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Ever Been The Only One On A Ride?

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I have yes. Jurassic Park River Adventure in 2006 @ IOA. Rode that first thing in the morning. Had the whole entire raft to myself. Sat front row middle seat. I wasn't scared well maybe a little when I was heading towards the t-rex-watching it come out of the dark. That was quite something though. The whole frigen entire raft to myself I still can't believe it!!! Oh yeah I also forgot!!! Splash Mountain Disneyland last year. Went at night around 9pm had the whole log to myself! SWEET! I know I rode at least twice in a row. Oh yeah & Also Superman at SFMM-whole car to myself 3 times in a row-that was 2005.

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Not counting any single vehicle rides that only seat a few people like a Wild Mouse there have been a few coasters I have ridden with no one else on the ride.


At Dorney I have had solo rides Hydra, Thunderhawk and Laser. That was all in the same day in 2007 on a school day in June later in the day when the school groups left.


I also had a solo ride on Stinger on a Sunday in September on a non Haunt night so the park was empty the last few hours it was open. It was the last ride of the night and I walked from Stinger all the way to the top of the park and didn't see a single non employee until I got almost to where the carousel at the main entrance is. I counted the cars in the lot 10 minutes after closing and there were only 23 cars. I was also very close to getting solo rides on Talon and Steel Force (1 ride on Steel Force only had myself and one other rider).


At Great Adventure I had solo Skull Mountain on Family Fun Fall Night 2008, when there were only a little over 400 people in the park and Scream Machine at Coasters After Dark in 2009. I also had a solo ride on Bizarro on a Friday night in October in 2010. I went to the ride right at opening and since it was the back at the park, no one else was there.


It's a lot of fun to be the only one on a coaster and not hear anyone else and have a completely quiet ride.


2016 update

Since I lasted edited the post I got a solo ride on Talon on closing day in 2014 during the last hour the park was open. Last year at Fun Spot Orlando I was the only rider on White Lightning and Freedom Flyer. I also got a solo ride on Runaway Mine Train at Great Adventure and Batman The Ride right at opening on a Friday night during Fright Fest in 2013 or 2014.

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I've ridden Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE alone, there's even a photo of that.


Definitely rode X: No Way Out solo last year at Thorpe, it was more like X: No Way In; the way they were managing entry inside from the outdoor part of the queue.

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September, 2007 - the first TPR Japan Tour.


Diavlo, in Central Park, Japan.


It was near the end of the vist there, and I guess I was one of the few

at the back of the park, where the coaster is. So, I rushed over, and got one more ride in,

before heading back to meet up with everybody at the front gate.


Turns out I was the only one on the train, front row, centre seat.


Heaven. And the ride was great, too, LOL!


The coaster in question. Out in the middle of the Japanese countryside, somewhere, lol.

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Yes, more than once on Silver Bullet during night ERT at both Coaster Solace and West Coast Bash one year, and I think I was the last one on X2 on the last ride of night ERT on X2 at West Coast Bash 2010. I think I was the sole rider on the soon-to-be-closed Speed: The Ride at Sahara in Las Vegas one night. Those are the only ones I can think of offhand.

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I was once at Tokyo Dome City marathoning Thunder Dolphin. One of my last rides was alone. Actually, the train was full, but I was the only one without one of those nifty Japanese cloaking devices. The ride crew was totally laughing at me, evidently quite amused that I would devote 2 hours of my life to back-to-back rides on that Intamin mediocrity.


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Let's see...I don't think I've ever been the only one on a coaster, but my brother and I were the only ones on Griffon at the end of night ERT during the IntimidaTour. I've had private cars during ERT, but never a private train. I've also been on a train/car with only people in my group.


Wait...there was one other time. I was the only person on the entire Snow White dark ride at Disneyland once. They had to cycle the cars empty just so I could get off at the end.

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Yup...a few years ago at King's Island....I had my ACE card (Sorry, no buffets offered that day) but I got the "walkback" to "The Beast" With the P.R. person who shared the first ride with me in the front seat....when we returned to the station, there was still no queue...and she said, "Wanna go again? Sit anywhere you want!" Magic words for me, I moved to the backseat, and had the ride 'All To Myself', yay!!!! When I got back to the station again, there were like five people in line, but I got to keep my seat in the back for an additional 3rd ride.


Also, got to ride "Tony Hawk" at SFSTL by myself in my train, and have gotten to ride "Dark Thud, and Rajun Cajun" at SFGAM in cars all by myself.

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Umm lets see, I rode some coasters alone during TPR ERT, when everybody else had already gone to the next ride. From the top of my head:

Silver Bullet at Knotts and Viper, Tatsu and Revolution at SFMM.


Then there's Toverland, which is very near to me and open everyday. So there are days when there are only 50 people in the park. So that would add Boosterbike, Boomerang and Troy.

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I haven't ridden a coaster alone: I'm almost never alone when I visit an amusement park (luckily). But I did "Spookslot" alone. It was incredible (spooky) for I could walk everywhere during the show and finally I discovered the tombstone of Kate Bush in the show...!

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My Asia trip last fall gave me a lot of solo rides! I got solo rides on Space Mountain at HKDL, "Dark Ride" at E-DA World (sadly, the Big Air was not running), Mayan Adventure and Space Mountain at Formosan Cultural Arboriginal Village and the big one... Gravity Max.


Yeah, imagine being alone on that! The park wasn't too crowded and by the time 2pm came around, no one was riding it anymore. So, I sat in the first row of the back car and the two ride ops kept sending me around until they realised I was the only one riding and I liked the ride! So, the two of them tried speaking english and were all shocked when I told them where I was from and why I was there. So, at that point, the two girls didn't unlock the restraint and kept the train going for TWO hours until I told it was enough! They were all happy I loved the ride and I broke out a few chinese words to thank them. They gave me a private 2 hours ERT on what I believe is one of the world's greatest rollercoaster.

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I've never actually been on a ride by myself. Alhthough me and two other people from my school had back to back rides on Ancaonda by ourselves. This was at the end of the day for school field trips to KD. To bad i left my money at one of the game stands that day

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I have ridden two coasters solo, Mummy and Hulk. My ride on Mummy was very cool and I wanted to buy the photo sooo bad but had already totally blown my budget on a Grinch figurine over at Islands. My ride on Hulk came on a summer evening waiting for the front car, it was strangely peaceful. You know how they put monitors on coaster riders sometimes to see the increase in heart rate etc., I am convinced that my heart rate goes down. I am just so contented when I get to ride coasters.

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Wasn't exactly by myself, but my dad and I were the only ones on Mean Streak a few summers ago. It was close to closing time, and we were probably one of the last trains out that night, in the front row. To this day I am convinced that MS runs infinitely better during late-night (in the dark) runs with nearly-empty trains.

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Yes, Kumba many times.


I've also had solo rides on,






The Hulk



Big Spin at SFDK

Tennessee Tornado

Wind Storm at Old Town

DB Hurricane

...and half the coasters at Wild Adventure.


Not to mention, a few kiddie rides.

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Rides I've had solo rides on:



Road Runner Express(SFKK) - solo as in the only person in the car and going through the course

Dark Knight


American Eagle (I think, another rider or two might have gotten on at the last second, or that might be another ride)

Tig'rr Coaster(Indiana Beach)

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