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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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I rode SkyRush over 23x in one day.

I rode possessed at Dorney park 17x in one day.

Ive ridden Manta and Kraken at Seaworld Orlando probably 200+ times. I ride them atleast 15x minimum when I go.

I did Daredevil dive like 6x without getting off during Holiday in the park last December.

And I have ridden Superman at SFA 5x in a row.

I did Gemini about 15x in the last row one time. It has great airtime.

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A friend and I went to the media day for B:TR at SFSTL. This ended up being the same day as the Oklahoma City bombing. It started at sunrise, but as news got out of the bombing the crowd started to dwindle. If I recall correctly, by noon or so it was literally just my friend and I and we weren't due to get picked up until 3ish (this was pre- cell phones and it was easiest to just stick with the plan, remember those days?). Anyway, we only had to get off the ride a couple times for cameras to get switched, adjusted, etc., so... I don't know, a hundred times? Maybe less, maybe more?


Different friend and I got invited to the coaster marathon at SFSTL a couple years back (and our team won!). That was an... interesting... experience. All 9 coasters for 9 hours. There were people puking like 20 minutes in (why would they even enter the contest haha). Anyway, it was gross and I won't be doing it again.

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87 rides consecutively (minus one cycle) on Jaguar! at Knott's Berry Farm during Coasting for Kids.


Also during that event...

21 rides on Coast Rider

2 rides on Xcelerator

1 ride each on Silver Bullet, Pony Express and GhostRider


113 coaster rides total in one day for the kids. Wouldn't have it any other way!

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