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  1. So, I'll be at the park next Monday and Tuesday. The weather forecast isn't exactly stellar for those two days (60% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the days). I'm well aware that Lake Erie laughs at weather forecasts, and that could all change multiple times between now and next week (I remember going once when the weather forecast the day before was similar, but it was beautiful weather when I actually went). However, in the worst case scenario that the weather prediction comes true, could someone remind me what rides close in rain? If I remember correctly, they get very strict in closing rides when there are lightning strikes nearby, but I don't remember which rides (aside from TTD) go down in rain. I just want to go in with realistic expectations. Thanks.
  2. I'll be at CP early next week. Not so thrilled to hear about MF, as it's my favorite coaster in the park (my first visit in 9 years). However, I recall my last visit there, the cable lift broke (I still remember the alarming-looking picture of the catch car crumpled up on the first drop). I was crestfallen, but it took them less than a week to fix it. It was back up and running days before I got to the park. If this was a Six Flags park, I'd resign myself to the ride not being open for my visit. But since it's Cedar Point, I'm hopeful that it'll be back in action in time for my visit. Fingers crossed!
  3. The best way to answer your question is to simply email or call the park. That way, you get the definitive answer. I wanted to know about their glasses policy (since I will be there next week). I called, and they said that glasses with straps are allowed. When in doubt, contact the park.
  4. Excellent report, as usual. I'm glad you enjoyed our humble little park. Yep, it's flawed and unique, and a great way to spend your day. I agree that Medusa is fantastic, my favorite of the B&M floorless models. I'm amazed at how smooth it has remained after nearly two decades. The Joker is also an underrated gem. It's certainly the weakest of the RMC's, but the worst RMC is typically the best coaster in its respective park. Kong and Boomerang, not so much. I have only ridden Boomerang once. I rarely ride Kong. I typically only ride it when I visit the park with Rawkin_coaster, and it's because she's a masochist and doesn't want to wallow in her masochism on her own. Again, excellent TR. I always enjoy seeing my home park through different eyes. Looking forward to the final installment. I can't imagine what else you crammed into your whirlwind, sleep-deprived weekend.
  5. I was there last Friday as well. Yep, V2 was closed, the train was in seemingly a thousand pieces in the station. Everything else I walked by seemed to be running, though I didn't walk to every corner of the park, so I could have missed something.
  6. This thread is off to a fantastic start. I especially enjoyed the missions. I teach 4th grade in California, and the California mission chain is part of the social studies curriculum. Keep 'em coming! *clicks subscribe button*
  7. I'd say that greater than 75% of the queue was filled consistently. I'd guess at least an hour wait when I was there. Though, it's hard for me to say, since I was using Fastlane. As for general crowds, it didn't seem anything excessive, though it was by no means dead. Gold Striker's line was to the tunnel in the queue, while Flight Deck's wasn't much outside of the station. I didn't really check out too many rides, as I mainly just camped out at Railblazer all day.
  8. I went to the first day of Railblazer's public operation yesterday. I heard all about how crazy the ride is. However, I wasn't prepared for the level of "what the f%#k" that the ride delivers. I'm still having trouble processing how such a compact layout can deliver g-forces like that. The positives are really strong, and the airtime is among the strongest I've ever felt (the airtime hill reminded me of Skyrush). The queue was mostly full, but that didn't matter to me. I had a Fastlane (thanks to the unbelievable Presidents' Day sale), and walked right up to the station for each of my rides. Not only did the ride attendant fulfill row requests, I was usually asked what row I wanted. In the end, I got 10 rides: 8 in the front and 2 in the back. I also took one ride each on Flight Deck and Gold Striker, both awesome. I also got a ride on the sky ride. I don't usually go for these, but I felt that I should do it in honor of Bill. It was relaxing and delightful. I haven't ridden Patriot since the conversions, but I ended up skipping it in order to get more rides on Railblazer. I do not regret my decision. All in all, a lovely day at the park on what is easily the best roller coaster on the West Coast.
  9. We've got an official opening date. Now I debate if I want to brave the opening day crowds, or wait (though, thanks to the Presidents' Day sale, I can arm myself with a FastLane).
  10. Hello, So, my friend is at the park today on a field trip with her class. She send me some photos of Railblazer, then told me that a maintenance tech told her that they were hoping to have the ride open for the holiday weekend. Please note that the preceding statement is served with a giant grain of salt. I also have a question for those who have more familiarity with the park than I do (while I live in Berkeley, I visit the park only once every 2-3 years). Warning, this is one of those much maligned "crowd prediction" questions. I want to visit the park this summer, but due to many summer plans and having two kids, my opportunities to visit are limited. The possible days that I can go are either Thursday or Friday, June 14 or 15, or Thursday or Friday, July 5 or 6. Crowd-wise, which of those days would give me better odds for low crowds (or, at least, not packed-to-the-gills crowds)? If Railblazer doesn't open until after mid-June, then the decision would effectively be made for me. But, assuming that it's open by then, which would you CGA veterans choose? Thanks.
  11. I don't think so. I've done a few August weekday visits, and it's been dead every single time.
  12. I'll be visiting the park early next week. I was wondering if any gold season pass holders (not membership holders) have been able to take advantage of the early entry. The last post I saw in this thread about this subject was in February. It linked to this article, https://www.dailynews.com/2018/02/07/six-flags-magic-mountain-changing-early-entry-access-with-new-membership/, that said the park will honor early entry for gold season pass holders through 2018. However, when I called the park, a representative told me that early entry was only for those with memberships. Has anyone recently been able to take advantage of the early entry using their gold season pass? Thanks for the info.
  13. While I'm not a regular at the park (I don't live in SoCal any more), I have enough familiarity to answer these questions. -First, 2 days should be more than enough. Schools are still in session, and everything *should* be two train operation (though this is SFMM, so I could be wrong). Just be on the lookout for school groups. Still, even with field trips, all of my late May visits (and I've done many) have been very manageable. -Burbank is definitely the airport that you want, good choice. -I've never stayed in a hotel (my parents live 30 minutes away), so I can't comment on that. However, driving versus taxi is something I'll comment on next. -Renting a car is a good option, especially in LA. I believe that parking is free at all Six Flags parks with the gold level pass (though I could be wrong, more knowledgeable people can correct me), so that cost won't be an issue. You seem to have this pretty well planned out. SFMM can be disappointing vis a vis operations and rides being up. However, at this point in the season, you should find a fairly well running park with manageable crowds. When it goes well, Magic Mountain is a great experience. Have fun, and I'll now defer to people with more familiarity with the park.
  14. Good point, I forgot about the entire zip code that exists between the parking lot and front gate. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to walk from the front gate to my car (less if I get lucky and catch a tram). If you're hitting up SFDK first, then you don't have to worry about security getting in, and that will save time. So, factoring in going from the gate to your car, driving to CGA (90 minutes or less), and getting from your car to CGA's front gate, you're looking at about 2.5 hours, which still gives you 3.5 hours in each park. So, doable, but yeah, the walk from SFDK's parking lot to the front gate is somewhat interminable. Also, I second the Vekoma advice, though I generally apply that to all Vekomas.
  15. Yes, it's feasible (assuming you utilize skip the line passes, as you indicated you are). It will be a very rushed day. Expect a 2 hour drive between the two parks (perhaps a bit shorter, but rounding up leaves you some extra wiggle room). CGA will be open from 10-8, while SFDK will be open 10:30-7, except the first Sunday in April, when it will be open until 8. So, starting the day at SFDK, then heading down to CGA afterwards might afford you a bit more time in park. So, looking at a 9.5 hour day, and subtracting 2 hours in-between commute time, you're looking at roughly 3.5-4 hours in each park. They're not huge parks, so you should be able to hit all the rides you want in that time, perhaps with some re-rides in there as well. Good luck with United, and enjoy our humble parks.
  16. Whoah! That’s waaaayyyyy too good to pass up. Just bought one for myself.
  17. No news here. But how was your visit? Was Superman open? I went yesterday. Superman is still closed. I assume it's for annual routine maintenance, which lasts from 6-8 weeks. Also, The Joker has been down to one train operation since the beginning of January. The second train has been sitting on the transfer track this entire time. Not sure what's going on there.
  18. I second this. One day at SFDK is plenty. A second day would be a waste. Wise words. Saturday at SFMM is miserable. Monday and Tuesday at the Mountain should do the trick very nicely.
  19. I was at the park last Sunday, and absolutely nothing has happened as of yet. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't start construction until next month. In other news, my 7 year old daughter finally hit 48 inches and got her first rides on The Joker. Her response: "It was scary, but fun. I wanna go again!" Proud papa right here.
  20. Excellent trip report. You really bring the reader along on your adventure. Like others, the picture of Millennium Force gave me a good laugh. Waiting eagerly for part 2...
  21. I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my pup last July, the feelings of sadness and guilt were so strong. I know it's hard, but you don't need to feel guilty. You did the exact thing that a loving dog-parent should do. Ending Roxxi's suffering was an act of love, pure and simple. You're in my thoughts. -Doug
  22. The week between Christmas and New Year is a busy time. I usually don't go then. However, I went on the day of Christmas eve last year (12/24), and it was positively deserted. So, if you don't have to be anywhere on the 24th, give it some consideration. Still, even if it's crowded, it doesn't get SFMM/CP length lines. Waits for their most popular rides (like The Joker) likely won't grow beyond 45-60 minutes. You should still be able to do everything during a full day. Again, I don't go during that time (that's because I'm spoiled, I prefer my walk-on days), so someone else who does have experience going during the time frame that you mentioned might want to weigh in.
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