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  1. Lookin amazing coupon, just fix those glitches. And ^, that is pretty nice. Some good looking ncso. Just don't edit pics in Paint, that distorts the colors.
  2. ^^Building on right: add color to the deck/porch part, it's too brown Center building: just add trim to the overhang. Left: The walls could use some flowerboxes perhaps for depth? And maybe trim around the tower. That should do it. Oh, and fix the glitches with the flowers next to the brown fence, they pop through it. It's all looking pretty good, just remember elevation changes, even slight ones, are your friend.
  3. ^It's a bit too symmetrical, but everything alone is very nice. It just comes together somewhat off. Maybe have two smaller, non-octagonal planters to each side.
  4. That twist ride could use a ride-operators booth. I like this screenshot more and more whenever you reveal more of it, haha.
  5. ^ I went this past Friday (Skyrush is great), and I got on RollerSoaker when it opened up after testing, around like 5pm or so. Luck, but if it is testing maybe hang by?
  6. That's looking great! Just make sure the buildings have some depth.
  7. I agree with this. I get what you are going for with that building, but it needs work.
  8. If they retrack a wooden completely, is it a new credit? Most would say no. But if it was steel, what would it be? Personally I don't care for credits, but hey.
  9. ^^^Hornet is really nice, but I don't like the turn to the brakes. Maybe have the first corkscrew go the other way and work it from there? And remove the drop to the MCBR, have the turn up to it be a large spiral, then two small ones. ^Looks really great. Love the glass and the chimney. Would look nice with a little more elevations and snow. And for the footers, use the curved blocks.
  10. That one hop on the wooden coaster near the turn out of the station should be banked all the way through. And use more green grass, or at least less dead grass. Maybe put a lake under the turn before the looper's corkscrews. This is a really nice park. I'm liking the flyer's rocks. Good luck with it! And for names, I have nothing haha.
  11. ^Thanks. I tried that, and it works for most other parks, but not this. Huh.
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