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  1. Hey guys does anyone know what’s going on with the blue side on Gemini? It looks like it’s been testing all day yesterday and today.
  2. When I was walking past the sign today some young lady voiced her opinion on the ride being closed to be painted and how it was a “stupid reason”. It’s complaint-ception
  3. It’s not all that busy. It is opening weekend though so most rides are only running one train. Good to know. Is that causing long station waits? I’m on the fence but wouldn’t mind going for some night rides before the time change!! Go ahead and go for a little while. The parking lot doesnt seem to be filling up any more and theres no line at the front gate. I saw some people talking about the Scorcher being painted. I’m not sure if it’s news or not but it’s still closed today.
  4. It’s not all that busy. It is opening weekend though so most rides are only running one train.
  5. I’m in the park today it doesn’t look like Steel Vengeance hasn’t ran yet. Does anyone know whats going on?
  6. WSB here in Atlanta said that Six Flags will be posting another clue today at about 7.
  7. ^ I just checked out some of those construction pictures; things look great. I can't wait for more track to appear!
  8. Thinks Goliath is meh and GASM is horrible, yet says DDD, Cyclone, and Ninja are awesome. Get out. No. get out. GTFO. Ninja just needs to be killed Goliath is one of the better hypers I've been on and GASM is just a timeless classic.
  9. How have the lines been on Saturdays? I was planning on going this Saturday from about 1pm to close.
  10. In the newsletter the park sent out today, the park mentioned the use of fingerprint scanners in addition to the process to entering the park (I believe it's only for season pass holders).
  11. Ok, my only tips from my hours upon hours of riding are as follows: -Relax. Be loose, don’t hold on too tightly, simply use the handlebars for resting your hands or forearms. -Tense up your legs when the attendant comes by to check your restraint. When you’re sitting in the station, the lap bar or OTSR should not be touching you, but should be very close. This still keeps you safe while allowing you plenty of room to stay comfortable. -I’ve found that the front of the train will not knock you around as much as the back. -For wooden coasters, try not to sit in a seat that sits right above a wheel. This really only applies to PTC trains that have 3 rows of seats per car. (Sit in the middle two seats) Keep in mind; these are just general suggestions that will work on just about any B&M or Schwarzkophf coaster. You will need to adapt accordingly to different manufacturers, coaster styles, construction types, layouts, ect.
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