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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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I don't get to marathon a lot at my home park because there are almost always lines and I am not going to wait to marathon, but at the beginning of this coaster season, my buddy and I rode Goliath (SFOG) 15 times in a row without getting off. It was amazing but after 15 rides I was blacking out on the helix. It was nuts!

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Two years ago me and my friend went on Batman The Ride at SFMM 10 times in a row without getting off the train then another 7-10 times later that night. We also went on Scream and Goliath like 5 times back to back without getting off then another 10 times scattered through the evening.

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I've ridden the Beast God knows how many times but every time I travel up to Ohio and I got to KI, one of the days I'm at the park, I try to ride the Beast as many times as possible. One day last summer I got to the park early for the ACE Beast walk back. I got back there I rode it 2 times then went around the park to ride the other rides for a while. When it got to be 6:00pm I headed over to the Beast, again, and just rode it until they closed it. This was also one of the nights they had the ERT on it from 10:00pm to 12:00pm for CoasterCon. So, I ended up riding the Beast 78 times that day. I know I'm crazy but every time I rode it it just got better and better.

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I don't have super impressive records, but I have a lot of great memories of marathon riding with my friends and family, especially at CGA. A couple of years ago, on a dead summer night, I rode Greased Lightnin' (Schwarzkopf shuttle loop) 10 times in a row without getting off. Also, I've ridden Invertigo 6 times in a row (my ears hurt so much after that. The ride is not made for marathon riding). I've gotten to ride the Orbit (Enterprise) 5 times in a row, though afterwards I nearly lost my lunch. During the ride's opening weekend, I rode Firefall (Top Spin) 8 times in one day, and the lines weren't that bad. Other than CGA, I haven't really done much marathons.

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I'm a Kiddieland ride op at Kennywood and when we were learning how the Lil' Phantom worked we took turns riding so we could learn how the train would behave with different amounts of weight in it (i.e. if it's full it goes further before stopping) and I rode on it 14.5 times, with a brief break after the 7th lap. I say 14.5 because one of the other ride ops in training accidentally let the lift shut off when we were cresting the hill on what would have been lap 8 and the train rolled back (no anti-rollbacks on this kiddie coaster) into the station at a much faster speed than it does on a normal circuit!


As a normal guest, I don't usually ride things more than once in a row, but my record is 5 cycles on Kennywood's whip. Fun times.

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