. And being on Mind Bender "on one of my favorite rides all alone," almost too much for a coaster nerd to handle!

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