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  1. I'm one of the few folks who liked it. I figured after 2009 it was dead.
  2. The problem is after you took what was good. They didn't close up properly. They just took the rides and left. Nature moves quick when its not maintained. Plus even when it was open Six Flags didn't always give it TLC.
  3. Sad but not unexpected. Once you kicked the tires a bit more they had to realize this was bad idea and to get out before the sank them
  4. Twins with a rehab and Timberliners.. I think it could be a fun coaster again. Thunder Road getting some TLC would be great too.
  5. Doesn't sound like it was E-stopped they may have just stopped dispatch.
  6. With the water park lines. This will help a lot. Totally worth it !
  7. Eurofighter would fit perfectly in. I would love to see a Mega lite but I think a small compact looper would be great.
  8. I really miss the place. I had fun back in 2002 when it reopened for a season. Sadly the eagle will fall soon. They used the park on life after people.
  9. Robb I don't know you very well but it saddens me to see that you have had to go to these lengths to keep people from being jerks. Personally unless your a friend or someone I actually know/related too your not getting added.
  10. Ah the saga continues and Ohioans look worse and worse.
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