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  1. In no particular order (new credits marked with *): -Kawasemi* -Dodonpa* -Eejanaika* -Kumba -Montu -Olympia Looping -Black Mamba* -Taron* -Winjas* -Twisted Colossus I'll do a flats list too (again, no particular order): -Skater (Top Scan) -Voodoo Jumper* -Teufelsrad -Tower of Terror (Tokyo DisneySea)* -Falcon's Fury -Lex Luthor -Talocan* -Tentekomai (Gerstlauer Sky Roller)* -Giant Canyon Swing -Haunted Mine Drop* Honorable mention for Journey to the Center of the Earth* (assuming dark rides don't really count, but had to mention it)
  2. Save that for a Halloween event next year. It would certainly frighten quite a few guests. My thought was that instead of an AA, they should put a cell phone on a stand, shine a spotlight on it, then project Trump's tweets on the screen, all while pumping in the smells of McDonald's and KFC. "The president is away, er, 'working' at Mar a Lago, but he is with us in spirit."
  3. Overexposed because the sun came out for a split second before the cameras adjusted, but still a good one:
  4. Reptilicus would destroy it. Is it really a good idea to jingle all the way?
  5. Just finished my final final as an undergrad, and will be graduating with degrees in history and Japanese.
  6. I was totally expecting a god-awful busy day when I decided to suck it up and make the best out of it, but got pleasantly surprised when it was a lot slower than I was expecting (longest posted wait was 2 hours for Dodonpa less than a week after it reopened, but dropped to about an hour alongside all the other coasters; Zekkyo tickets were also still available well into the afternoon). If I could guarantee a day like that, I wouldn't mind going back if I had nothing else I wanted to do. Knowing how much of a gamble it is to plan going out there, I probably wouldn't press my luck again unless I really needed to (as said, probably only if I was with someone who really wanted to go, or if they added something new and crazy). My first ride on Eejanaika, I forgot to take my shoes off, but since I had talked with the operators in Japanese, they figured I would understand Japanese instructions ("We humbly request that you please remove your shoes"). Another time, someone else had forgotten to remove something, and an operator had to try her best to explain in English ("No good! Take off!"). Between those cases, I think the harshness in their English was more from a language barrier as opposed to them deliberately being rude.
  7. Fuji-Q's definitely a park you really need to plan everything out ahead of time: the day you visit, how you get out there, how early you think you need to arrive, etc. Going on a slower day and/or getting a good pick of the Zekkyo (Fastpass) tickets really makes a huge difference. Good to see you still had a good time regardless.
  8. The Disney Parks Blog released some new details including renderings of some of the stations:
  9. ^It was just a couple beams up beginning of August. Nice to see more progress since my last visit.
  10. Yep, absolute blast. Have you been to a park in the last week?
  11. Article's phrasing says "major expansions", but doesn't confirm what specifically that entails (the "third park" comment seemed more of the reporter's speculation than anything official from OLC). I'm still holding to construction ending in 2025 because of the phrasing (まで typically refers to an end point).
  12. ^Mostly just announcing the project is in the works, though as pointed out previously, they are projecting to announce more specifics in May.
  13. ^This. I thought the complaints about the drop ran their course two weeks ago, yet here we are still whining about anything we can (and here I am complaining about the complainers making complaints)...the ride never ends.
  14. ^Since the article used まで, should mean finished by 2025. Also worth pointing out total projected investment will be around 300 billion yen (DisneySea cost 331 billion in 2001), and is suspected to include some Japanese theming to cater to international tourists (Disney Japan Adventure?).
  15. Can testify from living out there last summer that Golden Week is one of the few times Japanese workers have extended time off, so pretty much any tourist/day-trip destination is going to be packed. I deliberately avoided Tokyo Disney those days and did what is ordinarily a fairly quiet day trip from Tokyo, only to find myself in a sea of people (took 20 minutes to walk down a 500 foot street, admission to a local attraction had a line stretching at least three hours: three weeks later it was pretty empty). I can only imagine how much worse the Disney parks were that day. Weekdays should be a little better, but those holidays constitute one of the busiest times of the year in Japan for anything tourism related. All I can really say is have a pretty solid plan set out ahead of time and hope for the best.
  16. ^I remember it had that requirement when it went backward, but I didn't know if it was lowered similar to Raging Spirits when the trains were turned back around.
  17. Older photo from my first visit to Tokyo DisneySea, which is currently my desktop's wallpaper:
  18. ^Space Mountain in Paris used to have a 52" requirement, if I remember correctly. If Disney's legitimately looking into the launched flyer, I'm sure they'd be able to work out something with Vekoma to knock a couple inches off the minimum requirements to bring it into that 50-52" range.
  19. ^I'd rank Taron on a similar level as Cheetah Hunt layout wise, but I'd also personally give Taron the edge, even if just for the comfier trains (I'm just a pinch too tall to fit well under those Cheetah Hunt-style OTSRs, and they have a nasty habit of tightening way too hard on my shoulders mid-ride).
  20. ^For whatever reason, Mondial seems to do a lot better with portable rides than they do with permanent ones. As much as I normally love Top Scans, I'm kind of surprised Knott's approved of another Mondial flat to replace an extremely problematic Mondial flat, only for the replacement to have a completely different set of critical problems.
  21. ^I've been keeping an eye on F.L.Y. at Phantasialand partially because of that. The whole Rookburgh concept as it is is intriguing (especially if F.L.Y. ends up similar to Taron in how it interacts with the surrounding area), but I'm even more curious to see what else could be possible with the coaster concept if Disney's actually looking to use it for Guardians.
  22. ^^The actual coaster experience itself is really bizarre too. It has a bunch of show sections where each passenger picks a character (out of the park's mascots), and then you play a video game with your characters on the spiral lift (imagine Euro Mir if it had a less frustrating Flappy Bird projected on the side), before the actual coaster part begins. It's really funky, but really fun.
  23. Isn't this nothing more than a carnival ride? Hard to believe there are so may issues. Sol Spin is built differently from a standard Top Scan, and the differences in the ride system have been pretty much nothing but trouble. It's been getting tweaked on and off since it opened, with this last closure happening abruptly at the beginning of Haunt season. Even when it was running, it had to run a really short and tame program, so I'm hoping whatever fixes they're doing will help make the ride a lot better than it's been. Don't forget about Montezooma, it also has a 48" inch height requirement and only lap bars! Didn't forget, that's why I said "one of".
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