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  1. Luna park Sydney has just announced they will be opening 9 new rides. https://justforfun.lunaparksydney.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Luna-Park-Sydney-to-invest-30m-on-major-updates-and-upgrades.pdf Luna Park Sydney unveiled today a $30 million plan to update and refresh one of Australia’s best known and most loved destinations, including the installations of new rides and attractions. The plan was officially announced by the Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres, and will transform the 85-year-old park into a worldclass amusement venue fit for the 21st century. Mr Ayres welcomed the $30 million investment economic boost and the creation of jobs at a critical time. “This investment will attract more people to Sydney and ensure that Luna Park continues providing joy and excitement to millions of families and children for the next 85 years and beyond,” he said. “We are excited to announce the introduction of nine new permanent rides that will thrill and excite all age levels, including six new children’s rides; a family coaster; a thrill ride; and a new Big Dipper, which will be the first inline seating launch roller coaster in the world. The new Big Dipper is a state-of-the-art ‘one seat wide’ train that is smaller than the original Big Dipper at Luna Park. It has been specifically designed to ride very low to the terrain where appropriate, in harmony with the historic landscape features of the site. Editor's note: the new Big Dipper will be the first installation of an Intamin Hot Racer coaster.
  2. https://seaworld.com.au/attractions/rides-and-precincts/the-new-atlantis The New Atlantis Discover The New Atlantis at Sea World, launching from this December! Built upon the heroes and legends of the Old Atlantis, the lessons and culture of the past are the foundations of this new multi-million-dollar utopian destination. Get ready to enter the realm of The New Atlantis and concur your greatest challenges! Coming soon to Sea World. A Sea World Gold Coast is expanding with a new "Atlantis" area including the following new rides for 2019 and 2020. Vortex - a Top Spin to open in December 2019 Trident - a 52 meter high. Star Flyer to open in April 2020 Leviathan - a 32 meter tall wooden roller coaster designed by Martin and Vleminckx and built by Gravity Kraft The New Atlantis MOD EDIT: I edited your post and replaced the lead post of this thread with your post and working link. Thank you.
  3. Would have to be Space mountain at hong kong disneyland. Not as good as the other space mountains in the world if im honest
  4. Does the seven dwarfs still have a single rider line?
  5. Hi i am going to beijing happy valley next week. I'm just wondering if you know any websites that sell tickets to it? Also any tips in general for being in china or hong kong?
  6. I'm going too Movie world Happy valley Beijing (I looked on wikipedia and they are saying a hypercoaster will be opening this year anyone know a date for that?) Disneyland shanghai Ocean Park Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong
  7. will the Slinky Dog Coaster coaster open before Toy story land opens? Or will they just wait til the whole land finishes
  8. Well even though I did the nearly 20 hour round trip to Queensland in January of this year I'm going to be doing it in November just to ride the Hypercoaster. Hopefully since school is back then it will be nice and empty and i can get some good rides on it.
  9. What will happen to California Screamin' I guessing they will re-theme it to some thing incredibles related or Buzz lightyear or even maybe the Inside out.
  10. I was just talking about how both are future based rollercoasters (make sense right?). But i should just stop talking i'm digging a hole I cant get out of.
  11. Why? I mean they have two "mine trains" in the same park! Are you really complaining about another potential awesome coaster in Magic Kingdom!?!?!? #dumb Seeing as Tron is one of the most awesome coasters Disney has ever made, anyone who complains about it replacing small go-karts shouldn't be allowed to ride it... I'm not complaining about getting a new coaster or getting rid of the speedway, hell I'm going to shanghai just to ride the coaster. I was just thinking usually they seem to avoid placing rides that are same ride types in the same land. Like that Big thunder is in frontierland and seven dwarfs is in fantasyland.
  12. Surely they wouldn't add another coaster that is really close to the coaster they currently have in the land, seeing as that tron is the replacement for space mountain in shanghai.
  13. Have to be Luna Park Sydney Wet N Wild Sydney Seaworld on the gold coast
  14. I am planning to go on the 25th of march next year which is a saturday. It's the only day it looks like i'll be able to make it. How busy is the park on weekends or is it worth looking maybe trying to go on a friday instead of a tour of hong kong that comes with the trip.
  15. I am planning to go on the 25th of march next year which is a saturday. It's the only day it looks like i'll be able to make it. How busy is the park on weekends or is it worth looking maybe trying to go on a friday instead of a tour of hong kong that comes with the trip.
  16. Not sold on the theming and the non-inverting loop other then that looks good. The wait times for backwards facing seats is going to be in the hours though
  17. Probably not as it would only be my brother and I. We both have drivers licences but we are from Australia so I do not know how we'd go driving. Mate, you'll be cool with a car. Trust me, done it on my last 3 visits, so much easier. Whilst doing everything opposite to what you're used too sounds a bit daunting, it doesn't take too long at all to get used too. Took me all of 500m and once you're in traffic, it's no different. Just don't hire a car by walking up to a rental place and doing over the counter. You will be rorted, especially in insurance fees. Shoot me a PM if you want any tips on hiring a car, it certainly is a good way to move about LA. I'm trying to organise my next trip in March 2018. We'll definately be doing MM again, only managed one ride on TC last year and ended up leaving early cos we were feeling a bit crook (flu). Turns out I'm not going to MM this year, Going to Orlando instead but looking at going in Feb, What are the crowds like mid feb? My only problem is that i'm still young early 20's so the car rental adds up very expensive.
  18. We might be able too. Although it just be my brother and I. We are Australian so I do not know how we'd go driving in the states
  19. Probably not as it would only be my brother and I. We both have drivers licences but we are from Australia so I do not know how we'd go driving.
  20. I'm looking at going to magic mountain in September probably the 23rd. Whats the easiest way to get there from Anaheim. I'd don't really want to take a tour that leaves at 5:30pm ish . I only have one day at the park and would like to do most of the park and leave a bit later. Would a uber be possible? Also would public transport be better like go half way then get taxi/uber?
  21. I'd say the new hypercoaster for movieworld would be in there somewhere as well
  22. I could have heard that one of the rides is going to be a steel wild mouse that is replacing the current one
  23. Now the Australian media is picking it up too. They've been reporting everything about theme parks after the dreamworld accident too. But that video horrible
  24. So I managed to be able to make the 9 or so hours drive up the coast to the gold coast to visit the parks. First park I hit up was Dreamworld. As you all probably know last year the Thunder river rapids ride malfunctioned and caused the deaths of 4 people. Which lead to the park being shut down for weeks and most of the rides also being closed to be checked over to make sure they were safe. I went to dreamworld on the 5th Jan. Which is smack bang in the middle of the school holidays so usually the park would be full. This year was a bit different. I was reading for days before I went to the park how empty the park was, carpark half empty etc. I was thought that maybe it was the media still trying to stir up stuff. But to my shock it seemed to be right although the car park did seem at least 70% full so maybe a fair few people went to the water park that day. As for the crowd at Dreamworld it was empty everything were either a walk on or at worst a 10-15 Min wait. Hopefully this was down to the fact that only 3 of the big 9 were open although I got lucky and a 4th one opened up later in the day. It will be interesting to see how the park goes in the future as many people think that Dreamworld and by proxy the other theme parks in Queensland are now unsafe death traps. Anyway on with day 1 Dreamworld The park was actually open from 9am to 9pm which was nice and with the cheaper tickets they were selling was a bargain. With the low crowd I was about to ride everything as many times as I wanted Sign board out the front say which rides were closed. Sorry for bad photo my phone didn't like taking photos of the boards main street about 50 mins after opening, I hit up the Motor coaster. I only got one smooth ride out of it. The front seat, all other seats were jerky and clunky Walls around the now infamous Thunder river rapids ride Poor photo but 2 guys working on the giant drop, I assume they were doing some maintenance while waiting for it to pass safety inspections Inside the Claw line. Fun ride. These types of flats are my favourites Second ever haunt, I really like this fun and scary too Fun little Kung Fu Panda themed bumper cars They have a whole area themed to Kung fu panda and it's awesome Looks fantastic at night too Signs out the front of all the closed rides Lunch for the day. This cost all up about which for what it was wasn't great, Typical theme park food Got lucky with Tail Spin opening the day I was there, Saw a guy working on it but didn't think it would be opening. I guess I got lucky. P.S don't go full out spinning right after lunch NOT FUN. After I had recovered from tail spin by watching a 4d movie in the Dreamworld theatre. I headed over to the BuzzSaw. I love this ride don't know why but I just do. Also this is probably my favourite shot of the whole trip Bad photo of the car park but it was actually quite full which was nice to see Fireworks and laser show. Good show great way to end the day at my first park since 2012 So that was the end of the day at Dreamworld, Great day being able to ride every ride how ever many times I wanted. Funny story the restraints on the claw got stuck and I thought I might've had to watch the fireworks and lasers from the claw but that didn't happen. Coming up next Part 2 Seaworld
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