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  1. I have had that same problem when either getting off Goliath, or using the fastpass line. Their is just too many people standing in the way, and not one employee saying anything to them.
  2. yeah that is true, the reason i said that is because i was at the rear of the park most of the day. I was only on that side later on in the day so the lines weren't that bad to me.
  3. I was at SFMM yesterday and it was a fairly nice day. The park was full of people who were waiting in a 3-4 hour line for X2. I noticed that their was a large amount of security for crowd control. i started my day off at the back of the park with Deja Vu, Riddler, etc... When i made my way over to goliath i noticed that it was running 3 trains. Which was very nice to see. After that i made my way up to the top of the hill. when i noticed as i was walking to superman that the laughing dragon was open i didn't get a chance to go in it was nice to see. Their was a disturbance later on in the day by the Cold Stones with people fighting but was handled Quickly. Viper was running smoothly as usual with 3 trains. All in all it was a great day at my favorite mountain.
  4. yeah I was watching TMZ I find it funny. Off topic alert: Do you watch House, and bones??? Also why don't ya like X???
  5. I just saw the X2 commercial for the first time. I thought it was awsome, but at the end i personally could have done without the "Six flags more flags more fun" bit
  6. The movie looks cool, but i cant see this becoming one of the haunted houses at all.
  7. Nice TR Robb!!!! Glad to see the falls "Falling again" Seeing the Thomas the Train area coming together nicely. My anticipations raises Seeing those X2 shirts.
  8. Man!!!! I wish i could have gone it looked like you guys had a blast.
  9. I would love to see the Chiller make a comeback, if they can make it work.
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