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  1. 4 freakin' hours of TC ERT... I was hoping for this, but didn't think it would happen. I'm even more excited about WCB now, and am VERY glad that my ticket has already been purchased. Thank you for pulling off this marvelous feat, Robb. Let the marathoning begin...
  2. If you visit the "Events" portion of the website, you'll find all of the possible crowd generators listed by date. For example, I just went there and saw that the JAMZ cheer competition (a day that, like you, I avoid like the plague) is scheduled for October 11 and 18. Just click on "Events" at the top of the homepage, then you can view upcoming events either by "Featured" or by "Special Group and Educational Events".
  3. Sounds like a fun trip. I think you might be budgeting in too many days for those parks. I visited BGW last summer on a Monday in late July and was able to do everything I wanted (and more) in one day. The crowds were relatively light, and the ride operations were extraordinarily efficient. I rode all the rides I wanted to, with easy multiples on my favorites (11 on Apollo's Chariot and 11 on Griffon)...all without purchasing their skip-the-line passes. I went to Kings Dominion the day after, and had a similarly easy time there (though not nearly as efficient as BGW). All the rides were walk-ons to station waits. The exceptions were Volcano and Intimidator 305, so I used the Fast Lane for that. Easy to do in one day. Hersheypark doesn't require 2 days, especially with the evening admission. SFGAdv doesn't require 2 days (depending on what day you are going there and if you get a Flash Pass). Aside from that, Bert gave good advice. There's tons to do in DC, so more time there would be better. If you can get the time, Knoebel's is definitely a gem of a park. I visited for my first time last summer during the TPR Mini East Coast Tour. Before visiting, I was thinking "I wonder what the big deal is". After visiting, I thought "Ok, I get it". It's a great, charming park, and the airtime on Phoenix is glorious. WIth all of this, keep in mind that I don't do shows or anything like that. I really just go to parks to ride roller coasters as many times as I can manage. So, make sure to interpret my advice accordingly. Have fun!
  4. Welcome to the Bay Area! From your list, it looks like you've got pretty much everything covered. Your SoCal parks are easy weekend trips, while CGA and SFDK are (obviously) easy day trips. I prefer SFDK's coaster collection to CGA's (the year-round operation and the fact that it's closer to me make a difference as well). Sundays at SFDK during the fall and winter months are fantastic, that park gets some glorious days where you practically have the park to yourself. Don't forget about Gilroy Gardens, a charming little local park (though I've never been). Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is also fantastic, one of the few remaining genuine boardwalks left in the country. It really is a must do. Outside of California is a little tougher, as parks aren't as close by as, say, the east coast. Texas is a 3 hour (if you get nonstop) flight from California, so there are plenty of places there to visit. You could also go to Colorado and visit Elitch Gardens, though their top ticket rides are a Vekoma SLC and a Vekoma Boomerang. Utah is a rather short plane flight away, with Lagoon being about 20 minutes from the airport. So, you've got Cannibal well within your reach. That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure that others here will be able to share all sorts of knowledge with you. Again, welcome to the Bay Area. I hope you enjoy it here, it's a great place to live (though expensive...at least on the peninsula). -Doug
  5. I've got a quick question for locals, or those who frequent the park. I'll be visiting the park for my first time on Tuesday, August 4. I plan to purchase a Flash Pass, as I want to ride everything, especially multiple rides on Texas Giant (double digits would be great). If the crowds are low, but Texas Giant had waits of 20 minutes or so, I would still consider the Flash Pass worth it (specifically for that ride). While it's impossible to predict crowds on a specific day, do you think I should hold off on the Flash Pass until I get there? Like I said, it would be worth it to me unless everything (including Texas Giant) was a walk on. Thanks for the advice. I'm very excited to try my first RMC creation! -Doug
  6. This is one of the prime reasons I like TPR: the wealth of detailed knowledge out there. Thank you all for the fantastic advice. I've got a much better idea of what I will be doing during my days in Texas. Just a few specific follow-up comments/questions: DoinItForTheFame - Great info...especially the SCAD tower. I showed the video to my wife, and she promptly said "Hell no!" At $32.99, there might be some adrenaline in my travel day. Phideaux - Thanks for the help. I definitely plan on strolling the San Antonio River Walk, and would also like to head to the Alamo to take in some history. Bert425 - Thank you for the advice. I don't think I'll do the Kemah or Galveston (though I considered it in my initial planning). Since I have 2 little daughters, I don't get chances to sleep in much...and I plan on doing that during my travel day. I've been checking Google Maps on my iPhone regularly throughout the week during the times that I would be driving, and the average travel time is 4 hours 30 minutes. It shows the multiple construction sites, but no traffic (aside from some in the Austin area). Google Maps is usually quite accurate (in my experience) for travel times. Is this driving time pretty accurate, or is it missing something? LiftThrill - Your detailed SFFT advice is fantastic. It sounds like I could easily hit a walk-on day. However, what are my chances of Iron Rattle and Batman being walk-ons? If all of the rides are walk-ons, but those two have 20-30 minute waits, the Flash Pass will still be worth it to me (I wouldn't mind racking up double-digit laps on Iron Rattler). Farley Flavors - Thanks for alerting me to Lockhart, this is valuable knowledge to a foodie like me. I'm planning on stopping there on my travel day for an early dinner. From perusing Yelp, Black's looks like it'll be my favorite. I'll definitely be sure to order moist, not lean, brisket. The black crust looks amazing! Thanks again, everyone. All your advice is detailed and very helpful. I can't wait to get out there!
  7. X2 is about as rough as your average Arrow (IMO)...I've definitely ridden smoother, but I've also ridden worse. Also, the time of day you ride on it makes a sizable difference...it gets rougher as the day goes on. First thing in the morning, front row, inside seat (either inside or outside, actually) is respectably smooth (or, perhaps more appropriately, not rough). After 4, when the line tends to die down (though, not always), it's appreciably rougher. I definitely had a light headache when I came off the ride last time I rode it in the afternoon. However, it went away after 10-15 minutes, and I was ready for another go (I'm one of those people who really enjoys the ride). Goliath is a great ride, one of my favorites in the park. Big, fun, and still every bit as smooth as it was when it opened. Yeah, it isn't an airtime machine, but I still find it to be immensely enjoyable. Just my opinion. Hope it helps. Have fun at the Mountain!
  8. Seems like a lovely park. That roller coaster looks fantastic! I love all the double ups and double downs. The counties in Ireland?
  9. Dude, if you enjoyed Ghost Rider, then you can handle any of the roller coasters at Knott's. Take a ride (preferably front row) on Silver Bullet...you'll love it. It's very smooth and very gentle. Many coaster enthusiasts regard it as too smooth, saying that it's boring. I think it's fun, but it's definitely nowhere near intense. Xcelerator is also very smooth, albeit much more intense than Silver Bullet. Still, like I said before, if you could handle Ghost Rider (a coaster that I, a seasoned veteran, avoid), you can handle anything at that park. Just ride what you feel comfortable riding, and have a blast!
  10. Hello! I'm in need of some advice. I will be visiting Texas in early August to visit the two Six Flags parks there. I've heard something about a couple of wooden coasters getting retracked, and they're supposedly kinda decent Seriously, after years of drooling over the magic of RMC, I finally get to try them out. This is my itinerary: 8/3 - Fly into Dallas 8/4 - SFOT 8/5 - Drive to San Antonio 8/6 - SFFT 8/7 - Fly home I'm fine with all the rental car/hotel logistics, I've done plenty of trips like this before. I have a gold season pass, so park admission is taken care of. I plan on purchasing Platinum Flash Passes (Platinum is the only way to skip the line on ALL the coasters, gold doesn't include the ones I'm most excited about) at both parks, as I want to rack up serious numbers on the coasters and hate waiting in line. I originally planned on stopping at ZDTs during my travel day, but I spoke with them on the phone, and they said that their shuttle woodie likely wouldn't be open by the time I get there. So, I'm mostly all planned and ready to go, I just have a few particular questions. 1. Should I really buy the flash pass? If the lines for the RMCs are 30 minutes, I'd still consider the Flash Pass worth it. Like I said, I want to rack up numbers on the coasters. So, even if the crowds are moderate, it's completely worth it to me (after all, I have no idea if and when I'll be back). Should I buy them, or am I not privy to some local information and will be visiting on walk-on days? 2. Any suggestions on things to do during my travel day? It's only a 4 hour drive from Dallas to San Antonio, so I'll have time to kill. I thought of stopping at ZDTs and taking some pictures of their new coaster to post to TPR. But, I'm up to anything. Any credits I don't know about (no, I won't ride a kiddie coaster without my daughters )? I wouldn't be averse to taking in some local culture/history as well. 3. Food! I'm a culinary traveler...I like to eat whatever is local and good. In this case, I want to try bbq, Tex-Mex, and a solid chicken fried steak (my friend told me that I absolutely must try one of those in Texas). I've gotten some good ideas from the "Good Eating Outside of Theme Parks" thread (www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=65101&hilit=good+eating+outside). However, if any of you know of any places where I can get some solid brisket and ribs (slow smoked, mmmmmm...), quality Tex-Mex (though that seems to be covered really well in the "Good Eating..." thread), or a decadent chicken fried steak near either of the parks (really, it doesn't have to be right next door, I'm willing to drive a little for good food), please let me know. Even better if it's open late, allowing me a full day at the parks before gorging myself. Those are my specifics that I'm looking for. Any and all help that you fine people can provide will be much appreciated. I can't wait for my first trip to the Lone Star State. Thanks! -Doug
  11. I love when a Superman train launches while I'm on LL:DOD. I got very lucky during WCB 2013. My friends and I were about halfway up the tower when a Superman train launched. Then, the holy grail of swaying, a second train launched when we just about reached the top. The swaying was very pronounced, and definitely upped the thrill factor. That's my gold standard now, and one that isn't met often it would seem. Still, even without the swaying, it's a fun ride. I found the ascent to be much more nerve-wracking than the drop.
  12. COUGH Cyclone at Six Flags New England COUGH COUGH Medusa at Six Flags Mexico (2000) COUGH Like I said, nothing would make me happier than to have an RMC creation a short drive from away. While I see your point that Medusa was built in 2000, Cyclone was built in 1983 and desperately in need of some TLC (unless it received retracking in the recent past that I am unaware of). Roar just got retracked very recently, so it doesn't make sense for them to tear all that recent investment up. If I'm wrong, I'll happily eat crow...I'd certainly build up an appetite for it marathoning the remade Roar. But, I'm not holding my breath for it.
  13. While few things would make me happier to have an RMC creation at my home park, I can say with quite a bit of certainty that it won't happen. Roar is relatively new, at least compared to the other Six Flags coasters that have gotten the RMC treatment. SFDK also just re-tracked significant portions of Roar very recently (which, might I add, has done wonders for the ride), so it makes no sense for the park to invest that significant sum of money for a ride that they just recently invested in. If Roar ever does get blessed with RMC's touch, it won't be anytime soon...most certainly not 2016. If I'm wrong, it will be the most glorious way to be wrong.
  14. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Expedition Everest was the most expensive roller coaster ever built, costing $100 million. One of my students (I teach 4th grade) just recently bought a copy of Guinness Book from our school's book fair. Since he knows I'm a coaster junkie, he opened right to the section on roller coaster records and excitedly showed me all the stats.
  15. While I'm not a local and have never been to Lagoon (but am planning to go this summer), I can clarify the single rider issues. Yes, single riders are not allowed on the front or back rows of the coasters (for safety reasons), and are not allowed at all on Jet Star 2. However, the rides have single rider lines, which can get you on quicker. Also, the 4-across coasters (Wicked and, when it opens, Cannibal) do allow single riders in any of the rows, front and back included. This came from a park representative in response to an email I sent asking specifically about their single rider policy. So, while it sucks that single riders can find their seating choices limited, you have complete seating freedom on Wicked and Cannibal, as well as single rider lines to reduce your wait. Hope this info helps. -Doug Edit: My apologies, I just relayed false information. The email from the park representative made me think that single riders are allowed on the front and back rows of Wicked and Cannibal. I called the park to get clarification and discovered that this isn't the case. Single riders are not allowed on the front or back rows of any of the coasters. Wicked has a single rider line, so you might get the front if you're lucky. There is no word yet on whether Cannibal will have a single rider line. But, just to reiterate, there are no single riders on the front or back rows of any of the roller coasters at the park.
  16. The original site was (and still is good), and the new mobile site looks good as well. As has been said before, having the link to the full site so prominent is very convenient and a definite plus.
  17. SFDK is definitely not your typical Six Flags park. Expect everything to be open, including Superman. Operations are decent (not Disney/Busch Gardens efficient, but not SFMM bad either), and the park is clean and nicely maintained. It takes a good hour or so before the crowds start building up. So, bolt straight for Superman at rope drop and get the front row of the first ride of the day. Since they assign seats, that's the only way to guarantee a front row ride. You can ask to wait for the front at other times, but they don't always say yes. Roar and Medusa have decent wait times, while the lines for V2 and Boomerang definitely move slower. Personally, I do not find Kong worth it unless it's a SHORT line (frankly, I haven't ridden it in a couple of years...concussions suck). Take time to explore the back of the park as well, as the animal exhibits are great (and definitely not typical to the average Six Flags park). I haven't been to any of the shows, so I'll let those who are more knowledgeable comment in that regard. It's not a huge park, and while it can get crowded, it doesn't get multi-hour-waits crowded. One day there should be plenty to enjoy everything. I'll post again if I can think of anything else. Have fun! -Doug
  18. I have a question for locals. I'm still planning on visiting this summer. I've heard that there are certain rules on the coasters regarding the number of riders. Specifically, that some of the coasters require 2 riders per row, and all the coasters require 2 riders to sit in the front or back rows. Since I'll be visiting the park on my own, and am definitely a front row rider, this could mean that I won't be getting front row rides on the coasters. Is this accurate? Thanks for the advice. -Doug
  19. Most of them have gold pass early entry, but just at your home park. We get early entry at SFStL (it's about 15 minutes early for us). I was at SFMM last Thursday, and I got to take advantage of the early entry using my Gold pass purchased at SFDK.
  20. I'm the exact same when it comes to traveling. I want to visit a park sooner, but circumstances don't allow at the time. But then I think about the benefits of waiting later because the crowds will be less. I thought about a trip to Lagoon this year, but I already have other trips planned. Hopefully next year I will get out there to experience Cannibal. This coaster looks FANTASTIC! I could probably go in July, but I'll wait until August. I can be patient...especially if it means lighter crowds!
  21. ^Yes, my phrasing did indeed leave something to be desired. And, similar to your wife's wise words, I have told my wife that if things don't work out, I'm marrying an Intamin.
  22. Just floated the idea of me taking a quick trip to Lagoon this summer to my wife. She was completely cool with it. i foresee a 116 degree drop in my future
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