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  1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. This collective wisdom really makes me appreciate TPR. My trip is by no means set in stone, but the chance is good. I haven't been to CP in years. When I did go, it was always midweek in May. Since I don't have that luxury this time around, it's good to know that, while I may wait, it will be drastically reduced. Thanks again!
  2. I wonder, in light of the recent conversation in this thread, if people can help me out with more FastLane info. I might be going to CP next summer with my cousin. We wouldn't be able to go before mid-late June or in the latter half of August (I'm a teacher, so those times are not options for me). So, that leaves us with July or early August, mid-week, of course. We're already budgeting in FastLanes for our visit. My question: How effective is the FastLane system? Will we still be standing in lines and, if so, what is the typical time range? Is what happens during Halloweekends a typical thing, or just exclusive to the extra-crowded Halloweekends days? Thanks for the help and wisdom.
  3. I'm considering going on Sunday. The weather is supposed to be sunny and warm, which means it won't exactly be a quiet day (though probably manageable, as there are no special events or BAFF scheduled). As for tips, head straight for The Joker. They assign seats, so get there early and high-tail it to the ride right at rope drop if you have seat preferences (like I do). Hang out at our lovely RMC until the line builds up, then head to Superman/Wonder Woman. Afterwards, roam the park and see what lines look reasonable. That's about all the advice I can give you. I usually wait until the weather gets cold and cloudy to go, so that I don't need any sort of strategy at all. Oh yeah, Sunday will likely be lighter in the crowd department than Saturday. Have fun!
  4. Absolutely brilliant trip report. At this point, I'll read any TR you write. Keep 'em coming!
  5. Just noticed this now. Just Google "money belt". You'll find plenty of options. Here is one on Amazon. I used one just like this when I backpacked Europe after graduating college. Hope this helps, and enjoy your trip.
  6. I know Knobels is pretty well regarded overall, but I don't see (from my outsider's perspective) what would put it definitively above the rest. Its coaster lineup seems more geared toward family rides and there appears to be zero live entertainment in October (according to their website). Dorney's entertainment is there but kind of sparse, appears to be mostly happening during Haunt. I'll jump on the Knoebels bandwagon as well. While I haven't been to the Knoebels haunt, I can comment on the coasters. Knoebels has, by far, the superior coaster collection. Heck, Phoenix alone beats all the Dorney coasters combined. That airtime with the buzz bars, it's practically a stand up coaster. Dorney's coasters, on the other hand, are very underwhelming. I was ready to go home after 90 minutes there, and this is coming from someone who loves to marathon rides (it was a walk-on day, as they all seem to be). Do yourself a favor, don't pass up Knoebels.
  7. Interesting. While I'm admittedly underwhelmed with this announcement, it certainly looks more interesting than Dare Devil (I've only been on that twice, and I have no desire to ride it again). Once it opens, I could have similar feelings about it as I do towards Dare Devil, or I could end up enjoying it enough to ride it each visit. I'll just wait until I ride it to pass judgement. I was intrigued by it the first time I saw it showcased at IAAPA.
  8. And I try to convince you to ride Kong, and occasionally you do and admit, "That wasn't so bad." Not exactly a ringing endorsement. I forgot to mention that I don't ride any of the water rides, as I only go during the winter (when the crowds are nonexistent) as they are all closed. Even in the summer, I don't bother. I don't like soggy shoes and socks. I also avoid spinning rides, as I don't enjoy nausea and vomiting.
  9. My home park is SFDK. I typically avoid Kong (Vekoma SLC), for obvious reasons. Every couple of years or give it a whirl. I mean, it does look nice, and I seem to forget how awful it is. I usually remember and fill with regret about halfway down the first drop. That ride is awful! I also avoid Boomerang (our Vekoma...well...boomerang). I rode it once on my first visit to the park in 2006. I have no desire to ride it again.
  10. I'd definitely rather they replace Kong with a Free Spin. Still, I don't think that another coaster is coming to the park next year. It's only been two seasons since The Joker, and major coaster installations don't seem to happen more frequently than every 4 years. Also, if they do plan on removing V2, they probably would have had some sort of "get your last rides on V2" ad campaign already. Then again, I could be entirely wrong. I'm definitely curious as to what Thursday's announcement will be.
  11. Shun the non-believer! Getting rid of V2 will dramatically change the front gate area. I think it's awesome to be waiting at the front and have screaming riders flying above you. It has been down for extended periods of time, but I'm hoping there were other reasons behind that than unfixable problems with the coaster. Also, I'd like to see them add rides rather than remove any. Crossing fingers. We shall see. I enjoy V2, but I simply had more fun on my 2 rides on Batman at SFFT than any of my rides on V2. It's a fun ride, but seeing as it feels like it's been closed more than it's been open the last couple of years, coupled with the fact that I've never seen it actually have a line, I suspect it could be on the chopping block. The front gate area will undoubtably change, but S&S Free Spins have a certain amount of overhang as well. While it wouldn't extend nearly as far as V2, there could conceivably still be screaming people (somewhat) overhead while one waits to buy a ticket. Yeah, I know you have a soft spot for V2. But, then again, you enjoy Kong as well.
  12. Can't say that I'd be surprised if V2 is indeed replaced. It's highly temperamental and rarely seems to have a line. I'd rather see Kong removed, but it seems to (inexplicably) get more ridership than V2. While I'll certainly miss V2 and it's one-of-a-kind-ness, I'd rather have a free spin. I'll be most surprised if we're indeed getting another coaster. I mean, we just got a significant installation two seasons ago. Seems pretty soon to me.
  13. There's almost never a difference in the wait time. The difference is that Platinum gives you access to some coasters that Gold does not, and allows rerides on some coasters. I always say wait until you get to the park to decide whether you want to buy a Flash Pass, especially on Fridays, they can sometimes be unpredictable. It sucks to buy a Flash Pass and then get to the park and find it completely dead. The Gold level gives a 50% reduction in wait times, while the Platinum level gives a 90% reduction. If it's a busy day, then the Platinum is worth it (seeing 60 minute waits listed as 6 minute waits is well worth the price). However, it's not that busy, but you still don't want to wait in lines, then Gold will be sufficient. I also agree about waiting until you're at the park to purchase a Flash Pass. Unless it's on a Saturday of 4th of July weekend, it shouldn't sell out.
  14. Just received this from Six Flags today. Looks like $15 gets you a Waterworld season pass...but only if you already have a season pass.
  15. I received the news in my season pass holder update. There was a link to the Water World website. When I looked under tickets and passes, it just listed the three levels of season passes specifically for the water park. There was nothing about Six Flags season pass holders. So, as far as I can tell, Six Flags season pass holders won't be able to use their passes (gold level or otherwise) to get into the water park. I could be wrong, but I think us season pass holders are out of luck.
  16. My family and I took a trip to the park yesterday. It was definitely different from my usual visits (marathoning coasters...especially the delightful RMC), as my kids are 5 and 6. It was nice to see the family side of the park. I forget how much there is for kids to do there. There also appears to be some real movement on Wonder Woman. There are many ride pieces in the parking lot, and from my brief glance from the shuttle on the way back to our car, I saw some dirt piles at the construction site (hey, they're only dirt piles, but it's better than nothing). I'll try to get some pictures when I go next weekend with a friend. As delightful as it is to go to the park with my family and ride Cobra with my daughter, it's a bit difficult to go and not ride any of the big coasters.
  17. I can't speak to splitting up the group, as I've never been in that situation. Just call the park, and they'll answer your question. As for the greyed out date, I believe that it's because it's not available yet (as in you can't book more than a month in advance). So, don't worry, I don't think that you're looking at a sold out situation. Again, call the park and ask. Also, smart move getting a Platinum. It's the best way to do the park if you can't go on a quiet day.
  18. Gotcha. I agree, there does seem to be a rivalry between the two parks. The ride does seem to hardly get a line, and the space is absolutely ideal for an S&S Free Spin. The ride itself, however, is one-of-a-kind. Its removal would dramatically alter the front gates of the park, not necessarily something the park wants to do.
  19. I don't think this is a "one or the other" type situation. The Bay Area has a large enough population that both parks can do just fine. Los Angeles has 4 major theme/amusement parks, Orlando has 2 major properties. None of them seem to be in danger of shutting down due to the competition. I imagine that any drop in attendance in either park would be due to that particular park's decisions and business practices, not because of what the other park does. Allegiance to a particular park might be due more to proximity. CGA could build an amazing Intamin hyper (not in their plans, just for argument's sake), but I would probably go to SFDK more often because it's closer (a 30 minute drive vs. a 1+ hour drive).
  20. I would expect the park to be closed tomorrow. It's closed today due to inclement weather, and it's supposed to be just as wet tomorrow. I would be very surprised if it was open tomorrow. Unlikely. I was there yesterday, and nothing has been done yet. Speaking of yesterday, it was glorious. I got to enjoy one of the perks of teaching in a school district that has a later winter break. I had all of last week off, so I went yesterday hoping for low crowds. I didn't get low crowds, I got no crowds. I spent the day camped out on The Joker, and ended up with 19 rides by the time I left. The seat assigning policy is more relaxed on quiet days. They either didn't assign seats at all, or allowed you to choose any open row. Even during the latter scenario, they still honored row requests (I do love my front row rides). They also allowed people to re-ride in empty rows. Like I said, it was glorious. It's the first time I've come home from a day at that park and felt a little fuzzy from all the g-forces.
  21. Same here. I used to head straight for Superman, but Alan Shilke changed all that. I like to get there before rope drop, then keep in front of the crowds with a brisk walk. This gets me first in line. Since they assign seats, it's the only way to guarantee a front row ride.
  22. Roar \neq Joker. Older GCI \neq new RMC. They were assigning seats at Wicked Cyclone earlier this year, and that was on a quieter day almost a year after that coaster's opening. Roar's station is only somewhat larger than that one (although there is space for people to wait for the front and back). Wicked Cyclone crew was doing really well pumping them out. And SFDK crowds are really dumb and slow (all stoned?) when it comes to finding a row. So it's probably better for throughput, but not for us. (I know I always talk about WC, LOL. The other RMCs I've been on haven't been so stickler about assigning rows). THey don't allow requests? I requested a row when we were there without an issue. (Back row) Row requests are hit-or-miss. Requests for the front are out of the question. Usually, I've been able to request any of the empty rows (I choose the back, obviously), but sometimes they don't even allow that. This was the case yesterday. Only half the train was full, I requested the back. I was politely told "No preferred seating", and that was that. I'm hoping they relax the policy as the novelty of the new ride wears off and the crowds aren't as hefty. Like I said, I completely understand the rationale for assigning seats. My desires are selfish, pure and simple. I WANT THE FRONT!
  23. I was there yesterday. I saw no discernible difference at the soon-to-be construction site. On a side note, don't go to SFDK on "Roller Coaster Race" day and the Las Posadas celebration. Yesterday was the only day I could go this month, so I decided to go, hoping that the cold temperatures and cloudy skies would cancel out the potential crowds of these two events. Nope, didn't happen. Lots of people, long lines throughout the park. They're still assigning seats on the Joker as well. I understand the reasoning for it, but I would really like to just be able to choose my own seat. Roar operated 16 years without groupers, why not Joker?
  24. SFDK: 1. Joker 2. Superman 3. Medusa 4. V2 5. Cobra . . . . . . 6. Kong 7. Boomerang
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