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  1. I still play every now and then! SCR16.BMP layout SCR15.BMP bigger overall version SCR18.BMP "towns square"
  2. Montezuma's Revenge and Xcelerator. Easily the two best coasters at Knotts!
  3. It's amazing to me how much better you've gotten! You were always pretty good at NCSO but this is GREAT!
  4. Honestly 100% serious and very specific, but if anyone speaks Swedish please for the love of god come into chat.
  5. Very cool, especially considering I have actually ridden this one, and while it is not a top 5 or top 10 I do totally appreciate the history of the coaster and made sure to take my time in the little museum checking everything out, very interesting. Also thank you for all the awesome threads, this and the model and anything else you seem to post are always very interesting and informative... fun to geek out on some coaster history.
  6. You guys look like such fun people to travel with! I need to visit NYC someday... absolutely amazing looking place!
  7. Wonderland looks insane! Is the Europe rave scene similar to America aka sober people are hard to find? Of course I'm not sure what is legal in Wonderland since Europe has awesome drug laws! Either way VERY cool looking... not a fan of the music for the most part... not without a few drinks at least, but this looks pretty amazing!
  8. My West(What I call my dog... she's a West Highland Terrier named Lola) is being so adorably cuddly as I type this! Furry friends rule!
  9. You are a designer I often forget about(no offense intended!) and then you post something like this and I remember why I got excited when I saw you had a new thread! You do to NCSO RCT3 what people do to NCSO RCT2 and that's INCREDIBLY difficult to pull off! Well done! All screens so far beautiful!
  10. Currently I would choose CP because I have been to WDW BUT I am a Disney fanboy so had I not been to WDW fairly recently(fiveish years ago) then it would be the easiest choice in the world. I am in the rare group(or as Robb calls us fanboys) who prefers Disneyland to any park at WDW but admittedly the entire WDW experience is better than Disneyland and I feel like if I spent more time at EPCOT it could take the crown from Disneyland for favorite. Anyway my answer is CP for the sole reason that I haven't been there. But if I had been there Disney World any day of the week... also Disney world if it was more of a family trip than opposed to a credit run... which CP feels like.
  11. I realize there is a video game thread and whatnot, but I figured that because League of Legends is arguably the biggest online game in the world right now(pretty much tied with WoW currently) and because it is free to play and because it is the type of game where you can never have too many friends I decided I would make a thread for it. It's free/it's awesome and unlike other games this thread can serve a purpose of having TPR members play together as well as potentially even forming a team for ranked play depending on players styles. beta.na.leagueoflegends.com/ Like I said free to play and awesome! HAVE FUN Summoner Name: cjmorton91.
  12. Email sent(but due to OCDish natures may be resent... Sorry Robb) but this sounds like an awesome way to end the summer!
  13. I don't exactly know what first real park means, but this is GREAT... especially if this is a fairly early custom scenario, which I feel like it is. Keep it up.
  14. I forgot about this. I suck at sticking to one project cause I have ADD insanely so... yeah! Update! Also I forgot to change the GCI trains, but that will be done next update. SCR208.BMP Big Bad Wolf was renamed to Drachen Fire! It's got a bit of inspiration from Drachen for the intro but the same color scheme as the wolf! SCR212.BMP Love this area! SCR206.BMP Future home of the Lakeside District. This is going to be primarily a shopping area with maybe a flat or 2 thrown in. Pictures here is a restaurant in progress. SCR213.BMP Works has started on a childrens area. This is a custom vekoma roller skater so far named Bluebird Express... but that name may change.
  15. So... just throwing this out there... insidetv.ew.com/2013/07/29/ghost-shark-first-trailer/ GHOST SHARK!!!!!!!!!
  16. ^ Odd considering this is about someone else, lol. Didn't really work out, but what I've got now is pretty good as well. So I am dating someone which is cool. I guess she's kind of my girlfriend... ish. We are dating each other exclusively which is awesome, but she is only in socal for the rest of 2013 and then she is moving to Sacramento with her family. It will probably suck when that happens cause I am pretty sure neither of us want a long distance relationship, but right now I am pretty happy(living in the moment) and everything is awesome!
  17. Seeing something like this makes me a little sad to work at a fair in the states. Just like every American says in these threads European Fairs are so damn awesome!
  18. Sorry I wasn't in chat... didn't get updated til yesterday. The movie was quite awesome!
  19. Hey mods... if someone could help with this please. There has not been a TPR Syfy movie chat watch for a while... a lot of people are busy and I know it's not necessarily the most convenient time, but then I saw the trailer for SHARKNADO! It will probably answer the basic question we have all been asking for all our lives "What would happen if a giant tornado swallowed up A TON of sharks?" Like I said... I would not usually call a movie night, but it's the summer for a lot of us, there are quite a few new members, we have not had one in a LONG TIME, and not only are SYFY movies TPR tradition... but... IT'S A DAMN TORNADO... MADE OF SHARKS! That(to me at least) seems like a good reason to call for a chat. Like I said it would be awesome if this was a "official thing" as I LOVE watching syfy movies with TPR! io9.com/the-sharknado-trailer-is-the-greatest-thing-youll-see-662404733 ^ The trailer/premise. I would do a youtube embed but my computer seems to hate putting youtube videos on TPR for some reason. Also as a slight bonus we have see Tiffany in a lot of these movies, but for those of us who were not yet born this movie has... TARA REID! AKA The star of Van Wilder and a prominent character in the first two American Pies! Crazy she's doing this now! Washed up actors and actresses are the best. So for review... Sharks+A Tornado= TPR MOVIE NIGHT!
  20. So damn sexy! Seriously one of my favorite releases in a while.
  21. Yeah... this is awesome. One of the coolest "revival" projects I have ever seen!
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