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  1. was really looking forward to a trip to CA before the opening of coaster season, looks like September will be the new date for my new Magic Mountain credits and my Knotts credits..
  2. on an off note, "KISS meets the Phantom" was awesome 70's cheese at its best! it would be great to see Colossus get a make over, Six Flags altered and neutered several wooden coasters, with the new technology that's out there they can do wonders with the woodies now. however, how many people ( and you know there will be some) will hate having a "new" Colossus? I can think of several woodies at Six Flags parks that could use the "treatment" maybe this will be a trend we see at other SF parks with their woodies...
  3. Most likely it will be something out at Magic Mountain, that's looking to be my first coaster stop this year. hopefully even though Robb is limiting bashes this year, West Coast Bash will still be happening in the off season. if not then the first coaster for me this year will be Outlaw Run its opening weekend.
  4. Yay! I'm glad you like all your gifts! wanted to make sure and get something strange and something you didn't already have
  5. Got my secret Santa gift shortly after the gift exchange started, 3 nice T-shirts, was really pleased with them. I got my secret Santa gift mailed out today, it will ( or should) arrive by Thursday..
  6. had a great time last year, would love to participate again this year! Roller coasters, theme parks, scary movies, gaming, strange things, cooking/baking, musicals, 70's retro stuff, the rock band KISS, eating out, travel,... these are a few of my favorite things... t-shirt size is large
  7. Excalibur has been closed for a lot of this season, but it's always got problems, so its really nothing new. I have been reading the comments about Boomerang, and been doing some thinking myself, I have very mixed feelings about the whole situation. Pro's for getting Boomerang: it raises our coaster count up again and getting us a little closer to a lot of other parks totals it will help bring people to that back section of the park and give it some life back there its another coaster the noted orange and green colors will look nice next to the Screamin Eagle Con's for getting Boomerang: it's not a hyper or giga or steel giant its a 20+ year old coaster that is being removed most likely due to low ridership its a Vekoma, which is just like our Ninja, unless new trains are added, we will end up having another coaster like Ninja, with low ridership, just taking up space that everyone including the operators of the ride complain about regularly, that will almost always be a walk on ride..
  8. Six Flags St. Louis for Fright Fest the next few weekends, Then Silver Dollar City in December for their Christmas festival
  9. Technically I would say the tallest coaster I have been on would of been the High Roller that used to be on the Stratosphere tower..but if that doesn't count, then Steel: Kingda Ka Wood: El Toro
  10. have only been to my park the past 2 months, so I am going to have to say the Screamin Eagle would have to be the best. to me it's one of those coasters that never lets you down, and always produces a great ride..
  11. as long as the Midwest trip is one of the trips announced, I will most definitely be taking that one, I had a fantastic time on the New Hotness tour, and can't wait for another trip!
  12. New York Coney Island Six Flags Great Adventure Knoebel’s Hersheypark King’s Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Carowinds Dollywood Lake Winnepesaukah Six Flags Over Georgia
  13. it's not going to do anything but add a coaster to the line up of the park, and impress a few folks, if the trains don't get changed, it will just take one season of that for folks to realize its just as bad of a ride as Ninja is, so then we will have 2 bang your head, boring coasters in operation at the same time... well at least we know with the 2 bad coasters, there will be 2 rides you can always walk on at any given time. at least there is Silver Dollar City and doing another TPR trip, eventually my home park will get a worthwhile investment from corporate...
  14. we couldn't have been any closer that that last hotel, it worked out perfect!
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