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  1. Big Shot on the Stratosphere is certainly stands out in my mind
  2. That building is the former IMAX Pictorium, though I doubt it will ever re-open as a ride ever again. I heard it was used for storage right now. Plus, a dark ride would be hard to fit in there. I have also hear the building has some water issues as well
  3. Will we see the flyers made available to replace aging trains on existing wooden coasters ?
  4. Do you feel with today's technology it would be possible to rebuild the Harry Traver Cyclone/Lightning Roller Coasters without deviating from the original track layout?
  5. If the forecasts are accurate Cedar Point my have a problem as well . . . I can tell for sure from the webcam but it looks like the park may already be underwater
  6. Ok here is one of my favorite pieces . . . From the train of the legendary Wildcat once at Idora Park
  7. I must admit the view from High Roller in Las Vegas at night was pretty nice as well but nothing compared to this
  8. That parks location is second to none, the way the have managed to place the coasters around the edges is amazing. Even Dragon is worth the pain just for the views it provides
  9. Hell yes these are the best views from a roller coaster - nothing else can even compare
  10. I have downloaded it and love it Thank you for taking the time to make an app simply for our enjoyment It is much appreciated
  11. ^^ I totally remember those I believe they were in the approximate area that is now occupied by Fireball but I could be wrong
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