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  1. The only day I can recommend you ever buy FL+ ahead of time is July 4th. Any other day is a gamble.
  2. Got promoted to VP of CF or something like that. Lots of KI people got moved around.
  3. Did this drive last summer. Depending on if you get on the turnpike or not (I recommend the turnpike). Usually at max 2 hours. I think our trip took about an hour and a half. If you don't take the turnpike its easily two and a half hours.
  4. They were running three trains last night (Friday). It was making the line move quick, but your wait inside the shed at the "radio" is a bit longer since you are technically at a block brake waiting for the next train to depart. Other than that it was pretty cool!
  5. I waited about 2 1/2 hours when I got in line at about 8:30pm. Was a fantastic, incredible ride. Can't wait to ride it more this season.
  6. Who hurt you Banshee. I honestly need an explanation on this one.
  7. I also got to ride Hurler, Hypersonic, and Shockwave on my 1 and only trip to KD when I was a kid. From what I remember as a little 12 year old coaster enthusiast was Hurler sucked. Hypersonic was the first hydraulic launch I ever rode, so it was (and still is) special to me. However it was ugly and after the launch and vertical tower it was just "OK". I was pumped I got to ride Shockwave, considering I literally just missed riding King Cobra at my home park (Kings Island). It was cool as a 12 year old and was again, my first experience on a Stand-Up. So it was neat but it hurt my legs so bad. I plan on taking a trip back up there in 2018 (hopefully) to ride the new RMC as well as I305. Also didn't get to ride Volcano on my trip because they day before was the accident where some guys leg got cut from a lose bolt, and the ride was down for investigation. (You can see the list here, the article link no longer works) I for sure need to head back down soon.
  8. Booked a trip in July to Dollywood. Only thing I really want to make sure I do is Lightning Rod. Any locals have input on how reliable it has been lately? I knows its already been open longer than last year but I just want to see what the current status is and if I should expect to make another trip later!
  9. I'll go ahead and bump this since I don't think people saw trains were added above since it was just an edit. Link to Twitter Picture
  10. As a Kings Island native I absolutely love Vortex. But nostalgia aside, this ride has been on a severe decline in quality the past 4 or so years. It has been a staple in modern roller coaster technology, as well as for the park itself. I could, however, see it leaving the park within the next 5 years. Kings Island being the somewhat "locals" theme park that it markets itself to be, relies heavily on season pass sales. The ride locally has a lasting reputation of being rough, intense, and nauseating. Pretty much any person you hear getting off the ride will say so. As far as lines go I am sure Kings Island has the capacity numbers and are looking at it closely. Most of the time the ride is a walk on, except for the busy times of the year where most people in line are here on vacation and have no idea what they are in for. As much as I would hate for this ride to go, it has become a reality lately that some day soon we will have to part ways.
  11. It wouldn't be snow its been average about 50 degrees for the past week. It would have melted by now.
  12. Its currently a reservoir for the neighboring White Water Canyon. It is currently drained and will probably fill back up to where you wont see the cylindrical concrete supports. Should be a cool moment in the ride. I believe you can see what I'm talking about in the offical POV here.
  13. It looks like as of now the loading station is still in tact in what the pictures above looked like. Could be removed in the future.
  14. I couldn't agree more. As a former rides supervisor (at a Cedar Fair Park... wont go into detail... No longer employed by Cedar Fair) at a flagship roller coaster, dealing with these kinds of people every single day was an absolute headache. If park policy says "Don't do this". Then don't do it. And to whoever argued "well I just ask the people behind me if I can...". Thats crap. What about the group behind them, and behind them? With that logic you should go down the line and ask every single person if its okay. Which I do not recommend. I take line jumping seriously and have kicked more people than I can count out of line. No matter the circumstance. Not to mention its flat out rude.
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