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  1. The color and lighting schemes are top notch. Can't wait to see vertical construction start!
  2. Check your Parks folder in your Documents, and see if you have any files with a .dat.bak extension. If you do, the .bak is a backup file automatically created when you save your park. If something happens to the main file (corrupted during crash, etc), you can delete the .bak from the backup, and the file will be restored from one save behind the main. If your issues ground your park forever, I'm sorry for your loss. That said, I think you can take this as further experience and create something equally impressive!
  3. Since dive coasters tend to rely more heavily on surrounding theming to complement the ride experience, can we expect to see any special landscaping/lighting/effects?
  4. Definitely: -WDW -Busch Gardens Tampa -Knott's Fairly likely: -Oktoberfest Less likely, but still possible: -Alton Towers -Cedar Point
  5. They could have done what WDW did when they had to retrack their train for Splash Mountain's construction, and had the trains shuttle back and forth between a few stations to avoid the construction areas. Then again, going through the dioramas backward probably wouldn't have worked out.
  6. I'll chime in that this is a really solid start with some solid detailing. One tip I'll give for future updates is to name a peep David Walsh, and then press Ctrl+U. This toggles all the sidebars and menus from view and makes your screenshots look more professional.
  7. Will do when possible (I'm away from my RCT computer right now, but I'll be sure to do these in the future!) I plan to. To be honest, I kind of broke timeline last save, which leaves me with two options: keep the park going with the current narration through the 80s and hide the stuff I've already added, or skip the filler and cut to the major stuff circa mid 90s (not gonna spoil it...yet). Maybe I can put it to a vote?
  8. And although not coasters, I was always fond of the old school EPCOT Center logos.
  9. August 1981 Today I discovered that my initial observations that the little mining exhibit was serving as a placeholder for something big was finally confirmed today. Newspapers ran the announcement today: (PSST: I know you're lurking...please let me know what you think!)
  10. May 1981 With the old Wild West show gone forever, I heard news of the park opening a little mining exhibit in its place. Since it opened last weekend, I decided to go and take a peek at they put together. Shot0312.bmp Centennial looks quite different with the new mine facade. Shot0313.bmp You enter through here and get on board an "elevator" that takes you to the mines below. Shot0314.bmp The inside of the mines had all sorts of old equipment with some atmospheric lighting. Another "elevator" then brings you back to the surface after you spend a few minutes here. It was a nice little tour, but given the rocky history the park's faced the last few years, they're gonna need to do a LOT more than this to get back on track. If anything, this feels like a bit of a holdover for something big coming in the next few seasons, and would not be surprised to see it go soon.
  11. A comment I found: Later: Outside Formula Rossa and that god-awful looping toboggan, there's a word that describes these measures: Overkill.
  12. One Little Spark. Not quite as much of an ear worm as Small World or Euro Mir, but once it's in your head, it'll be there for a while.
  13. I can speak for the bolded ones: -Slingshot: Depends on the type of sling. The ones that use actual bungees are much more intense than the spring tension ones, but the spring ones still have some decent force. -Skycoasters: Quite fun. The little bit of freefall before you catch and swing is a nice sensation. There's also a big variety of sizes and locations that can add new thrills to them. -Skyscraper: Again, pretty fun. The arms generally spin fast enough to prevent any major whipping, which does make them a tad tame for me, but still solid. -X/X2: Old school 4Ds are pretty funky and fun, although they can be pretty rough. The closer you are to the front, the better the ride. The first drop in the front seat is still one of my all time favorite coaster moments. -Top Scan: I went on my first one at Oktoberfest this year...it ended up becoming my favorite flat ride ever. Amazingly intense, extremely disorienting, and will leave your head spinning for several minutes. -Top Spin: Entirely depends on the operator. Given the ride is often manually operated, a skilled hand could mean the difference between an okay ride and an insane one. So if you get on one that's not very good, don't be too let down.
  14. Horrible that this happened, but it's damn crazy that the (grand)parents are blaming the park for their kid not following basic safety policies. I'm both laughing and cringing at the fact they're worried a log flume "has no straps"...
  15. Overall vote goes to Kumba with Batman in close second. Hoping to factor Nemesis in eventually.
  16. June 1980 Sorry for not visiting Ponderosa the last few seasons, but let's just say...well, it's had some VERY rough times after Lightnin' Loop opened. The last three years saw some very major incidents that dampened spirits (and attendance) of parkgoers, and there's word again the new owners may not be able to salvage it. Here's some of the headlines from the past few years: Losing 3 rides to accidents in 3 years, and it worries me that we could possibly be seeing the closure of the park if management doesn't step up to the plate and make an effort to bring back visitors. With the hinting after the closure of the stunt show, I have a feeling the next big ride will be opening there, assuming the park even survives its next few seasons...
  17. Loving the progression here, and the flume looks like a solid addition. Props for editing the mascot in. Nice touch.
  18. ^^And on that note, I'm kind of curious to see what they plan on doing with that tiny Raptor track. It seems more like something a single passenger car would go on, and I'd be interested in seeing how extreme they could make such a ride.
  19. ^It was the Katapul CT off RealTycoon3's site. I preferred it over the other Schwarzkopf shuttle loop CT because it had more realistic dimensions.
  20. May 1977 It was a few days before Lightnin' Loop was set to open, but the park was kind enough to invite me to a preview day before it opened. I had been extremely excited since they announced it, and was really hoping it lived up to the hype it was given. My overall review? WOW. Just, wow. The launch had some good kick, the loop was incredibly forceful, and the spires gave me some good butterflies in my stomach. Ponderosa's definitely got a winner on their hands! Anyways, enough yik yak. Onto the photos! Shot0300.bmp First time to the park in a few years, and it's still looking nice as ever. What's that peeking over the entrance? Shot0301.bmp The skyline's changed quite a bit! Lightnin' Loop really dominates the end of the entry midway. Shot0302.bmp This end of the park looks way better now! The fountains were a nice touch. Shot0303.bmp Let's head over and see if it rides as well as it looks... Shot0304.bmp Just had to show my access pass, and I was cleared to go in... Shot0305.bmp Early access=no line. I'll bet this queue will be PACKED when it opens. Shot0306.bmp Got the front seat, and the staff was, once again, kind enough to let me bring my camera on board. This is the view out of the station. Shot0308.bmp Ponderosa...UPSIDE DOWN! Shot0309.bmp Wow, what a rush... Shot0310.bmp A spectacular addition to an already spectacular lineup. A big thank you to Ponderosa Valley for making this review possible!
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