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  1. With Media Day scheduled for May 20th, I'd say that's a pretty good assumption.
  2. Premier bought Six Flags in 1998 and then took on the Six Flags name in 2000
  3. SFNE usually does a good job of getting their new rides open for Memorial Day weekend. Goliath, GCG, and NESS opened exactly when they were supposed to and BP's late opening was only a week or two later than planned due to the transition/seal between the capsule and slide not being smooth enough as it was injuring the initial testers. I'm confident WC will be no exception.
  4. I think SFNE's was a test and all of the updated sites will be released tomorrow with the announcements.
  5. That's why I said New England landmark, not Massachusetts. The star flyer is expected to follow SFOT's lead and be named New England SkyScreamer.
  6. SFNE received approval for the star flyer last summer and for a short period of time it was thought it would come this year. But then SFOT built TSS and SFNE built Bonzai Piplines making it clear the star flyer wouldnt be built until 2014. Also if anyone follows SFNE's facebook, they are hinting that whatever is coming to SFNE in 2014 is going to be a New England landmark: Also considering SFNE got approval to build up to 410 ft, it is painfully obvious SFNE will either take the record from SFOT or tie it and build the tallest sky screamer in the world
  7. 200 ft without a special permit. To get permission for the star flyer SFNE had to get special permission to build up to 400ft and the town gave them the extra permission to build up to 410 ft if they wanted to take the record.
  8. I agree and I wish they weren't there, but those are the most realistic Intamin hyper trains I have been able to find. Unfortunately, just for continuity, I'll probably have to name the ride Expedition G-Force
  9. First park as in the first park that I've actually put effort into and kept up with (I can see how that can be confusing) But thank you!
  10. Hi everyone! I don't post often, however I have been working on this park on and off for a couple of months and decided to maybe make a story about it! It is very unfinished and the ride names I have chosen aren't definite (on account they are not creative at all) Comments and feedback are very appreciated! Also not all of the CS I have downloaded was put into this scenario so it may look a little repetitive in some spots. I hope you all enjoy! Pine Ridge Park's entrance plaza PRP's first two rides, Griffon the Dive Machine and Rush the Screamin' Swing (I told you the name's aren't creative) On the other side there's the unnamed Hyper with Expedition G-Force trains and Catapult The supports did not dissapear because of draw distance I just haven't been able to bring myself to finish them Current layout of PRP. Thanks for taking the time to check out PRP and feedback is always welcomed!
  11. ^The new train that they are trying to put on. The park put up a new sign saying the ride won't be up until the summer instead of late spring like originally stated.
  12. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that they own land over the border in CT but I do not know how accurate that is. But unless they get crafty and find a way to expand into the marsh around the grove (or demolish the grove), as of right now all they can do is remove old rides and replace them with new ones.
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