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  1. ^I think it was originally a nod to the fact that the European Space Agency's headquarters are in Paris, so it would have made sense for France to get the indoor space coaster (and then for Russia to get another coaster themed to their space program). But like I said, I really don't mind the change if it works, and everything that's coming out strongly implies this will actually turn out really well.
  2. Since I'm heading back to Japan in about two weeks, Tokyo Disney Resort Also planning on getting out to Tobu Zoo, Fuji-Q, and Universal Osaka while I'm there.
  3. I remember seeing it on a few of the signs for years in smaller text (it's been on the sign in front of the station for the last 4-5 years at least, since pictures from 2002 and 2003 don't show it but videos from 2014 do), but I think the trend of actually calling the ride by that full name is fairly new.
  4. Always had a soft spot for that kind of steampunk aesthetic. Loving how it looks!
  5. This is looking kind of like another Guardians of the Galaxy scenario: a retheme that seems really weird at first glance, but as more info about the new theme and ride gets released, the more I can get behind the idea. Hopefully it will end up like Guardians in that it ends up being really cool and different after everything's said and done.
  6. So the Marvel expansion that's been teased for DCA has officially been confirmed to be taking over Bug's Land: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/03/avengers-and-other-super-heroes-to-assemble-in-new-themed-areas-at-disneyland-resort-disneyland-paris-and-hong-kong-disneyland/
  7. ^The details from their Facebook announcement seem to strongly imply RMC's involvement, but the company itself wasn't directly mentioned.
  8. IMAScore officially released a few minutes of the soundtrack. Loving the ominous tone:
  9. ^I'm curious to see how well they can implement it, and if it actually helps alleviate some of the longer wait times. I'm also hoping if the system works out well on those two, they'll consider implementing it on some of their other rides that could use it (Dodonpa or Eejanaika, perhaps).
  10. Fuji-Q's Facebook recently announced some new single rider options (personal translation): Original Japanese:
  11. Because Chewbacca doesn't actually live on Endor with a bunch of 2 foot tall Ewoks, so the defense that it doesn't make sense doesn't make sense, therefore it makes sense. What are the requirements to become the very model of a modern major general?
  12. So I guess Tokyo DisneySea must have nothing else to do, right? Still, third track should help alleviate those lines more, because it's consistently pretty busy no matter which resort you're at.
  13. 1. What is the best park visit you had in 2017? Tokyo DisneySea for the first time. Had lofty expectations and still had them blown away. 2. Have you ever traveled to a park with a specific ride in mind only for it to be closed all day? As a kid, several times. Once I've had more control in planning that stuff, I've been more fortunate. 3. GCI or Gravity Group? Pick one. GCI 4. How many different parks did you visit in 2017? Busch Gardens Tampa, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Yomiuriland, Tobu Zoo, Fuji-Q, Knott's, Disneyland, California Adventure, Magic Mountain, Phantasialand (if fairs count, Oktoberfest). 5. How many times did you visit your home park in 2017? None. 6. What was the first RMC you rode? Twisted Colossus (still my only one) 7. Best view from the top of a lift? Cliffhanger at Glenwood Caverns, or the mine train at Ocean Park. 8. What new-for-2018 roller coaster are you most anticipating? Pick one. Steel Vengeance 9. RMC or Intamin? You can only choose one. RMC, I suppose. 10. What was your favorite new-to-you ride of 2017? Kawasemi, closely followed by Dodonpa. 11. Money is no object. You can travel to any park in the world right now by snapping your fingers. Where are you going? Back to Tokyo DisneySea, no question. 12. Have you ever made out with someone in a queue line? Nope. 13. What is the last coaster that changed your top 10? Dodonpa, sitting at #4 right now. 14. Disney or Universal? 15. When is the last time you witnessed someone puke at a park? Oktoberfest, guy lost it after Voodoo Jumper. 16. How many new credits did you pick up in 2017? If you don't count, take your best guess... About 20, I think. Don't really count though. 17. You're at Magic Mountain. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... Colossus, obviously. 18. Name a coaster or ride that you passionately dislike. Big Apple Coaster. 19. What is the most amount of money you've spent on a Fast Pass? Platinum Flash at SFMM on a busy weekend because I had only a few hours to knock everything out. 20. Skyscreamers or Windseekers? SkyScreamer, I guess. 21. What is your most recent B&M credit? Last new one, Black Mamba, Phantasialand. Last ridden, Batman (SFMM). 22. Best adult beverage at a theme park? (under 21: whats your favorite beverage you can only get at a park?) If I had to pick a specific one, I liked the umeshu (plum wine) slush that was available during Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. 23. Most irritating coaster nickname/abbreviation? Still remember the arguments over NTaG a few years back. 24. Butterbeer or Dole Whip? Dole Whip 25. Favorite steel coaster *under* 100 feet? If I can bend the rules for Kawasemi or Maverick (drops 100 or less, heights are just a pinch more), one of those. Otherwise, Space Mountain at WDW in the back seat. 26. What's the best bathroom at your home park? Don't really know? 27. Nighttime ERT on Lightning Rod or all-you-can-eat Cinnamon Bread? You can only choose one. ERT 28. If it were in your power, what coaster would you relocate to Knoebels? Hypersonic XLC, if they could have saved that. The world needs more of those Thrust Air launches. 29. What is the last thing you remember eating in a theme park? Last thing, probably a churro. 30. Your favorite coaster got equipped with on board audio x Spotify. What's your hype track? Syncs uncannily well with Maverick from about the 1:25 mark. 31. Name the most disappointing ride you took in 2017. If I really had to pick, that drifting coaster at Oktoberfest beat the crap out of me. 32. Airtime hill or Zero G Roll? Ejector hill>zero G>floater hill 33. What is your favorite coaster/ride built before 1970? Tough call off the top of my head, but I'll go Santa Cruz Giant Dipper. 34. What's worse - splashed by malaria lake flume water or dripped on by chain lift grease? Grease. 35. Name an Intamin coaster on your bucketlist! Expedition GeForce. 36. You just won a 3 day trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is you have to choose between Disneyworld or Cedar Point. Which do you choose and why? Disney World, I guess. More of a multiday destination. 37. Floater or Ejector? Ejector. 38. What was your worst park experience of 2017? Didn't really have one. Was expecting to put Fuji-Q here, but hell apparently froze over and things went pretty well. 39. Name your favorite coaster under 41 feet tall. I haven't been on Skull Mountain, if that's what you're asking. 40. End your post with an aerial shot of one of your top 5 coasters. Sitting at #2 (someone already posted Maverick)
  14. ^Really wish we could get more launches along the lines of something like Dodonpa without things blowing up.
  15. ^While no new ones have been installed to my knowledge, a redesign was shown at IAAPA 2016 that nixes the back-to-back seating of the first gen versions for an arrangement similar to S&S's.
  16. The automatic translations through Facebook are usually pretty wonky, but it left out the characters at the end of the "maximum speed and slope of 50 degrees" in the original Japanese (δΈŠε›žγ‚‹) that indicate they're pointing out what will be improving with the new version (literally translates as "outweigh"). My best guess with the translation is that the top speed will be increasing and drop will be an additional 50 degrees steeper, but I'm thinking this is a rounded figure to point out the new drop should be near vertical. Definitely not fluent with reading Japanese, but I'm pretty sure that's what it's saying.
  17. Maverick still has the lights in place from the few weeks they were used when it opened...wouldn't mind those coming back as well.
  18. ^Just looked at Google Earth to double check how much space it's currently taking up...including the backstage building behind it, it's pretty comparable to Tower of Terror's facade: If they're closing something that big, there should be some pretty good plans for that spot in the works...
  19. ^^If it's the full Triple Tower they were advertising at IAAPA a few years back, the third ride is actually supposed to be their dive ride (kind of like a Skycoaster, if it had seats and loaded at the top). One of the awesome parts of the Triple Tower version is that the drop tower pulls double duty as an elevator to access the dive ride's platform, which means after that ride you could choose to have another freefall back down to ground level (dive ride demo at 1:15, drop demo at 4:40): The dive ride on its own is a ton of fun, but having the option of the drop tower immediately after should make this an awesome one-two punch.
  20. Ugh, this is making me miss Tokyo again... I was really wanting to get something Journey related while I was out there, but I was kinda disappointed that all they had was a die cast toy vehicle replica. If they made Lava Monster versions of the plush keychains or those plush hats, I'd do pretty much anything I could to get my hands on them.
  21. Going from a space theme to a cabaret one seems like a pretty odd move, but since it's Europa, I'm sure they'll find a way to make it work.
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