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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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I am not a big fan of re-riding a coaster over and over again.

Probably 3 consecutive rides on Boulder Dash-Magnum-Hulk-Kraken.

3 is my maximum. I get bored after that.


Edit: When I was younger I remember I rode the Top Spin at my local theme park 13 times in a row. I would NEVER do that again.


I agree it does get boring riding over and over, even if it is the best ride, i'm not the type who likes doing that, like going on variety more then quanity but have rode desperado about 50 times in a row once when I was a pre teen cause that was the only roller coaster there and it was chill hanging with friends doing that. WILL ALSO NEVER DO THAT AGAIN lol

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I'm generally not one to ride the same coaster over and over again, although we did ride Terminator 7 times in 2 hours a few weeks ago.


I think the most I've done in one day is 27 rides on Xcelerator at Solace one year.


We also got about 7 or 8 night-rides on Expedition Everest during EMH a couple years ago.


I also remember a day at DCA back in 2002 or 2003 of riding CA Screamin' about 10-12 times in a day.


It was a ride on Screamin', drink at the bar, ride on Screamin', drink at the bar, rinse, repeat.


Now THAT was fun.

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I used to ride ride Shockwave at SFGAm between 20-30 times any given night, then after it was removed rode Demon 30+ times many times, and 66 on Avalanch at Timber Falls. The most ive done recently is maybe 12 on Xcelerator, my body isnt as receptive to marathoning as it used to be.

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