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  1. Just a heads up, timeline parks require a lot of effort and time to pull off properly. If you're outright acknowledging you don't want to put that effort in, it's probably not something you should be pursuing. Not trying to be rude; I like seeing new parks and what new creators are capable of, and when they're done right, they can be really damn good. Outright stating you're going to half-@ss it gives me absolutely no assurance this will turn out at all. Given the sprawling paths with nothing on them, bleak lanscaping (seriously, why is the pond black?!), and the unbanked turns on all of your coasters, I'm sorry to say the lack of effort really shows in what you've shared.
  2. August 1997 Hello again. I come to you with some rather sad news...well, sad depending on how you look at it. Ponderosa's gearing up for some more revamps, this time to the County Fair area, the core of the original park: As much as it pains me to see some old time classics bite the dust, I can't help but wonder what they'd be replacing them with.
  3. ^I'm currently away from my RCT3 computer, but I have a few plans for the coming years. I'll announce 1999's additions this weekend.
  4. If you don't trust a download, check the comments with it and see if anyone else has had similar issues. If it's a common issue, you should try to locate a fix (generally from the pack's creator). If it's an issue on your end that you're iffy with, try to find another mirror of the download that won't corrupt your files. Worst case scenario if you can't find a fix or a stable mirror: just don't bother with it. No custom content is worth destroying your game (or even worse, your entire computer).
  5. June 1997 After Ponderosa Valley announced Adventure Outpost, the community has been eagerly awaiting opening day for the new expansion. Well, today that day finally came! Anaconda was still in soft opening due to a few technical hiccups, so I was able to get a couple rides in...my two word review: Holy S***! Complete game changer for the park, and a fantastic continuation of the trend of developments the park has undergone. Onto the photos: Shot0382.bmp Here we are once again for the park's 55th anniversary! They said the skyline of the park would completely change from the addition of Anaconda, but I don't see anything from here... Shot0383.bmp Until you actually get in! It completely dominates the back of the park, and can be seen from almost anywhere in the gates. Shot0384.bmp Its imposing structure almost taunts you from wherever you see it, and the roar of both the tracks and its riders could made many a guest question his courage... Shot0385.bmp Well, I'll accept the challenge! Here we are at the entrance of Adventure Outpost. Shot0386.bmp Here's Voodoo mid cycle. My stomach will pass on this one. Shot0387.bmp And there it is... Shot0388.bmp Hopping in line... Shot0389.bmp Lots of foliage outside the window. We're smack in the middle of the jungle. Props to the park for the incredible landscaping on this! Shot0390.bmp From the upper level, we get a little peak at what's lurking out there...and it looks pretty twisted! Shot0391.bmp The time has officially come! Let's see just how crazy this thing is... Shot0392.bmp Going up about 150 feet... Shot0393.bmp ...and back down 135 feet into a twisted mess of track! Shot0394.bmp Upside down! Shot0395.bmp We're in some deep trouble now... Shot0396.bmp ...And it just won't let up! How long is this thing anyway?! Shot0397.bmp And into the final brakes. What a rush! Shot0398.bmp I wasn't the only one that got a kick out of it: all smiles from people getting off! Shot0399.bmp No doubt about it: Anaconda's a huge hit! Can't wait to see what else Ponderosa has in store for the future! PS Thanks for 4000 thread views!
  6. From Gerstlauer's website: They can run up to 4 rows per train for a layout with a vertical lift, or up to 8 for a layout without one. Smiler's trains were the longest the manufacturer allowed due to the second lift being vertical.
  7. ^It's from a Schwarzkopf CTR pack that includes the support structures for the included layouts (Thriller/Zonga, Olympia Looping, Dreier Looping, Bullet, and standard shuttle loop).
  8. ^Nope. 100% custom layout this time; one of my layouts from the Game Exchange with an altered finale.
  9. August 1996 Today was a day that had been greatly anticipated in the community, and led to wild speculations beforehand regarding what they could possibly be up to. Before a press conference, Ponderosa Valley unveiled its upcoming expansion...and they weren't kidding when they hinted at how big it is! Here's the official release:
  10. shyguy's World has a big database of custom content. Couple pirate ship variations there available for download.
  11. September 1995 Hello again. Back with a quick update. Remember the wall at the back of the park I showed earlier this year? Shot0376.bmp Well, there's some new additions to it that are hinting toward the next expansion! New speakers behind the wall blast animal sounds, and a few informational displays went up with a few facts ambiguously teasing the new additions. Of the displays, this one struck me as the most intriguing: Reaper was the biggest addition in the park's history, and that was 2,700 feet long. Whatever they're adding, it's going to be crazy big. Let the speculation begin! (Press reveal coverage coming this Saturday: stay tuned for the official announcement!)
  12. May 1995 Since the park changed hands, they've been doing a lot to bring the park back to the spotlight. Forbidden Forest was a fantastic addition, and they've been hinting at future expansions along the same lines...wonder what will come of them. This year brought some major changes to the park's infrastructure. Namely, the old cobbled paths are now GONE, and the whole park has been completely repaved. The rides additionally received new LED entrance signs, and the County Fair rides now have sheltered queues. However, the biggest change they've announced...due to expansions in lighting, the park is now extending its hours to operate at night! Onto my quick documentation of the improvements: Shot0362.bmp The entrance looks spiffy with its new paths. Shot0363.bmp The entrance plaza inside the park looks pretty nice as well! Shot0364.bmp To start off our tour, I'll circle around the old County Fair section starting with the Thunderbolt midway... Shot0365.bmp The new canopies herald back to the old color schemes of the park. I think they look a tad tacky, but I'm still happy to get some much needed shade! Shot0366.bmp This wall was erected at the end of the midway near Tumble Bug...possible expansion in the near future? Shot0367.bmp Around the corner, it's still looking pretty nice! Shot0368.bmp Shot0369.bmp A look down the back midway toward Centennial... Shot0360.bmp And a second wall...this one looks more themed than the other one, though. Not sure what to make of it. Shot0370.bmp The Shaft still looks great! Shot0371.bmp And now that the sun has set, Centennial's looking quite good. Shot0374.bmp AlpenBlitz has some nice colors emanating from its caverns. Shot0375.bmp And back out the front entrance decked in classic Americana red, white, and blue. Loving what's happening to the park, and hope to see more excitement in the future!
  13. Granted. It only grows Iranian one rial bills. I wish I could go to Tokyo Disney when I study abroad next year.
  14. June 1994 The grand opening for the new Forbidden Forest marks the first time in a very long time that I had been to the park, so I took the opportunity to go around the park and catch up on a few things. There were a few additions to the core part of the park, as well as a wonderful revamp of one of the most classic attractions from the park's early days (I'll get to it in a minute). After a little bit of exploring, I ventured back behind Haunted Castle to see what the hype has been all about. I rather appreciate the park integrating Haunted Castle as the "gateway" into this new section: it serves as a great transition from the old into the new. As far as the rides go, Monster Madness was fairly basic, just a kiddie ride with a few little startling effects here and there. Nothing too spectacular, but families seemed to be liking it. Reaper had the longest wait in the park, but it was well worth it. Butter smooth, but incredibly intense! Hands down the best thing to happen to this park since it first got saved in the 70s! Onto the photos: Shot0339.bmp Hello Ponderosa Valley, my old friend...it's been a while, but the entrance skyline seems to look the same... Shot0340.bmp ...Well, except when you turn to the right! Reaper completely dominates this side of the park, almost beckoning you to take a spin. We'll get to you in a bit! Shot0354.bmp The park has gone under a bit of reorganization, but they're keeping a lot of the original park's attractions (including a Loop-o-Plane that had been in storage) as part of a new County Fair theme. Glad to see the new owners are still committed to maintaining the park and its history! Shot0355.bmp The Action Zone is anchored by a new (since my last visit) go-kart track and Lightnin' Loop. I've heard rumors about the latter getting a retheme to fit with the look of the go karts, but nothing seems to have happened on that front. Shot0356.bmp The kart track is really compact and spans two levels. Makes for a very entertaining ride when you're against the right people! Shot0357.bmp View from the second level turnaround back toward the rest of the park. Shot0359.bmp Turns out I kind of lied when I said the park's 50th anniversary only added the go-karts...apparently the park had a German manufacturer go in and rebuild Alpine Bobs with new steel track, and reopened it under a new name...AlpenBlitz! Although it means the Flying Turns are officially dead, they've at least kept it in spirit. Shot0358.bmp Winding back through Centennial, one of Reaper's loops lurks behind the treeline... Shot0341.bmp Time to see what the buzz is about! We follow this new path around the side of Haunted Castle... Shot0342.bmp Into a completely new area of the park! Some of you might remember that a chunk of this land was originally used for the Turnpike ride before it burned down. Monster Madness sits right at the entrance of this new area... Shot0346.bmp But right now, Reaper's got more of my attention, so let's follow the queue and check out this crumbling church... Shot0347.bmp ...Which is feeling a bit ominous right now. Prayers from yesteryear echo through the forgotten chapel. Shot0348.bmp Surely nothing bad can come from building a queue through a decrepit mausoleum in a decrepit church... Shot0349.bmp ...Except getting flung through the air upside down at 50 mph! This thing was crazy! Shot0350.bmp A quick moment of relief from the insanity yields a nice view of the park. Reaper's a fantastic addition to the lineup, and the overwhelmingly positive responses it seemed to get bode well for the future!
  15. ^Sometime in the next few days. Here's the story and preview to get you hyped: October 1993 A lot of time has passed since I first discovered this little gem of a park more than 20 years ago. I was disappointed to have missed the 50th anniversary, but to be fair, all they added was a go-kart track for the event. It seemed the park's age was finally getting to it, and the old entrepreneur that snagged it from developers sold it to new hands. Until now, there wasn't much word on what the new owner has decided to do with it, except that he said he's got some plans of his own. He had kept it under close secrecy, until I found this flyer:
  16. May 1982 The folks over at Ponderosa Valley were kind enough to invite me to the media previews for the Shaft, the new freefall tower they're opening in the next week or so. As far as the rut the park was in, I'm definitely hoping this is their ticket out of it, because it was a ton of fun! Fantastic story and effects, and the drop itself caught me completely off guard! I'll let the photos speak for themselves, so you can judge this new addition: Shot0320.bmp Another lovely season for Ponderosa Valley Park. It's their 40th anniversary, and they're celebrating big time! Shot0321.bmp Something new has appeared on the park's skyline behind Enterprise! Shot0322.bmp The Shaft towers over Centennial, and makes for a very imposing superstructure. Shot0323.bmp The Shaft dangles riders over the edge... Shot0324.bmp Before plunging them to their inevitable doom! Shot0325.bmp The queue uses the same path as the old Mining Museum... Shot0326.bmp But feels very different! Shot0328.bmp The queue really makes you feel as though you've descended into a haunted mine shaft. Angry bats and all! Shot0329.bmp Once on board, the angry spirits take over your cabin and send you skyward. What did I ever do to them? Shot0330.bmp I tried to snap a picture from the top, but the drop caught me off guard and left me fumbling with my camera! I at least managed to snag this pic after the drop. He seemed just as shocked as I was! Shot0333.bmp The exit winds you through a few tunnels before emptying out back onto the plaza. Overall, a vast improvement over the museum, and a wonderful way to draw some much needed attention to the park! Shot0316.bmp On the way out, I stopped by Alpine Bobs...or at least what's left of it. It appears everything's still there, but there seems to be no work being done to get it running again. I'm hoping they can preserve the last Flying Turns out there, but only time will tell its fate. (As per popular demand, the next update will pick up in 1994. Stay tuned: it's gonna get BIG!)
  17. For me, it would depend on how many tickets they'd be selling. If the three hours are kept fairly slow, that in conjunction with free food would be reasonable for a more exclusive event. If it's going to stay busy during the night, then I'd say not really.
  18. ^My '99 Corolla has 305,000 miles on it with no real issues. They're basically bulletproof.
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