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  1. 1. Being that it's the Veteran's Day weekend, it's possible that it will be crowded, but I'm not sure. Typically, uneventful weekends in November are fairly empty, so maybe you'll get lucky. 2. Here's a list of the events currently scheduled: https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/special-events 3. Head to Superman first, as the line for that ride moves painfully slow, then ride Joker and V2. Ride Medusa whenever you feel like it. Medusa and Joker are very re-rideable due to having fast moving queues. I concur with this advice. The one place I differ is in regards to which to ride first. Joker's line does move quickly. However, they assign seats. If you're a front row rider (like me), then the only way to guarantee a front row ride is to run at rope drop and be the first in line. If assigned seating doesn't matter to you, then you can go to Superman first (though I don't think that the lines moves all that slowly). Have fun!
  2. I decided to risk crowds and pay a visit to the park yesterday. The JAMZ cheerleading competition was scheduled for yesterday, but it was rainy as well. I'm glad I went, as the rain forced the cheerleaders to relocate to a place that wasn't, you know, outside. As a result, the park was the quietest I've seen it in a while. I stuck to the DC corner of the park. Superman was a walk-on all day (at least until I left at 2). The Joker's line never got more than a dozen people outside of the clown's mouth. The line would have been shorter, but they were only loading every other row. I guess they felt that the rain made it run too fast. So, in addition to only loading odd numbered rows, the train slowed at the top of the lift hill, something I've never seen it do before. Still, even with these measures, it was running the fastest I've ever seen it run. On a side note, I hope they don't assign rows for too much longer. I understand it's for efficiency, and they've been doing a good job of keeping that line moving, but I like the option of waiting a little longer for a front row ride. So, for future reference, rain can keep masses of cheerleaders out of the park. Also, all the major coasters run in the rain, which pretty much never let up the entire time I was there. Good to know.
  3. It can be tough to predict crowds. Still, this coming Sunday might be a good bet (I plan on going then). The weather is forecasted (thus far) to be cooler. Encouragingly, there are no special events planned for that day, and it's not a bring a friend free day. The next two Sundays after are cheer leading competition days, which I avoid. Also, the closer it gets to Halloween, the more crowded it gets. Really, it won't start getting really dead crowd-wise until early November. So, between now and then, this coming Sunday is as good a bet as any. Good luck.
  4. Hey there! QQ- My friend bought a flash sale discovery kingdom season pass but can't make it to the park. We are planning to go to magic mountain in a week and after reading your post it sounds like I might be able to process it for him if I go to SFDK? Hi. I'm the one processing RAWKIN_coaster38's pass. According to the email response from the park, which she forwarded to me, someone else can process it and pick up the physical card for a friend. Just to be sure, I would email the park and get it in writing, so that you have something to show guest services in case they balk. That's what I plan on doing. Just make sure you process it at SFDK (the park he purchased it from), not SFMM.
  5. I second this. Don't give up hope, CoastersOnly. Crowds seem to be directly tied to weather conditions. My prime park visiting time is during the "off-season". Since the weather is warm in the Bay Area during September and October, there are more people at the park (though not necessarily crowded). Once Fright Fest is over, which happens to be when the weather cools off and gets dreary, the crowds drop precipitously. Sundays in November through February (even into March, depending on how long winter hangs on) are fantastic marathon opportunities. So, don't get discouraged. Not necessarily. I've been during plenty of BAFF days during the winter when the weather is cold and cloudy, and enjoyed an empty park. Weather plays a huge role in crowds.
  6. Just to give you a heads up, Tuesday, August 16 the park is having a "Pokemon Go Lure-a-thon". So, it could be crowded. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  7. ^Thanks for the report. The idea of going to a park on a crowded Saturday triggers my gag reflex. I've been curious as to what the park is like on a Saturday, but I haven't the courage to check it out for myself. So, I appreciate the info you posted. I went on Friday. While it was certainly busy, it was a pleasantly manageable day. I spent all day at the Joker, which has been the norm for me all summer. I ended up getting 11 rides before leaving a little before 3. The wait held steady at about 15 minutes all day. During lunch, it went down to 10 minutes, and I got one 25 minute wait (but that was due to the ride going down for less than 10 minutes). The crew on that ride is really good. There was a minimum of stacking, and the crew was friendly and on point. It was great to see. I peeked into Superman's queue a few times, and it never went longer than one switchback. I was originally on the fence about visiting the park on a Friday during summer, but I'm glad I went. My big lesson this summer is to not go on BAFF days (this is where all of you reading collectively say "Duh!"). BAFF days are ok during the cold winter months, but not summer.
  8. Took a trip to the park today. It was crowded, being the first of 3 BAFF days. The Joker opened 10 minutes late, but ran 2 trains (quite efficiently, I might add) without any breakdowns. There were no restraint or air gate issues while I was there. It was still going strong when I left at 2. Here's hoping that the temperamental ride days are behind us...
  9. I took a quick visit to the park today. Quick because it was absolutely mobbed. When I arrived at 11:30, the Joker had all 3 of the long sections of queue filled. And, I'm sorry to report, it was back down to one train operation. Though, for a twist, the green train was the one out of commission. I wasn't willing to wait in that long line, nor any of the others. I turned right around and went home, without riding anything. I guess that's a luxury of being a local with a season pass. This is also the second time I've come to the last of a series of BAFF days. The last one was crowded as well. I think I see a pattern here. Lesson learned. While I do love summer (I'm a teacher, after all), I'm looking forward to those cold, dreary Sundays in the fall and winter, when I can get the Joker all to myself.
  10. I've found the short X2 line in the afternoon to be inconsistent. Out of my 3 most recent visits (spread out over 2 years, mind you), only one saw the line shorten. The first two times I tried that strategy, the line was long all day. However, on my third visit, the line was around 15 minutes from entering the queue to boarding the ride. I started checking around 3, and the short line happened around 4:30. I stuck with the ride for 1.5 hours, and the wait stayed short the entire time. I'll be going next Thursday, and I plan on heading straight to X2, as I really enjoy the ride and don't want to deal with a 2-3 hour wait. My usual strategy is to head straight to X2, then to the back of the park (Tatsu usually sports a hefty wait by the time I get of X2). The back of the park (Batman, Riddler's Revenge, Green Lantern, and Lex Luthor) are all bona fide walk-ons for at least an hour, until the crowds make their way back there. That's my personal experience. Hope this helps. Have fun, and keep drinking water all day!
  11. Did the purple train make as much noise as the green one? When I was there Wednesday that green train was making more noise then I ever heard before from The Joker or even TC at Magic Mountain. Both trains are noisy at the bottom of the first drop, though I didn't watch the purple train in other places on the course. While the green train is noisy, it's not as noisy as it was last Tuesday. So, I had a decent visit to the park. It was rather busy. The Joker had two out of three long sections of queue filled up. With one train operation, I guess it was at least an hour wait. I got on the ride once at noon, right after they opened it, riding the front of the second train of the day. The purple train cycled all day, heres hoping to two train operation in the near future... Enjoy some pictures of my favorite roller coaster in California. Love this drop. The back is all sorts of crazy. Hello riderless purple train. We'll ride soon. Yes? Pretty please? The airtime here is brief, but very strong. This part is weird and wonderful. Strong end to the ride. Look at that train on that track. A perfect example of a heartline. Dropping and turning.
  12. At the park. The Joker hasn't opened yet, but is testing both trains. The purple train has been going through with employees riding. Edit: It's open now, with both trains, but they're not loading the purple train.
  13. Yeah, I just got that in my email. I was thinking of going tomorrow, but may be cutting my visit short if it gets too busy. I'm hoping that people don't really start taking advantage of the offer until next week. Though it really isn't the park's fault that the ride has been down, and they clearly worked hard to get the ride back up and running as soon as possible, it's still a nice gesture.
  14. At the park now. One train operation on the Joker. Roughly 40 minute wait. I haven't really noticed any restraint issues. A couple of big guys needed a second check, but it was quick, and they got to ride. People have been leaning on the gates in the station all day. No ride ops have said anything, and the ride seems to be unaffected. As has been noted before, the purple train is sitting on the transfer track, no employees have gone to it all day. Waiting on replacement parts? And the first drop is completely insane in the back left seat.
  15. Nice! Is it running both trains? Just the green train right now and their restraints are being extremely temperamental. I don't know why they're not opening the purple train because the queue is practically full it's easily 60 + minute wait. Must be something wrong with it. Thanks for the real-time updates. I'm planning on going Wednesday and/or Friday. If The Joker isn't open, then I won't bother. This makes me more hopeful, but I'm not digging that the whole restraint issue seems to be persisting. I guess we'll see...
  16. I've ridden both. Green Lantern is hit or miss. I've had ok rides on it (nothing spectacular) and had painful rides on it. I got a couple of rides in on Batman at SFFT last summer, and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. It was smooth, comfortable, and didn't beat me in the slightest. I would have ridden more, but I was having a difficult time tearing myself away from Iron Rattler. Don't be apprehensive about Batman, it's a fun, well-made ride.
  17. It was still down for rehab last weekend and it didn't look close to being ready...train in pieces. ...that was how it looked when I was there back at the beginning of March. Have they done anything? Seriously. I'm wondering what the heck is going on with that ride. It's been down for most of 2016. It's June 2nd. I get it, it's frustrating but "Most of 2016" is a little unfair this early. I'll be more specific: most of 2016 up to this date. It's just weird, as I've never seen V2 have so much downtime. It is unusual.
  18. Actually, Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has two counter-clockwise corkscrews, as does Bizarro/Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure. And, while we're on the subject of SFDK: V2 is the first and only Intamin shuttle coaster with an angled heartline roll (even if it was made that way to fix a rather sizable mistake). But, Dragon Fire was the first to feature two counter-clockwise corkscrews when it opened in 1981. Right you are, sir. But, it's not the only one to have counter-clockwise corkscrews. I actually never realized that most corkscrews seem to travel clockwise until you mentioned it.
  19. Actually, Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has two counter-clockwise corkscrews, as does Bizarro/Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure. And, while we're on the subject of SFDK: V2 is the first and only Intamin shuttle coaster with an angled heartline roll (even if it was made that way to fix a rather sizable mistake).
  20. It was still down for rehab last weekend and it didn't look close to being ready...train in pieces. ...that was how it looked when I was there back at the beginning of March. Have they done anything? Seriously. I'm wondering what the heck is going on with that ride. It's been down for most of 2016.
  21. the website makes no mention of V2 being down for the past 3-4 months or however long it's been down. If you really want to find out you'd have to call the park or wait for someone who went today. The website says that V2 is temporarily closed. The Joker, it says, is open. Not sure how accurate that is, but it is acknowledging V2's closure.
  22. Well, I joined the masses and headed to SFDK yesterday to try out the Joker for my first time. You usually couldn't pay me to go to a park on a Saturday (during a holiday weekend to boot), but the opening of the ride I've been waiting for all winter got me to make an exception. I got 3 rides on it...2 in the front and one in the back. My impressions? I loved it. I think it's the best roller coaster on the west coast. Twisted Colossus is outstanding, but the Joker is far more aggressive and intense, with stronger g forces. I counted 14 clear moments of airtime on that ride. The first bunny hop out of the station gives you a surprising yank out of your seat. Heck, even the breaking wave turn (the turn itself) gave air (like the first overbank on Iron Rattler). It sped up noticeably during each successive ride. The train was in a hurry to get back to the station during the final lap. As for seats, I guess I'm in the minority here in preferring the front. The back definitely gave superior airtime in the first drop and second asian camelback. However, the airtime was more consistent and strong (and longer lasting) in the front. Plus, the view! I can't wait to get back. I can feel that this is the very beginning of an unhealthy addiction. I told my wife all about it, and she says that she wants to ride it now. All in all, a fantastic ride...undoubtably the best in the park. I'm heading back there on June 14 to get me some more airtime. Honestly, I have no desire to ride anything else in the park now.
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