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  1. Knott's continues to do great things year after year! I am super excited to see all this stuff in person at West Coast Bash!
  2. I love how random pairs of cars will find each other and do a little dance with each other! This looks like a cute ride!
  3. I was just there last month, passing through on a road trip. I really enjoyed Desert Storm! I would recommend stopping at this little park if you get the chance.
  4. I recently rode X2 at SFMM at night. The first drop and turn around were even better at night!! I also liked riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland during the nightly fireworks show. Makes it feel like the abominable snowman is firing cannons at you as you go in and out of the mountain!
  5. Is double paying an option? I'm in that situation unfortunately right now. Would not recommend!
  6. Does anyone know if I can upgrade my membership I purchased in the Spring to the current 65% off deal that Six Flags is having? I have a basic membership but I would like to upgrade to the deal right now to receive parking and hurricane harbor admission. Or do I have to buy a new pass completely and lose the rest of the money I am paying for the membership already?
  7. Got tickets for my third West Coast Bash!!! Super excited and grateful that TPR continues to put on this event every year! Bums me out when I see people complaining about dumb things. Thank you for all you do TPR!
  8. I'd pick California Screamin'. It's got a launch, airtime, a comfortable inversion and it's smooth!
  9. Do most people not like The Boss? I hadn't read anything about before I visited the park last spring. I thought it was pretty fun! I sat in the front row, so I don't know if that helped. I remember it being pretty fast.
  10. Seriously, - why is this a big deal and why does ANYONE give a crap?!?!? I'm so incredibly SICK of people all-of-a-sudden caring about things they never cared about before, never even knew existed, just because it's going away. It's just so insanely dumb to me. I'm willing to make a Las Vegas bet that 99.999999999% of the people who are all "OMG! Universal got rid of Soundstage 28!?!?!?" had probably NEVER EVEN HEARD of it before they found out about it on some stupid blog. We just posted an awesome update from Horror Nights, and this is how you choose to respond to this thread? Ugh, just so sick of all this "weekend activist" crap. Completely agree! Hopefully this means we'll see something newer and better built if anything! I went to opening night on Friday for HHN, and I had a great time. The Walking Dead stuff is a little bit of a bust. If you've been the last few years, not much has changed and the zombies aren't particularly terrifying. American Werewolf in London was probably my favorite maze of the night when it came to actual scares. Clowns 3D was fun. AVP was very well done with lots of big sets and giant props.
  11. How is the park on Veterans day normally? Crowded, normal, not worth it? I'm a local so I won't be too upset if it's kind of crowded, but I don't want to go if it's usually crazy.
  12. I am usually up in San Jose about once a month in the spring time and I always love stopping by the Boardwalk on my way back down. I love the Giant Dipper. Great ride, great scenery, it's just perfect California!
  13. I'd expect it to be pretty crowded. You should be able to get in all the non-ERT rides that are open at least once though.
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