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  1. This looks awesome and terrifying, and I'm so glad that next year I'm finally returning to the park. As for Rolling Thunder, I'm delighted to see it go. The only coaster that I've ever absolutely hated. I've always fantasized about an Intamin similar to Maverick going in that area, but anything that replaces that pile of wood would be a massive improvement. Overall, great job Six Flags!
  2. Fiorano GT Challenge at Ferrari World In Asia, duel tracked, European made, etc.
  3. Sounds like a smart idea. It works well for Knoebels, and Compounce seems to be a similar park, so why not?
  4. Not too excited about this one. I mean it looks fun and all, but it seems way too short, and as others have mentioned, goes for gimmicky elements over substance. Tallest loop in the world, really how much of a difference does it make? And the backwards launch just seems pointless, it probably lowers capacity, and would be more fun if the train simply went into the second forward launch without losing momentum. But on the bright side, the tophat/camelback looks like it'll have some awesome airtime, which is apparently something SFMM needs. It'll be a good ride, but I'm just disappointed that the park went the low capacity/gimmicky route over something the park needs more. Obviously an Intamin airtime machine would have been great, but as Robb said, even a wingrider, while less exciting than this, would have made more sense. It's still something I'll definitely ride whenever I finally make it to SFMM, but it won't be what I'm most excited about. Just my two cents. I cracked up at the whole YOLO thing, it was just so bizarre and douchey. But then again, I've heard someone scream "HASHTAG YOLO!!!" on a lifthill multiple times this year, so I guess they're trying to appeal to their audience.
  5. I certainly don't care. When SF actually tries, the results can be decent (Golden Kingdom), but they'll never get anywhere close to a Disney/Universal/Busch level, and most of the time, they don't bother putting any effort in. I doubt any of the GP even notice very much of the theming anyway. I would rather see SF use the money to either make even better coasters, or solve their other problems (food, operations, etc.). However, some level of theming on individual rides is still needed. Many parks well-loved by enthusiasts, including CP and Knoebels have no themed areas, and are still awesome. Note: I'm not comparing Knoebels to any SF park, I'm just using it as an example.
  6. Awesome Skyrush pics! I love how close you can get to that coaster. Great TR, can't wait to see Knoebels!
  7. Can't forget this one. http://www.ultimaterollercoaster.com/news/archives/april99/stories/040199_01.shtml
  8. I had a dream where I was at SFGAdv, and I rode Kingda Ka, but the launch was even more intense, and it was really painful. Then I rode El Toro, but it had NTAG's overbanked turns, and was strangely less awesome than it is in real life. Then I got on line for Nitro, but then the ride op said they could only let one more person/group on, so I had to race a family of three to the train, and they started attacking me. Then I woke up.
  9. ^I put that into a translator, and it said "I can blow this?" so either the translation was only slightly off, and the guy wasn't actually being racist, or someone has an interesting fetish.
  10. Maverick at Cedar Point. The intensity is unbelievable, and I love how it does so many different things and has such a range of forces. Airtime, laterals, this machine has it all.
  11. Overheard on line for Fahrenheit- "Yeah, this ride crashed and killed someone back in the 80's or 90's."
  12. It's been a month since I was at Hershey, but since I just returned from my time living in a tent in the forest, I figured that I would share my thoughts. First of all, Hershey is an awesome park. I would rate it as my second favorite, behind only Cedar Point. I loved the mix of amazing coasters, a respectable amount of charm, plenty of trees, and delicious chocolate. Lines weren't too bad, and I was able to get on seven coasters in four hours, managing not to miss anything that I really wanted to ride. My opinion on each ride: Fahrenheit- This was the first ride of the day, and it also had the longest wait, at an hour. The lift was intense, I really felt like I was going to fall out. The first drop was awesome, and I loved how many elements Intamin packed into a small space. I felt like some of the inversions and the airtime hills could have been a bit more forceful, but I loved the creativity, and I don't understand why this ride gets so much hate. 8/10 Storm Runner- The launch was insane, it felt way faster than 72 mph. I got some air on the tophat, and then after a fairly forceless Immelman, the ride really came to life. The ejector hill into a barrel roll was plain awesome, and the flying snake dive was pretty disorienting in a good way. The last twisty was up there with Maverick in terms of amazing laterals. A bit short, but very sweet. 9/10 Wildcat- This was my first GCI, and I had the idea that GCI's were like B&M's: fun and smooth, but not the most forceful. Well, Wildcat had very powerful airtime and laterals, but there were parts that beat the crap out of me. I really wanted to love it, and it was still pretty fun, but I can't overlook the roughness. 6.5/10 Lightning Racer broke down, so we crossed over to the other side of the park. Great Bear- A seriously underrated ride. The predrop helix was weird and forceful, and made the drop even more awesome. Each inversion was packed with force. The ending was pretty lame, but it was more like the last 1/5th than half. A really good B&M invert. 8/10. SooperDooperLooper- My first Schwarzkopf, and it was pretty fun. I loved the freedom of the restraints, and the loop was very intense. The rest of the ride was fun, if not thrilling. 7/10 Skyrush- The anticipation for this ride was immense. I took the back left wing, and soon we were going up the freakishly fast lifthill. I don't really remember too much of the ride other than that every hill had the best ejector air ever, the laterals were intense, and there was lateral airtime (which I didn't know was a thing). I also had no problem with the noodles, they did come down pretty tight, but that's to be expected on a ride this intense, and there was no pain afterward. This ride is perfect IMO, and it's now my #2 coaster. 10/10 Lightning Racer- By this time, the ride had reopened. This was more what I had expected from GCI. The first drop was great, the ride was very smooth for a woodie, and there were decent laterals and a few airtime moments. The racing element added another dimension, and the side I was on won. 8.5/10 Overall, the park was awesome, and the operations weren't as bad as I had heard. My one complaint is that this park NEEDS single rider lines. Every coaster was being dispatched with multiple empty seats, and there were times where there were three empty seats per row on Great Bear. At the very least, the operators could ask if there are any single riders in the station if the park isn't willing to create a separate line. But other than that, I have no complaints, and I had a wonderful time at Hershey.
  13. Coney Island Adventurer's Victorian Gardens Kids 'n Action Hersheypark Knoebels With Lake Compounce and a return visit to Coney Island still to come.
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