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  1. Add me onto the list of wanting a park with a multi-tower installation to put one of these on. Looks like such an awesome concept.
  2. With Japan largely handling its COVID scenario better than some other countries, I was able to finally check Nagashima Spaland off my to-do list after having been on for quite some time. With my trip landing in the middle of what would ordinarily be one of Japan's busiest travel seasons, I was expecting some fairly decent crowds, but I was surprised to see just how much COVID was doing to the parks. With the crowds being extremely manageable, I was also curious to see how the park was handling operations in light of everything. Outside the sanitation procedures, rides with smaller trains had
  3. Nagashima Spaland on August 5 and Rusutsu on August 11, both new parks for me.
  4. Resort just announced it will be reopening on July 1 with precautions and restrictions in place.
  5. ^Nice to have a date announced, and I'm also really liking that new concept art.
  6. Given how big of an investment it is in conjunction with the park's fairly steady improvement, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on what develops.
  7. 1. How many parks did you visit in 2019? 10-ish 2. Best new-for-2019 (or new-to-you-in-2019) ride? Soaring at Tokyo DisneySea. Not normally a fan of the Around the World version, but the complete experience there makes it work pretty well. 3. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. Steel Vengeance, Eejanaika, Maverick 4. What was the best flat ride you rode in 2019? European traveling Top Scan 5. What is your favorite RMC under 130 feet? Twisted Colossus 6. What was the last Premier coaster that you rode? YOLO 7. Name a park you've been to that you're alread
  8. Since I'll be living near Tokyo this coming year: Definite: -Pretty much anything in the Kanto area (Tokyo Disney, Fuji-Q, Yomiuriland, et al) -Nagashima Spaland -Universal Japan Pretty likely: -Rusutsu Resort (both summer and winter seasons)
  9. That was actually my first thought when I saw the original announcement; it looked like what Windjammer could have been like if it wasn't a total piece of crap. Nice to hear that's a pretty accurate descriptor.
  10. I thought I was going crazy thinking I've had mostly positive experiences at Fuji-Q...but I'm glad it seems like the better days are becoming more commonplace as opposed to some of the horror stories that came out of here in the past. On the note of horror stories, the village near Eejanaika is called Gegege no Yokai Yokocho (ゲゲゲの妖怪横丁 AKA "Gegege Monster Alley"). Gegege no Kitaro is a famous manga and anime series based on old Japanese kaidan (ghost stories) and yokai (monsters); the poster you found shows a rokurokubi, one of the more prolific yokai in Japanese folklore.
  11. Always loved walking around Shibuya when I was out there. Lot of fun to walk around earlier in the evening right as the nightlife gets started but before all the shops start closing up.
  12. ^There seem to be a few hints of that (Axis looks interesting, and the front car on the spinning coaster looks funky), but I do wish we could see more like it.
  13. Always nice to see some DisneySea. It's always nice to see anything out of Japan period, but Tokyo Disney especially. Since you mentioned the old school Fastpass system, you saw the very last of it since Soaring's opening was also when the resort introduced its new Fastpass system. It's like California's system (where you can either use your phone to grab a time slot, or grab a reminder slip the old school way), but without the upcharge to use the mobile app. Unfortunately, the Tokyo Disney app is currently only available on Japanese app stores with no international releases. I'm hoping a
  14. ^The Fujin Raijin II incident in 2007 is also a big part of why Japan's standards are as strict as they are, because Japanese authorities saw the incident as a sign that the standards and enforcement they had before were nowhere near enough if they allowed something like that to happen (similar to how the sarin gas attacks in 1995 prompted many places in Japan to get rid of their public trash cans; just like how people got used to not having public trash cans, the new safety standards just became a fact of life for Japanese parkgoers).
  15. I've been curious to see where the new Epcot plans go, and I'm liking the blend of old and new that's going on (loving the return of the pavilion logos). The fact that Imagination appears on that model of updates really has me excited for tomorrow to see if anything good comes of it.
  16. The other versions of the ride really bank hard on the ride itself being the selling point (especially in the states), and it was a really refreshing change to see the concept fleshed out into something much more complete and immersive. It seems disjointed on the surface, but it's explained (in Japanese) that the Dream Flyers are powered by our imaginations, which includes being able to imagine the future of flight. When they called it "Fantastic Flight", they really meant it in the literal fantasy sense.
  17. Since I happen to be in Tokyo for the next few weeks, I took the opportunity to swing by DisneySea to get a look at Soaring (yes, with a G; took Disney 18 years to figure out where it went, I guess), some other updates with the ongoing construction around the resort, and the rest of DisneySea because it's still an incredible park. Anyway, photos: Starting this off with some of the ongoing construction that's been a part of the resort for the last few years (and still more to come), Tokyo Disneyland' new entry plaza is coming along. The new entry system is nearly identical to the ticket gate
  18. Tokyo Disney announced they'll be turning DisneySea's waterways to hot springs.
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