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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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1. Renegade (18 times; 17 times in a row)

2. Prowler (14 times in a row)

3. Evel Knievel (14 times; 13 times in a row)

4. Raging Bull (10 times; 9 times in a row)

5. Giant Dipper (10 times; 6 times in a row)


I just noticed that my top four most ridden rides overall are GCIs. And to think I started out as a CCI fanatic.

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Cheetah at Wild Adventures 42 times without getting up. I can't really remember it that well though


On my 10th birthday, I rode Kraken 16 times. 2 years ago, I rode Manhattan Express 14 times (hey, I had an all day pass, and needed something to do while my family gambled ). More recently, I rode El Toro 10 times

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Ok, haven't posted here in a while, but since the summer lets see if I can remember if I did any repeated ridings and how many...

Olympia Looping, I think 5 times. No more for it was rather painful (I'm a little too skinny).

Joris en de Draak, maybe 3-4 times on both sides.

Yeah, my peak is till at Liseberg, because I live close by and so can spend any day as I wish.


Wait, do TPR trips count? If not, then please ignore me.



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I loooooooooove marathoning rides. My tops are


62 - Cannonball Run, Waterville USA

37 - Phoenix

34 - Voyage

34 - Batman the Ride, SFGAm (I actually think I'm done around 30 on it 5 or 6 times now)

33 - Talon

30 - Hydra

28 - El Toro

28 - Cornball Express

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Back in college, I had an apartment across the street from Astroworld, a season pass, and no money. I also had a part-time job with a graveyard shift, so I had all day to kill with no cash. I ended up spending about three summers walking to SFAW every day and riding TxCyclone. Occasionally, I'd hit a water ride to cool down, but mostly it was just the Cyclone. Back then, they couldn't dispatch the train with single riders, so they'd have to wait until they could find a way to pair up the single. It was a PITA. The ride crews got to know me really well and would tell me to just wait at the exit and hop in whenever there was a single rider. I was often on nearly every train that went out. Made me happy, made them happy. No need to scream, "Is anyone riding alone?" at the queues. It wasn't uncommon to get 75+ rides in during the day. It's also where I really learned to appreciate the nuances of a wood coaster and the subtleties of changes due to temperature, train weight, time of day, etc. Every ride was different and I met some really interesting people on the way up the lift hill. Total rides on TxCyclone in the nearly 3 decades it ran: 10,000+


Other noteworthy marathons: Viper, SFAW: 89 rides in one day on 7/10/89

Voyage: 34 rides in the dark during ERT (plus numerous rides before that during the day). I was SORE!

Boardwalk Bullet: 88 rides in one day. Not bad, considering it's only open noon-10pm!

Screechin' Eagle: lost count after 30, rode for at least three more hours after that. Never got off the train and it was pouring rain most of the day. One of my best-ever coaster memories... loved the way the water sloshed in the floor of the car when we'd round a turn or hit the brakes.


LOTS of other coasters with 20+ in a row during ERT or when crowds are light.

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Probably the most I've ever ridden a coaster in one day was Goliath at SFMM, where I rode it 32 times in one day (boy was I dizzy after going thru that helix so many times!).


Otherwise, I've ridden at least a few other coasters maybe a dozen times in one day.

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Two years ago, I visited Orlando maybe mid or late February and all the parks we visited were empty, it was heaven.


IOA: I got to Marathon on Hulk 11 times with out getting off. (The ride ops made me cause they said I was going to kill myself) by the end of day I got 31 laps on hulk. I didn't find it rough at all. Got 14 rides on forbidden journey and 12 on dragon challenge 7 on the blue side 5 on the red. ( I prefer the blue side ) And I can't recall how many times we ridden Spiderman. We didn't re-ride a lot at universal because it was close to closing time. But we still hit everything. I got 11 on HRRR.


Sea world: 19 on Kraken 27 on manta. I find both amazing (I'm a sucker for some B&M)


Busch gardens: 12 on kumba (Was rougher than I though. still fun though) 23 on montu and towards the end of the day I got a horrible headache so I only rode sheiKra 7 times which was sad because I really liked the ride. Sadly Cheetah hunt wasn't open.

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I rode Behemoth 47 times in one day during the filming of a commercial in 2008. We did 20 circuits back-to-back, took a lunch break and then did 27 more. Almost everyone (myself included) started to feel nauseous towards the end; the G's really creep up on you.

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