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Ever Been The Only One On A Ride?

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Believe it or not I had my own car on Test Track one night probably 9 or 10 years ago. In fact, my friend, my brother and I were the only ones in the station, so we each got our own car that round. Other than that, none really come to mind. I've had instances where my group was the only group on a coaster in various different numbers, and as cool as it is to ride completely by yourself, I would prefer a solo group ride to being completely alone.

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When I worked as a Ride Host at Cedar Point, I usually rode solo on the required morning test run. I usually worked Gemini, and very occasionally Skyhawk.


And most of the rides at SCBB -- Giant Dipper, Hurriance, Fireball, Double Shot, Pirate Ship, Haunted Castle, Speed Bumps (if that counts!)

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Yes, the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk. I was in line with one other guy and asked him if I could ride on an emtpy train and he said it was fine and the ride ops didn't mind either. Same thing happened to me on the Iron Shark at the Pleasure Pier this summer. I went early in the morning and it was almost completely empty and I got in two full rides by myself. One of the best ride experiences I've ever had.

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Outside of ERT on TPR trips I can't recall ever being the only one on a coaster. The best was an ERT on Nemesis at Thorpe a few years back. Only one on the train for a number of rides. Got a chance to try out a number of different seats.

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Back in '08 (end of my junior year in high school) I went to Disney World with my friend Drew after we got out of school in May. So one day we went to Hollywood Studios. The park was unbelievably dead. We ran over to Tower first (because it was our favorite) and ran through the queue, not having to wait a single minute. After passing through the misty outside garden, the hotel lobby and the library, we headed down into the boiler room. After seeing the majority of the visitors queuing with us head down the right side of the boiler room to load, we decided to go left (on a whim). Here we found ourselves as the only ones waiting for an elevator on the left side. I told Drew, "Dude, we better ask if we can have this one all to ourselves! That would be so awesome!" so we asked the bellhop and he quickly let us in the next arriving elevator car. We hopped in the front row, buckled up and he quickly shut the door as other guests were snaking their way through the boiler room queue and we got to ride by ourselves. One of the best ride moments, ever!!!


Drew on the left, me on the right.

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Outside of ERT on TPR trips I can't recall ever being the only one on a coaster. The best was an ERT on Nemesis at Thorpe a few years back. Only one on the train for a number of rides. Got a chance to try out a number of different seats.


That was a great ERT session as most participants chose to ride SAW while we were at Nemesis Inferno. I remember the participants on Nemesis Inferno diminishing over that hour as more more migrated to SAW, but no one returned to Nemesis Inferno.


I've been the only one on dozens of kiddie coasters. Outside of kiddie coasters and ERT the most recent occurence for me was X-Coaster at Magic Springs last summer. This also happens a bit during early season visits to parks.


I enjoy the spinning tea cups and trying to see how fast I can spin them especially when I'm the only person riding.

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Reading through this thread brought back a lot of memories of my own, so I just had to post, even though its been awhile since I've been on here:

Let's see...

At my home parks:


Yankee Clipper and Logger's Run (LR during Haunt, which was cool)

Whitewater Falls


Psycho Mouse


Wave Swinger





Cave Train

Haunted Castle

Logger's Revenge


Quicksilver Express

Mushroom Swing

Then, So-Cal Parks:


Scream (beat the daylights out of me!)

Riddler's Revenge

Superman the Escape

These three were at the TPR event


Space Mountain (end of night on a day with bad weather)

Pirates (kinda creepy alone)

most dark rides


most rides in park in 2001 (went during opening week late at night when it was deserted because they cancelled the AP program for DCA)

Ahhh I don't know what to say; that's pretty impressive. Do you get a chance to ride by yourself a bunch in the morning as soon as the park opens?

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I got lucky enough one morning at Kings Dominion to ride solo on both Dominator and I305. When I got through the gates I immediately went to Dominator as its the only coaster open right away. Sat in the front row and nobody else had gotten in line yet so they sent me by myself. Then I got the season pass early entry to the rest of the park and went straight back to Intimidator. I went to the front row and sat down. 2 other people were in line with me but they both wanted the front row as well so again they sent the train with just me on it!

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^My story also is at Kings Dominion.


My sister and I were at the park, and we were taking laps on Volcano to close out the night. We ended up getting the last ride of the night in the front seat, with nobody else on the train, resulting in the fastest and most incredible ride I've had on Volcano. We flew through the whole course.

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On the 2008 East Coast Tour, I was one of two on El Toro for a couple of rounds shortly after ERT on it ended. Kingda Ka opened and everyone else in the TPR group rushed over to get the credit. I didn't know at the time why they suddenly left, but I knew ERT on El Toro was over, so my riding partner and I took a few more laps on El Toro before the public flooded it. There used to be a photo of us on it here, somewhere.

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I found myself alone with a friend (if you can being with one other person alone) riding the Python at SFA one fall night when they were having their Halloween events. We were the only ones on the platform (other than of course the lone ride op on the boarding side) and the only ones to ride. It was pitch dark and the whole park was full of smoke from all the Halloween haunts and events they were having, and it was very quiet up there, just us and the sounds of the coaster in the night. It was also rather creepy and definitely lent an atmosphere to what was normally a rather simple, run of the mill Arrow shuttle loop.


Then I was by myself (just me, no companion) on Verbolten for one night ride, and I was riding right in the front, and that was also otherworldly and creepy. I really enjoyed that one.


For some reason (perhaps an ingrained psychological notion of there being safety in numbers; that, and facing something alone is almost always more daunting, even for those who have no fear of coasters) being alone on a coaster (or even with only one or two other people, leaving most of the train empty) is IMO a different experience than being on one filled with people, and it increases the thrill factor.

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Most recent one I can think of was when were at Knott's this past April. It was park closing and we just made the line before they closed it for Sierra Sidewinder. There were actually 4 of us and each of us took our own car (as there are 4 cars/train). While I wasn't the only one on the ride, I like to call it a 'private ride' as the ride contained only our group.


I also had a solo ride on CGA's flyers (I was the only rider) during the Global Winter Wonderland event. It was raining pretty steady, the rest of the group took shelter in the nearby Gametime building. This was my "One with the Flyers" ride as I made this ride sing, in the steady rain. Definitely a memorable experience!


That same night, all of us took shelter on the Gravitron that was set up inside the park. We were the only 3 riders in the ride...and being as how quite the ride was, we could hear every creak, pop, groan, etc on the ride...praying that the thing is going to hold together during our ride

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