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  1. Oh yeah I thought it was atleast 2, my fault. Thanks as well, AJ. :
  2. Now why didn't you post that other picture on NE? I love that! The bridge looks really clean, easy, and great! I also love the diner in front of it. Really nice work there, man.
  3. I've made some progress. Sadly there were no finished places that I was able to take a picture of, so here's the map overview, and the overall view of the park.
  4. Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a long time. I have been pretty inactive at TPR and NE overall, so I thought I would start an NCSO and no 8cars park to get back into the game. Here are some screens. Hope you all enjoy! -S.C.
  5. molemaster, besides the plain part of the wall, that is fantastic.
  6. Yeah, No Custom Scenery Objects, or Non Custom Scenery Objects. It's using the scenery that was made in the game. Not objects, blocks, or walls that people created themselves and downloaded into the game. Just the legit stuff that Infrogames and whoever programed the game put in. Chris Sawyer and all those people.
  7. Looking fantastic, man! Probably my favorite NCSO player. Easily.
  8. Me being okay with brown, I love it. I never thought about using those diagonals as covers over queues. But if you expect an accolade try to use different colors.
  9. Is that a recreation of Dorney's "Laser"? Looks nice, but a bit too bare. Station looks pretty neat from what we can see.
  10. Let it be known that I, SuicideCarz, take ideas from RCT2day. By the way, since I can't get in the park, hows the you know what going?
  11. Here's the entrance and what awaits you as you enter the park. Enjoy!
  12. Let me rephrase, rarely do we see realistic parks on this website. What you have showed recently is excellent work. Got any for RCT2?
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