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  1. Hi, it is possible to do each park in a day although fastpasses would make life easier. There are several options for getting from AT to London (the train shouldn't have been anywhere near that expensive - which website did you use??) As for getting to AT, you're probably stuck with a bus/taxi from Stoke train station Hope that helps
  2. Any idea how the train actually moves?? In the video, there was nobody on the footplate and the "smoke" coming from the chimney was fake. I know they shipped the locomotive from the movies out there so why don't they run it under it's own power??
  3. Am I the only one that thinks it'll be a shame when that floor in Gringotts gets covered by queue lines?? Nobody will ever see it
  4. Hi All, I went to Pleasurewood Hills today to experience Hobs Pit and I must say I was rather impressed. Having not experienced a ride like this before, I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it all seemed pretty good. I went through with two teenagers who were constantly being scared by the scare actors most of whom only jumped out at us, shouted or followed us, however I'm sure that given time they will develop more of a script to follow. The theming was very impressive, and not just impressive for PWH, as was the dark ride section. This uses exactly the same track and layout as the storybook ride that it replaces, albeit with the station moved round a little andwith totally rebuilt ride cars. Without giving too much away, it uses many of the features seen in dark rides all around the world (holograms, projection onto mannequins etc) and the result is highly effective, creating an experience full of screams. I did find it hard to link the storyline with the experience though in parts, however this again is something that will be developed in time. PWH have already said that this is the 'mark 1' version of the ride and that it will be developed in time. Overall, this is a very impressive ride and would be a great addition to pretty much any park. It is still new and the scare actors are still learning what works best but I'm sure that this will be sorted soon. As for the rest of the park, it looks like lots of money has been spent on paint over the winter and so the park is looking a lot nicer and the staff friendlier than in previous years. This has potential to be a great year for PWH. Sorry for the lack of pics - my camera has broken and my phone camera isn't very good Thanks for reading, Andrew
  5. Mine arrived this morning - I'll post some pictures when I get back from carolling later. Thank you Secret Santa!! Andrew
  6. Mine's all bought and sent - I hope my recipient likes their present!!
  7. If we're posting interests, I'm a chemistry nerd, I'm into all things random, owing to my curious and random mind, I like most kinds of movies and music, other than rap and horror and my t-shirt size is medium. I hope this helps!! If not, please surprise me with anything as I'm sure that would be equally great
  8. I don't know why I've not taken part in this before - Thanks for organising this I'm in - Can't wait to see who I get
  9. Well done!!! maybe that was a little harder than i thought Your turn!!
  10. Haha that would be painful - they're anything upwards of 3" in diameter It's something to do with a concrete pump
  11. Nope - it's one solid piece of rubber with no holes or anything
  12. Not the end but you're really close
  13. Nope - as a little hint, it's something you might find on a building site, especially one for a tall building
  14. Ok everyone - What do you think this is??
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