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  1. ^ incidentally though, if you look at B&M inverted coasters, they use similar tires on their drive wheels. I think that this is what coasterlover420 was referring to. See image below just ahead of the train.
  2. What you guys are trying to do is create a perpetual motion machine, not possible. With some power added in the morning this idea would somewhat work, but you would always have to inject power into the system. The problem with generators on the wheels is that they cause excess friction, so current standing rides will not be able to make the course AND provide any kind of decent amount of power. The wheels at IAAPA used low energy leds, which is fine and easy to harness the power for. A chain lift pulling a X-ton train, not so feasible. sorry to burst your bubble.
  3. ^ im pretty sure that they are solid rubber. no air in them.
  4. Completely Disagree! I do infact not have ADHD, I have the lesser, ADD. The problem for me is that I have a hard time focusing on one subject for long periods of time. I have the hardest time in school, and for every hour that a "normal" student studies, I have to study 2.5 hours or more to learn whatever subject it may be. Before anyone says anything, its not be simply being distracted. There is a difference between daydreaming, and add. Being someone with it, I can tell, and feel the difference, but its impossible to describe. But, In no way does this make me incapable of waiting in line. ADD, ADHD, no excuse for skipping lines. EDIT: ^ I do see your point and also agree. I love my classes in school, but that still doesnt change the fact that I will "come to" for a lack of better word, and have no idea what has happened for the last who knows how long of class. So it really comes down to the severity of it as well as parenting, as well as a whole bunch of things. Even with how severe my ADD is, I can still wait in line. End of story.
  5. Can you post more of the s.o.p. manual for space? i dunno why but i love reading those manuals.
  6. "we added 100 feet to top thrill dragster and renamed it... (pause for effect)... Space shuttle! the ride!"
  7. For someone that hasnt seen either fantasmic unfortunately, what is wrong with him?/ where should he be if there werent an issue?
  8. yeah, steve denies all responsibility because it was all my fault. heheheh I wish that I could have been there as well to represent. Alas being sick kinda got in the way of that... >.<
  9. ^Same here. Last weekend was practically trimless, caused for some amazing rides! And for those of you who have talked about local bias. If anyone had been looking forward to this ride more than me, then I will put my foot in my mouth. But to be completely honest, my first ride sucked something else. It didnt help matters when my second ride was blah as well. Like many have stated, the ride has its good days and bad days. You just need to catch it on a good day.
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