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  1. Built into a hotel Featured a launch and a loop Themed to a manga/anime series
  2. Even with the light rail getting expanded in the last few years, getting around Denver without a car is still a pretty big pain. Not impossible to hit both parks without a car, but certainly much more difficult. Going off the website, both Twister and Sidewinder are down. Nope. As others have said, the actual parks in Denver aren't too spectacular. If you're just looking for a check in the block to say you've been, then making a trip out is okay. If you're looking to really justify coming from out of state, a lot of the better rides are at other natural attractions (Royal Gorge has a nice Skycoaster, Cave of the Winds has Terror-Dactyl, and I assume Glenwood Caverns needs no introduction). Not saying you need to reschedule your trip and absolutely do them this time around, but at least know they exist for future reference.
  3. I think you could give the guy who deliberately swam into wave pool caissons a run for his money.
  4. Last of the two Thrust Air models, but S&S has made (and to my knowledge, continues to make) other air launched coasters that have less harsh accelerations.
  5. If I had to rank my top 5: 1. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (WDW) 2. Falcon's Fury 3. Haunted Mine Drop 4. Intamin 1st gens (e.g. Demon Drop) 5. Larson park models (e.g. Zoom (CO))
  6. If Kärnan and Novgorod are anything to go off of, I'm definitely intrigued.
  7. While I definitely don't have enough data points with personal visits, I'm happy to say I'm 2 for 2 on having good visits in the last year. I'm similarly hoping I didn't just catch the park on unusually good days both times, but I've been pretty happy with both my visits (even if I did run into a few of the snags you mentioned).
  8. Bit late, but glad to hear I wasn't crazy for thinking Fuji-Q was actually pretty good recently. Definitely hoping to see them continue the trend! I'd say kind of like a Mickey Mouse scenario with her: while still arguably the most recognizable of the Sanrio characters, definitely not the most prevalent, especially with newer characters popping up (e.g. Gudetama, Aggretsuko).
  9. Maybe it's because I'm taller, but I'm really fond of the vest style restraints simply because they don't staple my shoulders like rigid OTSRs tend to do (plus I haven't noticed any of the commonly cited problems with them)...unpopular opinion, it seems. Back to topic, probably Scream at SFMM. Aside from the whole "parking lot coaster" thing, it's really brutal and flat out not fun.
  10. Discounting the kiddie/junior stuff: Steel Vengeance Maverick Millennium Force Top Thrill Dragster Raptor Magnum Gatekeeper Valravn Rougarou Gemini Blue Streak Wicked Twister Corkscrew Iron Dragon Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  11. Can testify that the Dotonbori wheel/oval was running in mid-April when I was out there, bummer it was down for you guys though. Still, if I find myself back in Osaka, I wouldn't mind checking out those smaller parks since they flew under my radar last time.
  12. ^Fair enough, guess I'm just trying to read a little too deep into some of the clues.
  13. ^It sounds kind of like it will take a Midway Mania interactive approach since it's talking about "battling" and 3D rendering, but I'm hoping the ride system will be a bit more dynamic in conjunction with that compared to something like Midway Mania (maybe something akin to the vehicles on Spiderman or Transformers?) But overall seriously awesome news, definitely worth waiting two extra weeks for!
  14. Probably to help accommodate the fact that the ら in くら (Kura) is usually romanized as "ra", but has a pronunciation somewhere between a hard English R and a hard L. US locations apparently operate under a subsidiary that uses the hard L romanization, while the restaurants are branded with the hard R one, which probably explains why you see both. yet another reason to love TPR. . .I learn all kinds of interesting things! thanks for the explanation, that makes total sense. Joy of having learned a decent amount of Japanese; it's not often I get to use it here, but it's nice knowing it when relevant things come up.
  15. There are so many companies and concepts in Japan that I'd love to see internationally, and it's nice to see a few of them trickle into the US (though a lot only seem to go as far as Hawaii to cater to cater more toward the Japanese tourists). To namedrop one more company, Coco Curry expanded into the Los Angeles area with a few different locations, and I'd absolutely love to see some more US mainland locations. Probably to help accommodate the fact that the ら in くら (Kura) is usually romanized as "ra", but has a pronunciation somewhere between a hard English R and a hard L. US locations apparently operate under a subsidiary that uses the hard L romanization, while the restaurants are branded with the hard R one, which probably explains why you see both.
  16. ^^To throw one more answer your way, I had absolutely no problem figuring out how to get flipping on a Sky Roller first time around. Seems like the Sky Fly versions take much more effort to get going in comparison.
  17. Did I miss something, or does Flying Dinosaur suddenly has the longest train in the world? Seeing three train ops on it, they usually had one train in the station, one train cycling, and one train on the final brakes waiting for the appropriate side of the station to clear. Assuming this, two trains would be outside the station in the event of an E stop, yielding 64 total people stuck somewhere on the ride.
  18. List got a few updates since the first time this thread appeared: First coaster: Space Mountain (DLR) First steel: See above First woodie: GhostRider First indoor: See first two First 100+ foot coaster: GhostRider (full circuit), Montezooma's Revenge (shuttle) First 200+ foot coaster: Goliath (SFMM) First looper: Monte (or Windjammer, did both when I hit 48") First B&M: Batman (SFMM) First Intamin: Cali Screamin' First GCI: Apocalypse (SFMM) First Togo: Windjammer First Schwarzkopf: Monte First Mack: Technic Coaster (Legoland CA) First Gerstlauer: Coastersaurus (Legoland CA) First invert: Batman (SFMM) First launched: Monte First standup: Riddler's Revenge First flyer: Flying Coaster (Elitch Gardens) First dive: Dive Coaster (Chimelong Paradise) First spinner: Some spinning mouse at a fair somewhere First suspended: Ninja (SFMM) First 4D: X First drop tower: Parachutes at Knott's if those count, otherwise Woodstock's Airmail Favorite coaster: Maverick Favorite steel: See above Favorite wood: GhostRider Favorite indoor: Space Mountain (WDW) Favorite 100+ foot: Maverick Favorite 200+ foot: Millennium Force Favorite looper: Maverick Favorite B&M: Kumba Favorite Intamin: Maverick Favorite GCI: Wodan Favorite Togo: Bandit Favorite Schwarzkopf: Olympia Looping Favorite Mack: Blue Fire Favorite Gerstlauer: Takabisha Favorite invert: Montu Favorite launched: By launch, Dodonpa; by overall ride, Maverick Favorite standup: Riddler's Revenge Favorite flyer: Flying Dinosaur Favorite dive: Sheikra Favorite spinner: Euro Mir if it counts, otherwise Winjas Fear Favorite suspended: Ninja (SFMM) Favorite 4D: Eejanaika Favorite drop tower: Tower of Terror (WDW)
  19. Space Mountain, Disneyland Paris. Great layout, just sucks that it's so rattly.
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