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Ever Been The Only One On A Ride?

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I have a few times, when I went to Hershey Park on October 28th, 2012, I was the only one on Great Bear and Wildcat. It happened again on June 13th 2013 when severe weather threatened my area, only one on Wildcat and Flying Falcon. It was more funny than thrilling

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Excluding coasters with small trains such as Wild Mouses, here are the coasters that I've been the only one on for a ride:


Anaconda (Kings Dominion)


Excalibur (Funtown U.S.A.)- My family and I would often visit Funtown on a late August/early September weekday since most children from Maine have gone back to school by that point and the park was almost completely empty. I was able to ride Excalibur 35 straight times without getting off and for my last ride, it was just me in the front.


Joker's Jinx (Six Flags America)


Polar Coaster (Story Land)

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Don't know why I didn't post this earlier, but the most recent one that I can remember has to be when I was on the last train of he day on Gold Striker. I wasn't the only one but pretty dang close, there were three others and they sat in the front two rows. I, of course, took the glorious row 12. It was really weird seeing practically nobody in front of me until the front of the train.

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Yes - on Diavlo in Central Park, Japan for my last ride before we took off back to the hotel. (2007)

I was in the front row, and it was really awesome, all things considered, heh heh.

And recently, on the now finished TPR Japan Tour, David and me were sat at "the back of the boat"

(how embarrassing) at Sindbad's Adventure,in Tokyo Disney Sea. Not exactly a coaster, but it still felt...wierd.


"All by myself..." Diavlo in Central Park, Japan.

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I once had a back row ride on The Hulk by myself. Boy, that ride can be quite rough when you have a very light train. My favorite solo ride has to be Jaws. I was the only one on the boat and yes the skipper did the full routine, just for me. It was quite unreal especially that there were fireworks going off at the same time.

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I've snagged a lot of solo rides over the years at SFFT, but my favorite happened last year. I got to the park at opening on a day with 80% chance of storms. The park was practically empty and I got on Superman: KC first thing. It was nice and cool out and there was a good amount of fog. I sat front row, put in my headphones and listened to some Bruce Springsteen. It was amazing. I wish I could relive that ride every single time I go to SFFT.

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Cool topic, been on more than I care to admit all alone. My favorite though wasn't a coaster, but the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland. It was a slow day at Disney, and at the end of the night there was no line. I asked if I could not walk the quarter mile queue to re-ride, and they said they would put me back on it. I got one ride alone, and then one ride where a cast member came with me and explained to me how everything works, where stuff was, and so on.


For someone like me who always enjoys the "how stuff works" of the rides, it was absolutely amazing.


As for roller coasters, it's particularly amusing if you ever get to be the only one on a train between two full trains. I've had that happen a number of times.

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Here's a story for the "Ride it and they will come" department:


One year in Knoebel, I was the only rider on the Wipeout. After that ride was over, Believe it or not!, there was a massive line of riders waiting to board. Talk about stepping into another world experience.


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!"

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