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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if Hatbox ends up using projection mapping or anything similar, considering how difficult the effect was to pull off originally.
  2. You can't link a video via your upload. You'll have to go to the video page and get the URL with the video ID. It's the URL up to the characters that follow the "watch?v=" part o the URL. Still, ride looks great!
  3. A few elements were a bit too sudden and jerky (e.g. that little bunny hop at the end), but overall quite good.
  4. So Harold could be getting an update with improved motion? Can't wait to see what they do with it (assuming that's what they're actually doing).
  5. ^This guy agrees with me so much he had to copy/paste my reply word for word.
  6. PROTIP: Renaming a guest David Walsh and pressing Ctrl+U removes all the menus and sidebars. Use it in the future to make your screenshots cleaner. Other than that, I like where this is going. The tower looks fantastic!
  7. I chuckled a bit. Oh, and this thread is now at 1000 posts. Don't know if that ought to be celebrated, or considered shameful that we've warranted this many replies to stupid things.
  8. If you do it, you'd have to get in contact with Robb and get his consent in developing it. One person nearly got the banhammer for trying to make a TPR Wiki page without letting Robb know.
  9. Might have to check it out when it opens. Always nice when something new opens around here!
  10. That may be true, but there's no reason to egg on him like that. If the stuff he thinks is what he thinks, then we should let him think it. Wouldn't kill anyone. Stupid on the internet will not go unchecked. Ever. Fortunately, this thread is just a "look at this silly post and laugh" kind of thing, and that's mostly the end of it (except for recurring users). As far as internet justice goes for saying stupid things, we're well on the nicer end of the spectrum in terms of how we deal with it.
  11. Chocolate creme filled, or apple fritter. Occasionally jelly filled when they're done right (Voodoo is my favorite).
  12. Okay, my points from last thread still apply. You REALLY need to work out your park if you're going to go anywhere in RCT3. -Park is still ugly. REALLY ugly. Terraforming one small area and leaving 300 foot tall paths is just not going to work in any scenario. -Plan out your park better. You've got huge gaps with absolutely nothing in them, and you're packing all your concessions together. Make the most of your space. If you're going to use a lot of land, actually use the land! -Coaster was really sprawling and bland. Look at some real coasters to get an idea of how to order various elements and pace your rides. Alternatively, you can use coasters from the Game Exchange if you're not wanting to develop your own coasters. -Scenery...USE IT! You've got an entry plaza going, but you really need to give your park more substance. Making a detailed NCSO park can be tricky with the limited sets, but it's far from impossible. Add some more buildings and rides to fill in those giant voids and give your park some color and realism. Don't just go straight vanilla on everything, because it looks tacky. -A decent park (or even a detailed single ride) is REALLY time consuming, but the effort shows in the final product. Anyone can slap down some tracks and a few flats, and it only takes a few minutes. I could probably build what you've showed us in less than 15 minutes; that's a bad sign for the effort you're putting in. However, realize the major work on RCT3 isn't the rides: it's developing the surrounding area into an immersive environment that actually feels like a park. Again bringing up this image, and I'll give some explanation behind why I'm sharing it again: For just one coaster with scenery, this took about three weeks to finish. One ride. That should give you a perspective of the effort a full park would require. It's a massive undertaking. I'm trying to be as constructive as possible, but you're cementing yourself as a pretty shoddy player that's not doing anything really noteworthy. You need to completely change your approach if you want to change that image. As suggested, looking at other parks will help you see what good work looks like, and can help you better design a good park. You could also try looking at YouTube or other RCT forums. Additionally, as I mentioned in my bullet points, TPR has an awesome Game Exchange you can use to get some really good coasters as uploaded by other users (including some of my work; the coaster from that screenshot I posted is on the Exchange). It's a great resource you should definitely take advantage of.
  13. If someone else makes it and has it available for public download, you should be able to use it. I know the thread in question (Heaven's Harbour), and the OP gave a link (realtycoon3.com) in reply to your inquiry. In that case, the track is accessible for public use, and you're able to use it. However, based on how CTs work, the Batman CT could only be used to make a Batman clone: While the track may look like a variety of pieces, the only ones that are scripted into a game only conform to that layout.
  14. Take this as a learning experience. There's a difference between the people who play around with the game for a few minutes and throw something together, and projects that take actual substantial time to finish. I've got a number of suggestions for you that should help clean up your future work: Park wise: -Make your rides more "real". Look at how actual rides are built, and their common layouts and elements. If you're aiming to make a B&M floorless coaster, use elements from a B&M coaster to make the ride seem more like something B&M might actually build. I'd recommend using the Extended Coaster because it has the most flexible track elements that suit more ride styles, as well as numerous trains from various manufacturers. -Landscaping. Learn it. Use it. Love it. Trees, scenery, pretty much anything! Play around with the scenery in game and get comfortable with the various sets, or consider importing some custom scenery. Whatever you do, play around with the scenery and see what you can do with it! Don't leave your park bleak and empty. -Since you tried a story based dark ride, plan out how your ride interacts with scenery. There's a difference between putting walls and a few statues up, and carefully dividing the ride into various show segments to try and tell a story. -Start your park small, and then go big. Working with less at first will make theming a much less daunting task as opposed to jumping straight into the big stuff and realizing you're in way over your head. -Finish your park little by little. Focus on what needs to be spruced up and finished before you try to add more. Don't try to rush and overly expand; you'll only make everything look half-@ssed, even if you're trying to put effort in. Presentation wise: -Use the Freelook camera. It will let you get some good angles for screenshots the normal overhead view won't allow for. -Naming a peep David Walsh and hitting Ctrl+U will remove the sidebars. Use this to clean up the menus from your shots and make them look more professional. While you have much to learn, I'm hoping you can see what you need to fix in order to actually succeed. I used to make parks like this. I ended up learning how to actually use the game, and then cleaned up my act. If you do the same, you could potentially make some really cool stuff. I'll show you what you could be doing if you made the effort to make your parks and rides more real: Medusa (your work): Orochi (my work): I'm not guaranteeing you'll become a master of the game by taking my suggestions, but you should be able to make your future work more reflective of the effort you seem to put in.
  15. I think the limitations in the game track files don't have inverted options for those elements. You would have to script, animate, and import a complete CT, and such rides generally have custom track pieces that only conform to one layout (generally as a recreation of an actual ride). In other terms, you can technically do it, but you'd have to do a lot of work outside the actual game to make it happen.
  16. Wow, I never really got a good perspective of just how massive these are. They really dominate the skyline!
  17. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing other parks use this approach. Could really help fund some smaller parks to get some TLC.
  18. Got panned on a paper for overly summarizing...on a prompt asking for a summary.
  19. You must have had a good ride. I will say that with Green Lantern, you should realize the ride has a ton of variability when it comes to the experience. When the ride is totally balanced (as staff seem to try and do), it's agony. You get thrown into the restraints at all the wrong angles, and can get stuck upside down through for prolonged portions of the ride (again getting thrown painfully into the restraints). I'll agree when it's running as it should, it's kind of fun. It's just got too much variation that turns every ride into a gamble, and the general operations stack the odds toward a bad ride. Basically, the ride itself isn't inherently bad (Insane at Gröna Lund is still a TPR favorite, and it's exactly the same model); the decisions the park made in operating it just seemed to try and neuter a rather intense ride at the expense of what actually made the ride good to begin with. Sometimes you can get lucky, but it's still a gamble.
  20. Got sushi with some friends and tried hot sake...I may have it socially in the future if someone else paid for it, but I would not openly order it again.
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