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  1. ^ Your right, I found it quite a few pages in. Not as black and blue as some topics, but I'll stop beating the dead " insert your animal here " now.
  2. I noticed this on the Events page at SFMM: Coaster Enthusiast Day Seasonal 3/19 Are you addicted to “The Roller Coaster Rush?” Join us at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, March 19, 2011 for Coaster Enthusiast Day. Exclusive Early Rider Time (ERT) starts at 8:30am and the ticket includes Park Admission, two meals, free parking, PLUS MORE! Limited quantity available. Call (661) 255-4806 for details.
  3. Stopped by the park yesterday at opening. All rides were walk on with re-rides if anyone wanted with the exception of X2. No misters on Terminator, but the first set of misters on X2 were operating. I did also notice the Axe Twisted wrap on Viper, the new larger umbrella and tables near cold stone in the back of the park, and the new shaded character meeting locations.
  4. I made a quick stop yesterday and noticed several men tying rebar forms behind Terminator. Park was pretty empty despite the large number of buses in the parking lot. Managed to ride all open major coaster including being the only rider on Batman and Riddlers. I got a "Welcome back rider..." on Riddlers. The only line in the park was for X2and it was about 30 minutes.
  5. Anyone seen the trailer for The Human Centipede? Disturbing how the sections are connected.
  6. There are still tickets and tours available until Dec 13. I think they are in limited almost sold out supply at www.princessandfrogtickets.com.
  7. Last year it seemed to be the place that parents dropped their kids off so that they could go do their holiday shopping. I know this is standard procedure for most parents, but it was pretty busy.
  8. By 12:30ish cars were already parking on the other side of the picnic area about half way down towards Scream, which was running. Lines however didn’t seem very long.
  9. ^^I think I did that when I downloaded the free videos. I entered an incorrect e-mail address, hit the back button and when I hit enter after the correct e-mail was entered it said shipping was $5.00. I assume the default is the $5.00 shipping option and if it is not changed it will show up on the total amount due.
  10. It appears I will be going alone. Is there an extra body that would like to attend?
  11. That's the same clip from the SFMM website. I noticed it on Saturday night.
  12. ^^I went to the Live 105.5 web page and it reads exactly as shown. But she said when she heard it on the radio it was "be caller number 10 and win."
  13. Just had a friend send me this info she heard about on a local LA radio station. We are the Resistance . . . On Thursday, May 21st we fight back! SEE it, then RIDE it! Live 105.5 has your tickets to see the new Warner Bros. film "Terminator Salvation", one of the summer’s most anticipated films, on opening day! Then right after the screening of the new film starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington . . . face the machines in person on Terminator Salvation: The Ride only at Six Flags Magic Mountain before the ride opens to the public!!! You'll join Live 105.5 members of the resistance on an exclusive bus trip to experience the new movie on the day it opens! Then you'll be transported to Six Flags Magic Mountain for your final mission! If you dare, climb aboard Terminator Salvation: The Ride, two days before it opens to the public! You’ll be taken on a journey that transports you into a post-apocalyptic future to attempt to save human kind...rise up and face a wooden coaster like no other featuring an eruption of sights, sounds and thrills. The End Begins! Join us . . . You are the Resistance and we fight back Thursday, May 21st. The movie is screening will take place in Valencia at 11am and after being bused to ride Terminator Salvation: The Ride
  14. The first picture on page 3 looks like there are lockers already installed under the first metal structure after the bridge.
  15. The X2 campout was held on the Friday before the long Memorial day weekend. ^ I would tend to agree...It would be cool to have a TPR something or another but a new coaster will also do.
  16. Smack My B!tch Up/Orinocco Flow-Prodigy Vs Enya Mash Up
  17. ^William it was a good guess on our part. The girls and I finally found it right before we left the park. Oh well, there is always next year.
  18. Pic #12 from R to L Big man at the mountain-Mike, my daughter-Shane, Her friend from Colorado-Ryan, my girlfriend-Jess and Myself-Chris. It was great to meet ya Mike.
  19. I agree the event was great and even topped last year. I do agree with Nisshoku about the strange safety operations. We rode scream before the park closed around 7:45. Once loaded the crew only checked the first row of riders. We were riding in the second row with additional riders behind us, and no employee checked our restraints or the riders behind us.
  20. I believe the Mondial Fighter made it first US appearance two years ago. It was at the Ventura County Fair and the local paper was stating it was the ride's first appearance in the US at that time.
  21. I hit El Toro 15 times the first week in May, but my record is 22 on Goliath at MM.
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