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  1. was really looking forward to a trip to CA before the opening of coaster season, looks like September will be the new date for my new Magic Mountain credits and my Knotts credits..
  2. on an off note, "KISS meets the Phantom" was awesome 70's cheese at its best! it would be great to see Colossus get a make over, Six Flags altered and neutered several wooden coasters, with the new technology that's out there they can do wonders with the woodies now. however, how many people ( and you know there will be some) will hate having a "new" Colossus? I can think of several woodies at Six Flags parks that could use the "treatment" maybe this will be a trend we see at other SF parks with their woodies...
  3. Most likely it will be something out at Magic Mountain, that's looking to be my first coaster stop this year. hopefully even though Robb is limiting bashes this year, West Coast Bash will still be happening in the off season. if not then the first coaster for me this year will be Outlaw Run its opening weekend.
  4. Yay! I'm glad you like all your gifts! wanted to make sure and get something strange and something you didn't already have
  5. Got my secret Santa gift shortly after the gift exchange started, 3 nice T-shirts, was really pleased with them. I got my secret Santa gift mailed out today, it will ( or should) arrive by Thursday..
  6. had a great time last year, would love to participate again this year! Roller coasters, theme parks, scary movies, gaming, strange things, cooking/baking, musicals, 70's retro stuff, the rock band KISS, eating out, travel,... these are a few of my favorite things... t-shirt size is large
  7. Excalibur has been closed for a lot of this season, but it's always got problems, so its really nothing new. I have been reading the comments about Boomerang, and been doing some thinking myself, I have very mixed feelings about the whole situation. Pro's for getting Boomerang: it raises our coaster count up again and getting us a little closer to a lot of other parks totals it will help bring people to that back section of the park and give it some life back there its another coaster the noted orange and green colors will look nice next to the Screamin Eagle Con's for getting Boomerang: it's not a hyper or giga or steel giant its a 20+ year old coaster that is being removed most likely due to low ridership its a Vekoma, which is just like our Ninja, unless new trains are added, we will end up having another coaster like Ninja, with low ridership, just taking up space that everyone including the operators of the ride complain about regularly, that will almost always be a walk on ride..
  8. Six Flags St. Louis for Fright Fest the next few weekends, Then Silver Dollar City in December for their Christmas festival
  9. Technically I would say the tallest coaster I have been on would of been the High Roller that used to be on the Stratosphere tower..but if that doesn't count, then Steel: Kingda Ka Wood: El Toro
  10. have only been to my park the past 2 months, so I am going to have to say the Screamin Eagle would have to be the best. to me it's one of those coasters that never lets you down, and always produces a great ride..
  11. as long as the Midwest trip is one of the trips announced, I will most definitely be taking that one, I had a fantastic time on the New Hotness tour, and can't wait for another trip!
  12. New York Coney Island Six Flags Great Adventure Knoebel’s Hersheypark King’s Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Carowinds Dollywood Lake Winnepesaukah Six Flags Over Georgia
  13. it's not going to do anything but add a coaster to the line up of the park, and impress a few folks, if the trains don't get changed, it will just take one season of that for folks to realize its just as bad of a ride as Ninja is, so then we will have 2 bang your head, boring coasters in operation at the same time... well at least we know with the 2 bad coasters, there will be 2 rides you can always walk on at any given time. at least there is Silver Dollar City and doing another TPR trip, eventually my home park will get a worthwhile investment from corporate...
  14. we couldn't have been any closer that that last hotel, it worked out perfect!
  15. I'm going to have to go with the sound that El Toro makes going over the airtime hills, haven't heard that sound on any other wooden coaster.. I also like the sound of B & M hypers, they have a very distinct sound.
  16. Well I must say, I was a little hesitant to throw down the money I did for the New Hotness tour, but let me tell you, once my 12 days was over and I was back home relaxing in my chair, recounting the experiences I had, the coasters I rode, the friends I made, the trip was every bit worth the money I spent on it, including all the extras I paid for, t-shirts, onride photo's, etc.. let's talk about the trip now... I arrived on the 30th and relaxed in my room since there wasn't a whole lot more to do in Newark NJ, the room was really comfortable, and the restaurant downstairs offered a nice menu, I wasn't too thrilled with the wifi, but it was a pretty unanimous feeling amongst the other participants as evident by a lot of us sitting out in the hallways to get a better signal. The next day was the NY city add on with Coney Island. we arrived there in the morning, and met up with Scotty of Scotty's Pizza tours and he was our guide for the next few hours. we walked the streets of little Italy and stopped at 3 different pizza places, Lombardi's, Forcelli's, and Joe's Pizza for a different slice at each one, we also learned about the ovens, how the pies are made, and the history behind it all. you would think it was a boring tour, but it was actually pretty interesting, and the pizza was awesome! not to mention you got a view of NY too. moving on with the report, after the pizza tour was over it was time to head to Coney Island! This place was everything I was expecting it to be, after seeing it in videos and coaster specials for years, of course the first order of the day was the Cyclone, I was thrilled to be riding a piece of history, it's almost a rite of passage to ride it, however I wasn't expecting the roughness of it, nor was I expecting to get ejected out of my seat on the hills, only to be slammed back down at the valleys. I was banged around and it took me by total surprise. now I know why the seats are literally covered in extra padding, you really do need it! I rode this twice, the second ride wasn't nearly as bad, and there was no way I was going to sit in the back seat of that monster.. We rode a few of the other coasters there at the park, nothing really worth hooting and hollering about though. we headed back to NJ and the hotel around 10 pm we had to get up early and be in the lobby with our luggage by 7 to officially start the trip. the first stop was Six Flags Great Adventure, I really enjoyed this park a lot, we had to deal with some rain at the start of the day, and it stuck around for a few hours, the rides would close, and open frequently, but we stood our ground and patience, and eventually the day turned out great, and we got every credit in. I was blown away by Kingda Ka, however I wasn't expecting it to be as rough as it was, so that was kind of surprising. up until this trip, The Voyage was my top wooden thrill, but that all changed once I rode El Toro! holy cow the insane airtime, and speed of that coaster combined with how smooth it flies over that track, is incredible. we had night time ERT on this one and after 13 times of riding this one, I was feeling the day. another awesome coaster from this park was Nitro! we got about 12 rides in on this one, with some of them being at night time which was great since there are no lights on the ride at all. We also got a backstage tour of this one, and got some interesting insights on the ride, from the general manager. Those were the three coasters that stood out the most at this park, even though I did enjoy Bizarro as well. one of the trains on Kingda Ka did a rollback with a bunch of TPR people on board, so luck was with some that night. after a long day though we piled onto the bus and headed to the hotel, and the next day would be Knoebels. Knobels was an awesome little park with lots of stuff to ride, I wasn't expecting the good times I had while there, we got an interesting backstage tour of "Flying turns" in which we also got to walk the track, which was a definite treat. after the walk back, it was time for lunch then we headed off to ride the rides and enjoy our day, The Phoenix was a total surprise to me, it turned out to be an awesome coaster, and the out of your seat crazy airtime absolutely makes the entire ride worth it! I was seriously wondering all day how we were going to have swords and other glowing devices that night during the glowfest without being ejected out of the car.. I didn't get any shots of the glow fest, but I tell you it was the high point of the day! we had so much glow going on, and it was so incredibly fun, I can't even think of how many times we rode that coaster, done with Knobels, and the next day was Hershey park! Hershey park was a fun place, but it really wasn't too exciting for me, we got ERT on Skyrush, which is a great coaster however they really need to rethink the restraints for the ride. The first hill is the best part of the whole ride, there are a few shots of airtime, some nice turns and drops, but those restraints really need work.. we got all the credits in here, almost thought we weren't going to get to ride Fahrenheit because of the ride closures because of a pending storm moving in, however it never developed and all the rides opened up. I really enjoyed Fahrenheit, Storm Runner, The Great Bear, and SooperdooperLooper. and the Wildcat was a little rougher than I was expecting, although I still loved it. we unwillingly rode Roller Soaker, and btw when Robb gives you the idea to ride it early because there isn't anyone there to fire the cannons, don't listen to him, HE is an expert cannon shooter, and had his minions timing the hits perfectly.. (thanks for the soaking robb) we headed out of Hershey, and the next stop was a big anticipation for me, Kings dominion! I loved this park, I had been wanting to hit this park for many years because of seeing Rebel Yell in the movie "Rollercoaster" from the 70's. it is also the home to Intimidator 305 which totally blew me away! what an incredible coaster, the sheer height of it combined with the speed, and the airtime and quick direction changes all make it the coaster it is. for an even better experience ride it at night time, no lights other than on the lift hill! we got ERT at night on this, and it was awesome, we also got an added bonus of a walkback tour of the coaster as well. another favorite of mine at this park is "Dominator" wow what a nice coaster! we had ERT on this one as well and the ride was awesome every time we rode it. we closed out Kings dominion and headed back to the hotel across the street, the next morning it was time to move again but not before stopping off at Bush Gardens Williamsburg! This was one of the most beautiful parks on the entire trip, and the rides, and employees and everything about this park made it an awesome place. Verbolten was everything it was hyped up to be, the effects in the dark forest were great, I got to see 2 of the 3 different "effects". we got a really cool backstage tour of Verbolten, Griffon, and Lochness Monster, before heading back for lunch. we got to ride the front seat of Griffon and the back as well, both incredible rides, we got ERT on Griffon, at night which was great. Apollos chariot was another surprise coaster, it rocked, and the airtime was awesome! after we closed out Busch Gardens, it was time to make our way to the next stop on the tour, Carowinds. I really wasn't too thrilled with Carowinds, I enjoyed my ride on Intimidator, but not so much when it was raining hard as it was a few times. NIghthawk was painful and definitely a ride once then forget it, speaking of painful, while riding on Ricochet, we came to a stop in the break run at the end of the ride, sitting there waiting to move into the station, when Bam! the next car comes slamming into our car! that wasn't very nice, thankfully none of us got hurt. there wasn't really much more at this park that grabbed my interest, and we ended up leaving earlier than expected guess the thought was unanimous! our next stop was Pigeon Forge and Dollywood, it also meant 3 nights in the same hotel which was a welcomed treat... we hung around the hotel the first night catching up on wash, and relaxing, and the next day was spent in Gatlinburg, taking in the tourist traps, and spending money on stuff in the various shops. the following day was our day in Dollywood, unfortunately, a storm moved in early on and was with us for most of the afternoon and early evening, by the time it did end, the skies cleared up, the temperatures dropped, and half the people in the park headed home leaving a somewhat empty park for us to enjoy. "Wild Eagle" was an incredible ride, though it's not a major thrill ride, it is awesome because of how smooth it is, and how it glides along the track. there are a few bouts of air which are an added bonus, the night time rides were the best however there are about 4 different camera points that take pictures, and the flashes from them are blinding. after Dollywood we hit Lake Winnie the next day which was like a smaller version of Knobels, it had cheesy rides, a rough coaster, and we had a really good time, well I did anyway... they have a drop tower there, its very deceiving, there is no warning when its dropping it just goes when your not expecting it. We had one more stop to go and that was Six Flags over Georgia.. This was another one of those "must see" parks on my list, and I really wasn't disappointed with it in the least bit. the main gate of the park was literally 5 minutes away from the front door of the hotel, so the option of coming back to the room to sleep was there and boy did we take advantage of it. the coaster highlights for me here were Goliath, Mindbender, Great American Scream Machine, and the Georgia Scorcher. Daredevil dive was exciting but it was way too slow and the trim break right at the release on the top of the first hill is so not needed. I liked this park however it was a lot of walking to get from one end to the other and really wore you out. at lunch time they raffled off 20 spots on a backstage tour of the parks grave yard, which was actually pretty interesting to do.. The trip ended with ERT on Goliath and Georgia Scorcher, they did the water challenge on the Georgia Cyclone, we were too busy riding Goliath to do the water challenge. we left the park about 1130 and headed back to the hotel for the snack exchange, and final night before heading home the next day. in addition to all the parks we visited, there were several stops along the way at fun centers, and mini parks that offered kiddie coaster credits, the fun times were in abundance at those stops, nothing better than seeing a bunch of coaster nuts holding their hands up on a kiddie coaster going wooo hoo! over the hills.. This trip has been such an experience for me, I rode so many coasters, I got to visit several states, I made some of the most incredible friends, and I have some pretty special memories of the trip that will always remain... Robb and Elissa go out of their way to make these things eventful for the participants, and deserve more kudos that I can possibly give. they work extra hard to get those perks and ERT at the parks, and I can only imagine the hours spent planning, organizing and researching that is done for each and every one of the trips. hands down it was one of the best investments I have ever made, and look forward to the next bash/trip I can attend! thanks again Robb And Elissa!
  17. what is everyone's opinion about the lap bar only restraints, do you think folks will get thrown forward on launch, enough to cause neck and back problems (whiplash) some people are debating it, I don't see it happening, but was just curious what some other views are on the situation.
  18. this is going to be one awesome coaster! I cannot wait to ride this puppy later this summer.
  19. now THAT is a water slide! I'm guessing from the looks of that angle on the drop out of the tube, it will most definitely generate some airtime!
  20. my first coaster was the Jetscream coaster at Six flags St. Louis. it opened the year I worked at the park, and we got to ride it during our orientation. we got to ride it before the general public. unfortunately it was only at the park for a few years they removed it when Ninja was installed, and turned the queue house into a dance pavilion called tremors.. coaster went to Astroworld and became Viper. I loved it the first time I rode it, and it was also cool because there was no over the shoulder restraints, just a lap bar...
  21. each time I see more of the construction, i get more and more pumped to ride it. man this is going to be a great summer for coasters, not only for some parks but for me too!
  22. one of my favorite sunset pictures, took this down at our lake property over the summer of last year.....
  23. this is going to be a great summer for coasters for me this year, now I can add this to yeah cant wait to ride list
  24. the only coaster I would love to see leave our park is Ninja, its got the lowest ridership of all the coasters in the park and its just plain old and tired, even the workers running the ride make snide comments about the coaster, how its the most boring coaster in the park, etc... we can't afford to lose ANY coasters to make room for another coaster, besides there are other areas in the park to build a coaster still available. give up the Dragons wing that would be an awesome place for a coaster, intertwine it with the Boss like Goliath is with Colossus. there is a huge area of land that runs from back by the tidal wave all along the side of the park where Hurricane Harbor is, yes its loaded with trees but it still is a good large area for a coaster to go. heck I would even go as far to say pull the Log ride, that ride has run it's course at the park, while it still gets riders, the queue house hasn't been packed full with park guests in years and most of the time there is only one of the 2 sides running. The water park takes care of the needs of the guests looking for comfort from the heat, we also have thunder river they can utilize for heat relief. so pulling the log ride could be an option.
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