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  1. After seeing Six Flags stock start falling last year I knew it wouldn't be long. I thought they might crash before this though.
  2. There is going to be a nice pop of air right before that break run. I hope I will be able to ride this thing.
  3. I can not wait till I am 16 and can scare at SFGAm! Good luck to anyone who is working this year at any event.
  4. I for one can vouch for that "All over the park" statement on this ride. When I went last month to KI for my class trip I saw paint lines and flags as far as the carousel, and the entrance.
  5. Last year I rode Expedition Everest 35 times in one day. I <3 the single rider line, you always sit with the most interesting people.
  6. I will be heading to KI next week for a class trip so I will have some updated pictures if anything has changed.
  7. So your saying since EE stops twice to switch directions it is lame?
  8. Also look at the track in the background of the art. No ties on the track at all, it is just the spine... ew.
  9. http://www.thedibb.co.uk/seaworld-manta.php Let the drooling begin...
  10. I am sure the park will look 100% better once the trees grow in.
  11. Is there anyway to get the train back into the station without doing breaks then half-loop into the station? Seems a little unrealistic. But I know this is just a game.
  12. As said above, this would be an awesome game to have on a PSP or DS.
  13. Let's blame it on Youtube and the rest of the internets!
  14. Line jumping isn't much better at WDW. Last trip I was in line for EE and it was the usual Saturday rush with full midway ropes up for the line out to the food truck. Well I was right at the building where you enter the first room of the real que where the FP cast member stands. And a mom, dad, and a stroller with a baby in it walks up behind me. Me being the nice guy I am I politely say, "The line starts back there by the truck mam.(While pointing to the truck)" In response the lady ignores me and says to her hubby, "I am not going to listen to some three year old!" I was 13 at the time and I was so flippin tempted to say "Do I look like a 3 year old to you?" Or just hit her, but I knew nothing good would come out of it. Plus, that hubby was quite big. I wish they did enforce this but, oh well, you can't have everything.
  15. While it looks nice it seems too cartoonish for me and doesn't fit with the rest of the park.
  16. Please tell me they are going to repaint the old ripsaw before opening.
  17. Because I have seen it happen before. Don't be a smart ass your no where near being done yet. So just skip the adverts for now your digging yourself a deeper grave from when something bad happens.
  18. ^You obviously have no sense of reality. Think about it he has a release date and all this fake PR stuff for an over hyped model. He needs to put more work into it. Do you honestly think this deserves such attention. I still say he won't finish it. And I am saying this as constructive criticism You really need to put more thought into this model.
  19. *coughcornycough* Seriously work on the coaster and make it quality instead of doing all this over hyped PR stuff. You arn't really putting all you can in the coaster, when you could make it great you over hype it before anything happens. Put your coaster where you mouth is man... Seriously.
  20. Looks amazing but the track to size of car ratio looks insane. You really need to somehow downsize the thing its huge! There is no way the track can support that.
  21. I drove past SFGAm recently and I thought I saw a large gray building being built. Actually it was almost done. But usually the ride goes first then the building so I do not know.
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