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  1. I'd have to agree and say that you are right on. There is free movement with the rack and pinion system. Its very noticeable when in the station or on brake run if you simply pick up your legs and then bang them against the leg rest repeatedly. You will notice that you can rock the seats and that the rail doesn't hold the seat/pickle assembly perfectly firm. So then, as the train moves around the course any slight variance in the rail and/or acceleration and deceleration could therefore cause the seats to rock back and forth due to this slack in the system. So, as the train is racing through t
  2. You know man I love your spirit and all but I kinda think that goal is a bit too high. More power to you if you can make it though! You might want to click my banner and see my goal. It's only been a week and I am almost half way there. Anything is possible. We are all a very supportive group and as you can see we will help each other achieve, and more than likely surpass, our goals. I am confident he will reach his $500 and come next pay check he will have ten dollars coming his way to get him that much closer. Good luck everyone and I know we can all do it. 10k as a group here we come
  3. $10 To start Brandi off. Good luck Brandi http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/brandikaiser/KingsIsland
  4. Ten bucks to Dave to bring him over $300 and that much closer to his goal. Good luck David. https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/DavidWavid/KnottsBerryFarm
  5. Only $10 away from $400 who wants to help out. I'll donate $10 to someone else's page. Either random or you tell me who.
  6. I had the same issue with my iPhone. It doesn't get past the processing screen. I just ended up registering on my Mac perfectly fine. And actually your account will already have been created, but you won't be registered for a team or will your card be charged. If I remember correctly. But hey at least the account is already created. Have to look at the positives.
  7. Ten dollars closer Nicole. Good luck!! To others. I set 1,000 as my goal so any love would be greatly appreciated. Though the children appreciate it more. Good luck everyone Such an amazing cause.
  8. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/matthew_dz/KnottsBerryFarm If I didn't already have a San Fran vacation planned till the 9th I would totally be on Valleyfair! Hope it gets some lovin'. Hello everyone I am Matt. I have been following the site for at least four or five years now. I have been to three TPR Events including Termination Day, WCB 09' and 10'. Other Events I have been to include the X2 Campout, Gay Days Anaheim 09'-11', as well as Out On The Mountain 09'-11'. My love for coasters started at about age 12 when I went to Knott's Berry Farm and rode my first steel coaste
  9. I went to Out On The Mountain as well. It was my first time being at the park since WCB 10'. Park looked pretty much same as before. We did X2 first thing to hopefully avoid lines and was on the next train once arriving to the station. Didn't look at which train I was on but I can confirm that SOME audio is still working. I was in the last row left side if you are looking out the station. During lift and while sitting on transfer waiting to advance to wait I did notice that the audio was working up front in the train. It was very faint so I would imagine it was only the first couple rows.
  10. For those of you who have ridden X and Scream and any other ride that is "painful," by now shouldn't you know where all the problem spots are and be able to brace yourself? I realize X2 has it moments. And for that very reason I brace my head against the restraint on certain elements and have no problem at all. If its your first time I understand but after say your 20th time you should know how to position yourself. Or maybe I am just special. Some coasters like Colossus are obviously a little harder and there isn't much you can do.
  11. ^^ Guess that person never heard of a thing called liability. Or maybe its just a Six Flags thing. Apparently CF is above the law so they can just use who ever they want? Must be.
  12. After reading this thread it got me looking into Oasis of the Seas. And now I am like amazed by that ship. It is so gorgeous and the open design down the middle of the ship is so creative. Im REALLY hoping I can save up some money and have a opportunity to sale on this awesome ship. It would be my first cruise so might as well go all out right.
  13. I remember during WCB '09 while at Tatsu I asked a mechanic about when Deja would open and she said that they have to wait to test it because they can't run it if the track is wet due to hydroplaning. But I have seen them operate it before in the past whilst raining. So I don't know if she was just pulling it out of her a$$ of if they just have these polices and follow them when they please.
  14. Rev received OTSR's because Six Flags made a decision that all rides with an inversion have to have a OTSR. They talked about that at WCB '09.
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