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  1. No, they can’t get rid of the single rider on lex, I used to hop on and off solo in 2 minutes...
  2. Looks like magic mountain is aiming for another June/July opening unless we actually see some foundation work soon.
  3. This 100% confirms it’s the catch car that broke. Look at the size of the crate and that shiny new catch car already installed. Hopefully Knott’s took the last 6 months to make sure everything else running super smooth and get ahead on maintance.
  4. In reality small dents like that on the thick steel used In the supports should have little to no impact on the structural integrity of the ride. Knotts wouldn’t have assembled the dented pieces if it was a problem
  5. http://www.ocregister.com/2017/11/29/knotts-berry-farm-told-by-state-to-improve-safeguards-on-log-ride-after-boys-family-says-he-was-hurt/
  6. ^ I still can see Knotts testing hangtime before crazanity is even vertical Also as noted before the area behind the park being graded is likely for new homes. I remember a few years ago they had to move all their spare parts from the dirt lot behind apocalypse because it wasn’t on their property. So odds are 99.9% that the development is related to homes/businesses
  7. The official unofficial Dippin' Dots rumor says that Mondial gave Knott's a super big discount. Another very uncredible rumor says that the ride was free and Knott's only had to pay for the installation. They definitely got a large discount plus Knotts saved on having to do new foundation work with the existing windseeker foundation there
  8. Super excited about Hangtime. While no gigga or hyper I think this will be a long needed addition to the park and adds a a new fun experience to the boardwalk that seemed more family oriented since the refresh and with the old head banger boomerang there. Can’t wait to see it open plan to be there opening day if I can.
  9. If you look forward by boardwalk bbq you can see they have one of the large forward support columns up as well
  10. Every park I've been too will close the line either at park close or 15 min before park close (if its long). It all depends on supervisor on duty and the crew. Ive been in the station before 2-3 min before closing and they were making announcements of people running into the long line and jumping the barrier to leave since they had closed the line.
  11. Six flags is a going to be a year round park. Anyday Monday-Thur expect no lines unless it’s a holiday weekend or some special event. I think they extended weekly operating schedule this fall to test it
  12. Damn when I used to be at the park constantly back in 2009-2010 all the ride ops and maintaince guys knew me around Xcelerator and they would always tell me what was going on cus I knew what he normal breakdowns were and I’d just ask if had overheated or timed out over the top hat. Doubt same staff there now and prob wouldn’t recognize me.
  13. It would be nice if they got it reopened for the guests of the park. The park is always looking for a "marketing opportunity" when refurbishing old rides so this would provide them one to reopen it to the public again... But this is Magic Mountain we are talking about so my hopes aren't exactly too high
  14. Wasn’t the sky tower at magic mountain originally supposed to be a playboy party house? With the passing of Hefner it would be cool if the Park actually got it reopened in some kind of memory of him. I seriously miss that tower. Spent many hours at WCB up there escaping the heat in the AC feeling like I was designing a park in RCT looking down.
  15. I wondered what was taking so long to get work started once demo as complete. I thought they were just dicking around waiting until national roller coaster day. But then in one of the many videos which I now can't find, the park spokesman mentioned to the reporters that they had been working closely with Gerstlauer on the design and had just made the decision to demolish the old RipTide building because they still needed more space. I had wondered why they hadn't taken that building down yet. So it turns out that they have been in the design phase this entire time. Their seeming to not know what they were doing was actually just that. They didn't know exactly how much space they would need because the ride was still being worked out. That seems odd to me. Why wouldn't they have everything ready to go before they even start tearing down Boomerang? Is it common to be working on ride design during construction? Design has definitely been in progress for a while. I don’t think the delay in the construction and opening of the boardwalk bbq would have been if they weren’t designing that entire area around the new ride.
  16. Are they rebuilding the entire launch motor or something? That’s the only logical explanation at this point unless there’s some visible work being done to the launch track for something wrong with the cable system
  17. Am i the only one thinking that the delay in Boardwalk BBQ vertical construction has to do with the planning for whatever is replacing Boomerang. I feel like they wanted a rough idea of the footprint before they stuck a restaurant in that area.
  18. When they charge as much as theme parks do for parking, the structure can make them money in the long run.
  19. Beat me to it! It came off pretty hard from what it looked like. It came off very hard. Whole thing sprung upwards it startled me
  20. Another night more pieces removed. Was quite an effort to remove this piece it broke off pretty hard.
  21. No work on boomerang tonight. Everything's dark. Doubt we'll see any movement until Sunday night or Monday at the earliest. Also I wonder if the delayed vertical construction on the boardwalk BBQ has to do with potential design of a ride to replace boomerangs as sol spin construction started later I believe and theoretically would be more complicated then building a restaurant.
  22. Seems as if all the lights are back on, crane is moving should see something being picked up soon
  23. Pretty sure the cutting is on the ladder and emergency exit structure. Interesting too on the webcam this evening the entire backside of the park is dark. Quick google image search shows that the emergency platform part can't just be unbolted
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