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  1. Bit of an update. http://www.westcoaster.net/updates.php?updateCD=011711
  2. Thats for sure sped up. The sound isn't in sync. You hear the wheels, clutch release and the Catch Car after the train is long gone... ** Of course the audio could be from that first clip distroying that theory.
  3. Betsy Russel (Saw), Mark Burg (Saw Producer), The Hoosiers (Band), 2 from The Saturdays (Band). Probally a lot more that I can't remember...
  4. I have ridden Rita, Stealth, TTD, WT, Mavvy and I would say TTD or Mavericks were the most fun. Stealth's is too quick to notice. Rita is smooth but Sssslllooowww. Wicked T's is a fun build up. Mavericks is most consistant at keeping you pinned to your seat. TTD's is just insane speed. Gradual launches are better that fast acceleration for sure as you can actually feel the pull for longer.
  5. I rode Infusion in its first season at BPB and I thought it was pretty smooth tbh, other than the shuffle and shunt thing going on and the pumpy inlines. Shame its got bad... I guess its down the east coast next then. Then Thorpe after, last. I hope your all having a lovely time in our parks
  6. Corkscrew at Alton. Shat my pants beforehand (was a lot younger). Loved it afterwards and then went for another go!
  7. Some fantastic pictures there! I love the Corkscrew/Iron Dragon angled shot and the tight 'n' twisty Raptor shot in particular. Also the close ups really capture the fun of the rides. Great stuff!! I always find it funny that the seagulls crap all over Raptor and hide in the track, haha.
  8. Simple. The difference is "Amusement park" theming is simply styling. A basic theme. A way of making something look a bit better. It will not be extensive. "Theme park" theming is the immersive and extensive kind that will take you into a new world. Thats as simple as it is to me, with seperating the Theme and Amusement parks. I dunno if anyone else agrees...
  9. Ohh poor Intrimidator. Thats nearly 100ft long!! You can literally see it pulling HARD on the train in the clip a few pages back. Oh well. Just a giant Th13teen. Moving on... I don't see why some enthusiasts seem to see themselves a separate kind, as far as opinions. The general public includes us really, its just the everyday guests don't know or care for knowing the terminology or the technical details. Really opinions will be similar across the board. Guests may noticed the trim, the shunt of that trim and get the same disappointment that it wasn't as grand as they had hoped. But they will move on, because there are other fun rides and attractions to enjoy and if they leave with a smile on their face, happy with the day out thats all that matters. At the end of the day the park will do whatever to cover their arses. They don't want a court case because someone believed they were injured on the ride. They want to avoid bad press such as that. A trim will be a minor inconvenience to them when they can still market it in the same way and get the punters through the gate, while keeping the ride as safe as possible. It could of been due to the trains, like Maverick more that the riders aswell. If its ripping the trains apart with the G load, it will cause maintainance issues, and thus downtime, onto potential loss in revenue because guests have canceled trips or the costly fact that the trains cost a bomb to repair. An example of cost, I can't remember perfectly, but a set of Intamin wheels cost in the region of £60,000 - £80,000 for one set on Stealth. I can't imagine what the whole train must cost. There is no way they can leave it running like it was with any of those factors anyway was the main point. Then theres the design argument, but I'm not going into that...
  10. Mantis? You can tell it was designed to travel a little quicker around that circuit... nowadays the banking doesn't correctly alter the forces and bangs your head about... Th13teen? Ha Ha HA. Laughable trimmage. It might aswell be a powered coaster. Turned a great little ride into a sluggish turd. From what I've heard, B&M Hypers. Now I don't give one about a type of Airtime they want. A rollercoaster is ment to be wild. If your body can tolerate the G load then let it go... To me they go (in a simple form lol)... *rolling* "weeee" *brakes* "shunt" *rolling* "weeee" *brakes* "UGH shunt" and so on... And that would ruin a ride for me. Now Maverick I can understand. Those corners with that speed. Jeeezz, it would rape you.
  11. Maverick and Nemesis. It's when Nemesis is at its best. Its all about the First drop, Flat Spin, Helix and Pumpy 0G. It's just Insane. And Maverick...well thats just nuts. I remember it feeling much quicker and smoother all over. Mind you it was in the dark, so it could of just been my vision. Ether way, it was epic.
  12. Millennium Force. I have never had such a fun and thrilling ride. On the first ride I came off stunned. I don't look at rides for how much "airtime" or "forces" they have to determine how good they are. At the end of the day, they can never make a ride by themselves. I go for fun factor and excitement. The conbernation of elements on the ride are spot on. 2nd would be Maverick. Its just so wild, with such a mixture of elements that makes it amazing. If you ever get the chance to ride at the front, in the dark, in the rain you're in for a treat! 3rd is obviously Dragster. The launch on the front row is just something else. So is hitting that mist at the end of it The first time I rode it was in low cloud. That is rather strange seeing a fine fog below you. Then to hammer around that roll is great. Its a fantastic ride. Next Wicked Twister. I didn't expect much from it. But I was shocked. It was great. 5th goes to Magnum. Those last hills are the shizzle. 6) Raptor 7) Mantis 8) Iron Dragon 9) Gemini 10) Blue Streak 11) Cedar Creak Mine Ride 12) Corkscrew 13) Disaster Transport 14) M...m..Mean Streak...can go die. Didn't bother with the kiddies and Wild Cat was broken most of the time.
  13. Megafobia or Ravine Flyer 2 are my favourite. But then they are the only really good woodies I have been on. But Megafobia + Loose lapbar + Back row = WOW.
  14. I have ridden: Det Power Tower Ice Blast Xtremis I missed the drop tower at Waldameer Looked good. Xtremis is actually very good. I was shocked by something about 20ft high. Det forces you downwards rather than just dropping. Its great for airtime. Ice Blast has an awesome first shot, and... thats it. Power Tower is awesome for the hight alone. But again, like Blast it dies after the first shot. I think I'm going to vote on Power Tower out of these though.
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