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  1. Probably in the way the editing showed two circuits. I think they're spliced from separate circuits at different angles, but it could be interpreted as a double circuit.
  2. This. Regardless of your opinion of the film, it's driving some much needed improvements to the parks that will make them way better for both the animals and the people that visit.
  3. Yikes. Hopefully everyone's okay. TPR word filter for "r_ing". Others include locker (l_ocker) and Full Throttle (Full__Throttle)
  4. Well, Hollywood just lost one of its best composers: (SOURCE)
  5. ^This. I think Alton Towers and official investigators are going to find some little issue responsible for the incident that could get corrected pretty easily. If they were to close it, it would have to be as a last resort. Is it a possibility? Yeah, but it would have to require finding major issues that cannot be fixed. I'm hoping this is comparable to the issues with a ropes course killing someone a few months back. Just a few minor things that came together at the wrong time, but patched with little issue:
  6. Has it really been three years since I did anything with this? Wow, time flies. As you've likely figured out, this project was on and off (mostly off). Hey, at least it's time for an UPDATE!!!1!one! Shot0200.bmp Updates to the second chamber. Felt a little empty when I looked at it. Shot0199.bmp And new effects! Everybody say ooh...everybody say ahh... Shot0203.bmp The first cavern is nearing completion! The first section drawing you into the endless labyrinth underneath the temple. Shot0201.bmp Same section with the ride actually going through. Shot0202.bmp And finally, the heart of the temple...the lava chamber, which is almost done! (Only angle it looked pretty complete from) Shot0205.bmp Obligatory awesome shot to end this quick little update. More to come*! *Hopefully
  7. Technically, Bat Flyer would be Romanized as "Batto Furaiyaa", so the sign is actually somewhat accurate. Although it would be awesome if there actually was a fryer on the ride.
  8. Check to make sure you extracted the right files to the right places. Some sets might have the folder you need to import tucked inside another folder. If you import that folder, the set won't work. Don't remember if Moby's did that or not, but it's worth a check.
  9. I rather enjoy Viper except for the cramped trains (6'3", and it takes some massive contortion to wedge myself into the damn thing, plus the headbanging and jerkiness don't bode well in such a position). Should Magic Mountain ever take the opportunity to do an update, I'd be for it. I think it'll be going soon enough, since GASM and Shockwave are long gone. Definitely prime land, and there's been some crazy compact coasters coming out that could fit nicely there. When they do get rid of it, my bet would probably be on another multi-looping coaster with a somewhat compact footprint (Intamin multi-looper, Gerstlauer Infinity, something along those lines), but I'd be happy with almost anything in that spot as long as it's a good ride.
  10. I just found POV of the swing you mentioned... I was trying to find who actually manufactured it? In this article it says the park's owner "designed" it, but I have a feeling that by "design," they mean he said, "HEY lets put a giant swing on the edge of this cliff because ADVENTURE PARK!!" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2368272/Is-worlds-scariest-swing-New-Giant-Canyon-ride-installed-edge-1-300ft-cliff.html pre-emptive edit: before I posted I looked at more video and found out it is an S&S, but I'll still post because the claim that the park owner designed it is funny to me There were 2 swings in the park's history. One was an in-house ride, the other was not. The old one was perched a little higher and was initially kind of like a homemade Skycoaster, but was later modified to be more of a rigid ride. That version was abandoned a few years ago after the S&S one was installed. The old loading area now serves as an observation deck for the new one (hell, pretty much the entire structure is still there). Pulled this up from an old TR that shows the in-house swing:
  11. Yes and no. The new lot is bigger and has more room, but the owners made some stupid, STUPID decisions in the process of moving. The most fatal were the losses of Wildcat and Twister and not rebuilding them in their new location. Twister II's advertised as being a more aggressive version of the original, but it neutered most of the elements that made the original great (looking at you, double helix). The park seems just like any other kind of cookie cutter theme park now with almost all stock model rides, and really lost the charm it used to have in its old locale. Nearby Lakeside still retains some of the atmosphere, but the loss of the original Elitch's was sorely disappointing. Elitch's has the potential of turning around and becoming really awesome, but it would need a lot of investment to make that happen. Not impossible, but I'm not really holding my breath. The recent additions to the waterpark have been a decent indicator of a turnaround, but I'm not too sure where it will lead.
  12. Feel kinda bad for lurking the last few updates and not saying anything. Really solid park, and I'm excited to see where it goes.
  13. I'll break this down bit by bit: Not necessarily. While they do expand the options you have in theming a park, they cannot mask crappy work. However, I'd still recommend using them if you're relatively comfortable with some of the scenery sets in game. I haven't had any issues with Trojans, viruses, or anything in what I've downloaded. However, make sure you have your antivirus running just to be safe. Just because I haven't had any doesn't mean there's no sets with them. But for the most part, they're clean. There's lots of websites that host scenery. Some good go-to sites are Shyguy's World, RCTGo, as well as the personal sites for some major content creators (Weber, ImagineerJohn, Old-Spice, etc). Feel free to browse their collections, as you can find some files you may have not initially thought you needed. Not generally unless they're .rar files (several free extraction programs exist, and that's about all you'd need). Some scenery packs will have self-extractors and installers, but those are generally included in download. However, you often need to have both of the game's expansion packs to properly use the files. Generally, the files go into your system folder's RCT3>Style>Themed folder (In your hard disk files, not personal documents). Be sure you're accessing the right directories in both the game files and your scenery. Faulty importation can crash your game if you mess up install (generally a "No :svd for :sid" error). In game, your sets will generally be found in the Walls files, but some (such as shyguy's Rocks) are found in the normal Scenery Objects folder or in other locations (just depends on the set). Just browse around to locate your set and make sure it was properly installed by placing some items in game to make sure it doesn't crash. Yeah, but it depends on both how much you're using and how powerful your system is. If you have a lower end processor (<1.5-2GHz), you'll notice the slowdown pretty heavily when you're using a lot of items. On a faster processor that can handle it, changes in the game quality are so minor that they are pretty hard to detect.
  14. Someone posted an RCT3 park in the Games forum that was completely stolen work, and only featured stolen screenshots from other sites. When confronted over this by several users (including some of the original creators of the content he was using): He was greatly deserving of the banhammer he got.
  15. ZOMG WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND ABUSE YOUR BANHAMMER LIKE THAT?! JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!1!one! /sarcasm. My sincere thanks for trimming out the stupid. On the actual topic at hand, this really seems to be shaping up to be "better than *normal* sex"...I'm almost foaming at the mouth just looking at it!
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