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  1. I'd be sad to see Katapult go, and I'd be VERY sad to see Der Wirberlwind go. What were the latter's recent upgrades?
  2. Given the choice, I'd sooner ride Spiderman. Everything about the ride feels so grand. DarKastle isn't horrible, but it just didn't meet the same mark that Spiderman seems to do effortlessly.
  3. I go to parks alone all the time. I went to Sea World for a couple hours after class today. I'm pretty used to it. I like going by myself, but it doesn't replace going with friends.
  4. Anaconda had amazing hangtime during its corkscrews. I loved it.
  5. For what it's worth, I've been on a handful of B&M coasters, and I haven't noticed that sound on any of them. I don't even remember hearing it on the drop on Griffon. Does it always happen there?
  6. I thought Apollo's Chariot was really overrated too. Like, I only found one pop of air near the end of the ride. It was fun, but it didn't amaze me.
  7. Great pics of Sea World. It's one of my favorite parks. I LOVE Journey to Atlantis, and that night picture of it is just lush. I'm glad you liked Manta too. It's currently my second-favorite roller coaster.
  8. God, I love Epcot. This thread is making me so excited for my upcoming visit. I haven't been to Epcot since August, but I'll be going this coming Tuesday for my boyfriend's 20th birthday! I can't wait. I am hoping the night goes perfect. And this thread has got me looking forward to visiting again. Epcot is my favorite park in the Orlando area. And even with all that, Future World could just as soon not exist, and I'd love the park no less. The fact that it's there is just like a bonus. World Showcase is where it's at for me. I desperately wish they would add a new country (or two, or three...).
  9. I agree, the Big Bad Wolf feels like it has to be going at least 50mph, but probably more. Is the speed on suspended roller coasters harder to measure or something, like due to the swinging?
  10. God willing, it should be Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Saturday.
  11. I will be visiting the weekend of the thirteenth of August, just to ride the Big Bad Wolf (and to see my auntie who lives in VA ^_^) The fact that its end is near still hasn't hit me yet. This was my second favorite roller coaster. I'm looking very forward to riding it one (or 50) last time(s) before I'll never be able to again. I hope there are some shirts left by the time I get there.
  12. In 2001, Busch Gardens's Howl-O-Scream debuted Escape From Insanity, which set the bar for haunted houses based on asylums. It lasted for four seasons. In 2003, Knott's debuted The Asylum, and Universal Orlando debuted Psychoscareapy. I feel like both of them were answers to the incredible reception that Escape From Insanity had. But in 2004, the haunted house was re-themed as Escape From Insanity: Lockdown. Basically, the best haunted house ever. I really can't believe Knott's would use the same subtitle for a house that already has such a similar theme. It's a touch... obvious.
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