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  1. I'm a 5th grade teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. My district's calendar was just approved. We're starting at the usual time. I'm not sure if school years will be starting earlier. There's already distance learning happening which, while a far cry from classroom learning, is meant to fill the gap in instruction. Also, all the students will be in the next grade. So, it doesn't make sense (at least to me) to give a 6th grader extra 6th grade when they already lost the final few months of their 5th grade year. It's a different curriculum. Obviously, all of this could change and I could be co
  2. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom just announced that they are closing through the end of the month, after which they will reevaluate the situation. Selfishly, I'm a bit bummed, as I wanted to visit Sunday to take advantage of low crowds. However, it's far outweighed by feeling glad that, at last, we're starting to do what needs to be done. I'm a teacher, and am now making lesson plans for "remote learning". We're all gearing up for school closures here in the Bay Area. This is needed, and hopefully flattens that curve somewhat.
  3. I was there this past Tuesday and Wednesday. 3-5 seconds is most certainly an exaggeration. My wife and I were slow with the process, since it was our first time (we had 8 tickets linked to our app, but only 4 of us were there for the Early Magic Hour, so our mistake slowed things down). It took us a little over a minute, and we were backup group 93. We rode at 5:30 that day. On the second day (yesterday), we knew what we were doing and had group 23 after 15 seconds or so. So, no, boarding groups don't get filled up in a few seconds. It seems that its more like a minute before it goes to backu
  4. ^I'm with you on the inversion count. I visited in 2007, and simply couldn't see how one would say that there are 14 inversions. Even being generous with some of the ambiguous parts (the full-full and half-half), and even throwing in the overbank turn and initial rotation out of the station, that's still only 7 inversions. It's a mystery to me.
  5. Hello all, My long-awaited trip to Disneyland (the first ever for my daughters) is coming up in just a few weeks (Tuesday and Wednesday, February 11-12). We'll be staying at the Disneyland Hotel. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice, as I'm clueless when it comes to this park. 1. What is a good option for breakfast? We won't go to Goofy's Kitchen, as we want to make Magic Hour, and their earliest reservation option was for 9:00. We don't want to waste too much time on breakfast (though we would like something substantial, not just coffee and doughnuts). Any other suggestions for
  6. ^&^^I stick to the front row, inside seat, on the side closest to the road. I've still found it better in the morning than later in the day. Though, I tend to shy away from it after those first few rides of the day, so I could very realistically be missing inconsistently smooth(ish)/rough rides later in the day. I was impressed last Christmas Eve day, though. I went with my family, and went for the first ride of the day in the aforementioned seat, and I was shocked at how (relatively) gentle it was. Even the last raven turn didn't bounce my head around. And my 9-year old daughter (who had
  7. I agree with this. However, I will add that I tend to hit X2 first. It's a rough ride, but the first few rides of the day are relatively smooth. After that, it goes downhill. I've ridden it first thing, then come back after 4:00 (the line usually dies down by then, but not always), and it beats the crap out of me.
  8. ^ and ^^, thanks for the advice. I booked the Disneyland Hotel last week. The history was what convinced me. Thanks for the advice. I'm very excited about the trip (even if the Haunted Mansion will be closed for an extended rehab).
  9. How strict is SFMM with closing the park for inclement weather? I'll be in LA next week with my family, and we were planning to go on 12/24 (Christmas Eve). The weather forecast calls for a 40-50% chance of rain ("overcast with rains showers at times", according to Weather Underground). We're hoping that the combination of a major holiday and lousy weather will keep the crowds away, but I'm also concerned about the park being closed altogether that day. If it closes, then so be it. I'm just curious, should I brace myself for a closed park, or am I concerned for nothing? Thanks. -Doug
  10. ^They built shade structures with solar panels on top. So, now a large percentage (more than half?) of the lot offers shaded parking, and the park gets solar power to boot. It was a pain during construction, as they directed everyone to the fairgrounds parking lot. The construction is done, so their regular parking lot is back in effect. But, yeah, it's still a long walk from the parking lot to the main gates.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm taking my first visit to Disneyland since high school grad night (I don't recommend that) 25 years ago. The main reason is to take my daughters (ages 8 and 9), who have never been before. We'll be going mid-week in February to avoid the crowds (2/11 & 2/12). I'm hopeful that those will be dead days at the park. I do have a question regarding accommodations. We will be staying on property, as we want to have the full experience. I'm trying to decide between the Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier (Grand Californian is just too expensive for us). So, my question: What's t
  12. Thanks for the advice. We'll definitely hit Ghostrider first, followed by the boardwalk. According to isitpacked and queue-times, the park is quite crowded today. If it's the same tomorrow, I'll just bite the bullet and get us all FastLanes. After all, I don't get to Knott's very often. Thanks again FireandBlood91, thrillseeker4552, Canobie Coaster, and VegasBaby.
  13. Hello all. I will be going to KBF next Tuesday (11/26) for the first time in a decade (Hang Time, the spinning coasters, and the GhostRider re-profile are all new to me). I will be going with my wife and kids (my older daughter is tall enough for everything except for Silver Bullet, while my younger daughter is tall enough for everything except for Silver Bullet, Xcelerator, and Supreme Scream). My daughters have never been before. Our focus will definitely be on the thrill rides, but we won't be eschewing the milder options. My question: Does anyone have any advice on which rides to hit first
  14. I was reading the New York Times and came across this article: https://nyti.ms/34mJmAb It's about videos of last times on a ride before they are removed. Robb features prominently in the article. It was cool to see in my typical morning reading of the news.
  15. ^It's possible...as long as the crowds are low enough. Railblazer gets the longest line of the three, while Flight Deck gets the shortest. I'm not sure which you should go for first, Railblazer or Gold Striker. I'll leave that to those TPRers who visit more frequently than I do. So, in short, it's possible...but not guaranteed.
  16. 1. Yes, the Flash Pass is absolutely worth it. It should be quite crowded. So, unless you enjoy waiting in lines, I enthusiastically recommend getting one. I'll be there on 9/1 with a friend, and plan on getting one. 2. You get an electronic unit (they used to be small, egg-shaped devices with screens, but I believe they are now similar to watches). You scroll through the list of rides (and corresponding reservation times) on the screen. You find the one you want and select it. When it's your time to ride, the unit buzzes to let you know. You go to the separate FP line, where an employee c
  17. Any idea on when the part will arrive? A week? Two weeks? I didn’t even bother asking. If it gets fixed within a month, consider it a bona fire miracle.
  18. Took a trip to the park yesterday. The crowds weren’t too bad. I was there with my daughters, so we stuck to the 48” rides. Goliath held steady at about 20 minutes all day. Revolution was 5-10 minutes. TC was only running 2 trains, the line was just under an hour. X2 has a broken part (according to guest services) and is waiting on that. The crowds definitely seemed more reasonable than the reports from last week. All in all, a good day. My daughters got to expand their coaster repertoire. Revolution and Goliath were their favorites. TC is still my favorite. I swear that coaster runs faster ea
  19. No offense, but that song and video of the childlike enthusiast supports my belief that maybe I'm starting to outgrow this... None taken. It's an annoying song. However, when my wife heard it the first time, she turned to me and said "Yep, that's you". I hope that you and your wife can experience your own "coaster renaissance". Riding Batman (SFDK) while holding my 8-year-old daughter's hand as she hooted and hollered through her first ride was better than most rides I've had on any other roller coaster.
  20. I'm with you on this. If I only went to parks with friends or family, I'd only ride coasters a fraction of the time I typically do. It wouldn't be nearly enough to feed my addiction (my wife says that the song is my theme song). I really don't care what other people think, or the demographic make-up of others in the park. I go to my home park (SFDK) on my own multiple times a year. I go to CGA once a year with a Fast Lane and marathon RailBlazer and Gold Striker. I used my Six Flags season pass and Southwest Airlines miles to take a trip to the two Six Flags parks in Texas some years back.
  21. I think that's possible. On Wonder Woman at SFDK, the seats opposite the ride entrance (closest to The Joker) always end up facing the sky at the top of each swing. Also, the ride always starts and stops in the same position. Perhaps I haven't ridden enough times to be absolutely sure, but this pattern has been absolutely consistent on all my rides on it. Try watching Crazanity from the queue and see if such a pattern exists on it as well.
  22. ^I agree, the park has been pretty inconsistent as of late. I went last Wednesday, and none of the rides in the DC area were open at the park's opening time. The Joker was the first to open at 11, followed by Batman close to noon. Superman was perhaps a full half hour after that. I was there yesterday as well. Batman opened pretty promptly (though not exactly at 10:30, while Joker opened at about 11. Superman was open right on time, while Wonder Woman opened later in the day. It's frustrating. They did, though, get The Flash up and running in the early afternoon. The good news: The Joker's s
  23. I’m not sure about V2. I was there on Wednesday, and it was down as well. It seems to spend half of the year closed. As for Joker, the second train is off the transfer track and presumably undergoing rehab. According to the ride op, they’ll be getting it to two train operation soon. I certainly hope so, it’s been running one train for what feels like nearly a year.
  24. ^I saw that as well. I'm impressed how quickly they moved on construction after a slow start. I won't go to this, as I have a gold season pass, not a membership. However, I can't wait to ride this. I rode the SFFT version, and it was loads of fun. I'll be interested in hearing from anyone who goes to this event, as the limit of 2,000 attendees could still mean crowds (though, they'll likely thin out as the night wears on).
  25. I believe that there are couple of reasons for this. First, the land on the other side of the lake is residential, and the homeowners don't want noisy roller coasters echoing across the lake. Second, management keeps that side of the park quiet so as not to disturb the animals. I think that those are the main reasons for the lopsided layout of the park. The decommissioned naval base accounts for the 150' height restriction in the park. I could be wrong, but I believe those are the reasons that the park is laid out the way it is.
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