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  1. I saw Bob Saget tonight, he talked about Universal for a bit and asked the audience which ride was the best. I yelled out "THE MUMMY!" He looked at me and said "Mummy? I thought you said Mommy there for a second. I bet you like riding that, don't you?" Oh my god, I was the butt of a Bob Saget incest joke. I can die happy now c
  2. I LOVE Christmas and everything about it, and to me the Holiday Season STARTS on December 26th every year However I will take the decorations down to be courteous to my neighbors (and so the Scrooges at the Homeowners Association won't fine me)
  3. I rode this Skycoaster for one reason and one reason only: Since its the tallest and scariest one on the planet, I will never feel the desire to shell out the extra cash to ride any other skycoaster at any of the parks I go to in the future
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Upgraded from iPhone 3gs, and never looked back
  5. This new Onion article mentions Six Flags Great America http://www.theonion.com/article/roller-coaster-designers-artistic-vision-sullied-f-52129
  6. Is it weird that I haven't been on many coasters when its dark out? I usually go to parks on slow days when they close at like 7. Recently I only went on Phoenix, Twister and Impulse in the dark, and they were all great!
  7. I hate it when people claim to be "animal lovers" and are for "animal rights" when the only animals they care about are cute ones. Like, a lot of people don't care that the Bluefin Tuna is being overfished into extinction (its already endangered) due to the high demand for sushi. People don't care because "oh its just a fish, they don't matter" when they are a VERY important apex predator in the ocean and their extinction will cause substantial environmental damage. So please, don't call yourself an "animal lover" if you only like the cute ones. You have to care about ALL animals, even the ugly ones.
  8. Me and my friends were riding Manta at Sea World Orlando, and we were all telling jokes. I decided to tell a very vulgar and offensive one. After I told it, my friends looked at me harshly, because I completely forgot that a little girl asked to ride with us so she wouldn't have to wait in line, and she was on our car. I felt completely embarrassed and disgusted with myself
  9. According to the expiration date, this bottle of Faygo expired 1000 years ago. Am I going to die?
  10. Me and my cousin at Dorney (me on the left)
  11. I rode Maverick back in 2007 and even though it was a solid coaster, the restraints at the time were horrible. I bashed my head at least twice and that killed the experience (though I want to ride it again and have an updated opinion) Same thing with Skyrush. Great ride, but the restraints were just TERRIBLE and super uncomfortable. I know there is a special technique to sitting down when riding it to make it more comfortable, but in my opinion a ride shouldn't require a special technique to riding it for it to be enjoyable. You should just be able to sit down and ride as you would on any other coaster.
  12. The only new for 2015 ride I rode was Impulse at Knoebels, and I thought it was great so its my favorite I almost rode Laff Track at Hershey, but the line was too long and I didn't feel like waiting in it
  13. When the "enthusiast" scene (not including people who just love rides and coasters) probably make up only a fraction of a percent of the total revenue that a park receives, I highly doubt there are many parks that really care about enthusiast's opinions. The only park I know of that actively listens and panders to enthusiasts is Knoebels, but even then their biggest market is the general public, so they're out to please the GP before the enthusiasts.
  14. The last movie I saw in the theater was Point Break on Christmas with my family. It was a fun popcorn flick that you turn your brain off for, but if you're looking for a thought-provoking thriller I suggest you look elsewhere. The one I saw in the theater before that was The Peanuts Movie. I'm a HUGE Peanuts fan, and I was very pleasantly surprised by it. Its modern and was adapted to reach today's younger audience, but at the same time they stayed faithful to the Peanuts series and didn't sell-out or make a crapload of pop-culture references like a lot of modern adaptations are. if Sparky (Charles Schulz) were alive today, I'll bet he'd be very proud of the finished product! I also saw Animal House on TV with my family on Christmas Eve. Its one of my parent's favorites, and I think its seriously one of the funniest movies of all time.
  15. My last concert was all the way back in February 2015 xD Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. RBF is one of my favorite bands so I naturally loved them, but I never listened to Less Than Jake before then but they killed it! I now have a bunch of their songs on my phone The next concert I plan to attend is Melt Banana, Napalm Death, and The Melvins when they come to The Orpheum in Tampa in April
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